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Park & Marina Rules
The following rules are just common basic appropriate code of conduct expected of all persons onsite at Snug Harbor.  The rules are designed to maintain a peaceful, friendly, safe and enjoyable environment for all.      Print park rules
Park rules:
1.  You are only allowed to bring onsite the total number of persons, vehicles, trailers and boats that you declared in your reservation.  We are limited by county and state regulations regarding # of people onsite, use of water and septic systems, etc.  And space is limited as well, so we have to plan ahead, especially for busy holiday week ends. 
2.  Pets on leash are welcome only if they have responsible owners who agree to our pet policy.  Pets allowed in or near only designated Snuggle Inns.  No pitbulls or dobermans allowed onsite.
3.  Please do not drive motorcycles or other loud vehicles in the park.  Dune buggies and other off road big toys are not allowed to be driven in the park.  Quiet motorized scooters, golf carts and other forms of personal vehicles are allowed to drive no more than 5 miles per hour, as there are children on bikes and skates in the park.
4.  Conserve water use!  Please do not wash boats, motorcycles, cars or other equipment while at Snug Harbor.  We are on a well and our drinking water is limited.  Please do those chores at home.
5.  Quiet time is 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM, unless special arrangement has been made for an open concert, group lecture or prayer meeting.  Please be considerate of other visitors around you and do not play music excessively loud even during daytime hours.

6.  No tents, awnings, gazebos, screen rooms or other structures are allowed to be set up outside of the Snuggle Inns, or on the lawn areas near the Snuggle Inns.  We have ample shade trees, and the temporary tents kill the grass.  You can set up personal umbrellas.
7.  All vehicles and RVs must display a parking tag while in the park.  Vehicles found without parking tags may be booted and towed.  Please park vehicles only where designated on check in.
8.  No fires are allowed in the park, except for in the designated burn barrels or BBQ provided with each Snuggle Inn or RV site.  Please do not move around the burn barrels.
9.  If you need to move the picnic table provided, please put it back where you found it when you arrived.
10.  Please place your garbage in one of the orange garbage bins located in the park.  Check office map for garbage bin locations if you don't see one near you.
11.  If another visitor to the park is breaking rules and annoying you or being excessively noisy, please contact the office or notify staff if office is closed.  Snug Harbor staff wear shirts marked "Snug Harbor staff" when they are on duty so they can be available to resolve the problem. Staff RVs are located in a few different areas of the park, and are labeled.   Let us handle the noisy or offensive customer,  so you can enjoy your stay here.
12.  Of course, no illegal substances are allowed onsite.  Period!  Only persons licensed to carry firearms may bring such items onsite, and any firearms must be contained in a safe manner so as to not pose risk to others in the park.
13.  Please do not let your children invade the space or sites of other visitors.  We provide a sandy beach area and the play gym area for children to play freely, and there's lots of open lawn area.  There's also the paved roads that are great for biking and skating, so kids don't need to go into other visitors "yards".
14.  Children age 10 and under and anyone who can not swim must wear life jackets when swimming or on any of our docks.  There is no life guard on duty, and swimming in Steamboat Slough or Snug Cove is at your own risk.  We also recommend that all persons use water shoes to avoid cuts from clam shells that are natural here in the delta.
15.  Drive slowly in the park and all along Snug Harbor Drive. 
Marina and dock rules:
1.  When docking, use ONLY the dock space you have been assigned. 
2.  Do not fish off dock space unless you are on the dock you've been assigned, or at one of the designated fishing locations as posted on the map at the office.  Do not fish around the covered berth areas.  (Only the boat owners with leases are allowed to fish there.)
3.  Do not leave hooks or other dangerous items on the docks, and do not set your chairs in such a way on the dock that others are blocked from passing by.
4.  It is a "no wake zone" shore to shore along the entire Snug Harbor peninsula.  So drive slowly in your boat or PWC!  Its just a few minutes either way from to boat launch to great water ski and wakeboard water, so be courteous and keep it calm all along the peninsula area.
5.  Remember that noise carries on water.  Be considerate of your neighbors.
6.  No open fires or BBQ are allowed on the docks or in the covered berths.  Such activity is considered a fire hazard and is strictly prohibited.  If you are staying onboard and need a place to BBQ, go to one of the designated open areas as shown on the park map at the office.
7.  Do NOT clean your fish in the bathrooms!  If you clean the fish on a dock or park table, you are responsible for washing the area thereafter.
8.  Please do not run water excessively for washing your boat or PWC.  We are on a well and our drinking water is limited.  Note that Steamboat Slough has FRESH water, so you can use a bucket and sponge and delta water to rinse your boat just fine.
  Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (& Port Lane, Starboard Lane and Marina View Circle are roads located within the resort grounds)
Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA
GPS:   Use Port Lane, Walnut Grove, CA  95690, even though we are located near Rio Vista, Solano County  
  California Delta's Snug Harbor!   Copyright @ 1997-2015