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January 2018
WaterFix hearings start up again on Jan 18.  North Delta Cares has been meeting with local land owners and has been collecting policy statements in protest of proposed diversion of more Sacramento River water to other areas of the state.  In the meantime, USBR proposes to maximize diversions from the Sacramento River, DWR and others propose more storage facilities like Sites Reservoir, MWD bought the 5 Delta Islands and is starting to use the islands for water storage and other uses.  MCCormack/Williamson Tract was partially flooded in Feb 2017 and will be "restored" with a deep body of water at the south end that looks much like the forebay created at Liberty Island.  And then there are the major construction projects to improve levees in select areas of the Delta.

In the meantime, Waterboard hearing officers and personell have been meeting on the side with the DWR computer modelers and attorneys to discuss changes to testimony and presentations, which is contrary to legal procedures according to all of the agencies and their attorneys who have filed protests about the ex parte communications against Waterboard and DWR.  It is important for the viewer to recognize that DWR-Dept of Water Resources works for and on behalf of Metropolitian Water District of SoCal, and other state water contractors.  DWR does not at all represent the interests of most humans living in the SF Bay area, the Delta or the Sacramento River watershed all the way up to the Oregon boarder.  

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