2018 Leaseholder news

Snug Harbor
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10/1/2018  "Musical RVs" happens each fall when leaseholders let us know they will be moving, and others let us know they want to lease a different RV site.  This opens up some sites for others to lease.  We will be increasing the total number of waterfront RV sites for lease for 2019, so let us know if you want to switch to a different site!  Lease renewal packets will be mailed out in November, but ONLY to leaseholders who are currently compliant with their lease agreements.  For example, if there is too much personal items left outside the RV, which is not allowed per our lease agreement, we will not renew the lease.  Letters regarding condition of the site have gone out to leaseholders who are out of compliance.
6/29/18  The annual Consumer Confidence Report is posted at the office permit board as of today.  It will also be uploaded to this web page.  As you all have been advised, there are major upgrades to the system.  Due to the cost of filtration and maintenance, we will be very strict about leaseholders who want to wash down their RVs or otherwise use excessive well water.  Due to state mandates, well water has gotten very, very expensive so use of the water onsite will be limited.  We do expect that for lease renewals for next year, there will be water meters installed at each lease site, and leaseholders will be required to pay for the water use to help defray the costs to the park for that water.  Note that it is anticipated more of the RV sites will be leased out, and possibly some of the Snuggle Inns as well.
5/29/18   Please see the notice about the drinking water system, the latest test results which are posted, as usual at the office permits board.  I am also posting the notices in pdf version here.  As of today the water filtration system was turned on, so perhaps after a week or two we will be able to take samples and not have to go through these quarterly postings anymore.  My appologies to leaseholders who feel annoyed by the notices.  We are just following the law.  Here are the notices: officialnotice5-29-18.pdf   4800561 LTR AS TREATMENT TESTING STARTUP 2018-05 Delivered(1).pdf  05 02 2018 Snug Harbor WO 18E0271 - Final Test Results(2).pdf
4-16-18  Please see the notice of the results of the lead pipe tests.  No surprise the tests are ND.  In any case the results are posted at the office notice board and here at the leaseholder page.  Important notices about the water, WaterFix hearings, construction projects or repairs, and other news of importance to leaseholders is posted here.
images-2018/wells-water/Snug Harbor PWS No 4800561 Lead & Copper Notification Letter.DOC.pdf  images-2018/wells-water/Snug Harbor Lead & Copper Proof of Consumer Notification4-16-18.pdf  images-2018/wells-water/03 2018 Snug Harbor Resorts PWS No 4800561- WO 18C0435-Final Test Results.pdf  images-2018/wells-water/03 2018 Snug Harbor Resorts PWS No 4800561 Cust Monthly Docs.pdf 
3/7/18   We expect to do MAJOR infrastructure work in March, as the state Waterboard is requiring very expensive new filtration system, more water storage tanks, etc.  Since there will be heavy equipment onsite week days, we appologize in advance for any noise disturbance.  And the noise from the hilicopters the last 3 weeks over at Grand Island?  PGE finally responded to my calls and a guy came over yesterday and explained they are taking down the big power lines and reducing electricity capacity on the island apparently. 
Please note that we are doing everything we can to repair the docks and floats that keep being damaged every time Dept of Water Resources (DWR) creates unnatural low tides which results in the docks sitting on mud-damaging the docks.  Please note the boat launch access dock was damaged the last few days and we are working to fix that asap. 
1/28/18  Reminder that the office will be closed in February but we do have 4 staff persons onsite to assist leaseholders when needed.  We will not be accepting reservations for daily/weekly stays at least the first few weeks of February due to the wet, cold weather.  Nicky continues to answer all email enquiries and manage the staff, and starting in February will be involved with the Water Tunnels hearings, as we are part of a growning group of Northern California businesses and individuals opposed to the diversion of more Sacramento River water by any means, tunnels or otherwise.  The bay area drinking water aquifers have been declining for years because the Waterboard has allowed excessive diversions by Ca Dept of Water Resources.  We encourage you to email letters in opposition to the tunnels or other conveyance plans that keep popping up under the guize of "adaptive management".
12/29/17  Notice about water system posted at office.  We also sent lease renewal letter and lease forms to all leaseholders who said they want to renew.  Please return those forms as soon as possible.  As stated in the letter, we will be sending out invoices via email for those of you who pay monthly, so watch for the email and easy link to pay online.  Reminder:  Blue Canoe Property Management is no longer managing the property.  If you have questions or concerns please email Nicky.
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