Snug Harbor
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2017 ADD-ONs To Existing Reservations
Check in after 3:00 PM  Check Out by Noon. 
EMAILrequest at least 3 days prior to arrival
Request to make changes or additions received by email at least 3 days prior to arrival date  Requests to add on extras while onsite or less than 3 days prior to arrival, and subject to availability
Extra people in Snuggle Inn cottages, subject to each units' site limits:  per person per day or night, for whole stay $15 $25
Extra people in RV site, maximun of 6 per site, except RV 19, which has a maximum of 12.  Per person, per day or night, whole stay $7.50 $15
Extra person coming onsite for day use, subject to site limits and general park capacity, per person, per day $15 $15
Extra vehicles coming onsite, per day each $10 $10
Add dock space to cottage or RV site rental
20', 25', 30' 
$8/$12/$16 not available
Add boat trailer storage to cottage or RV site, per day per boat trailer $5 $5
Add use of boat launch, one time fee for 1 boat, for whole stay-current reservation $10 $10
Tent sites:  can be added to RV or cottage
reservation.  You can not reserve these online.
$60 $60
Add pet to Snuggle Inn, per pet fee, plus $30 pet cleaning fee.  Available ONLY in designated cottages.  If a pet is found in a "no pets" cottage, cleaning fee is $300 and guest must immediately remove the undeclaired pet. $10 $25
Add pet to RV sites, per pet, per night.  NO pitt bulls or agressive dogs allowed in the park.  $2 $2

Rates above reflect the
estimated site rental
onlyThe online system will
calculate for you the total cost based on the dates you input and including the "extras" that
you might request. Prices are subject to change, and full payment is due when we email
you to confirm the reservation.  To get the exact cost of your stay, go to  reservations and
input your information.  You will see costs before making a final booking.

Quiet Pets allowed in RV sites if arranged in advance, and pet fees must be paid  and pet
agreement with proof of rabies shot must be provided on check-in at the latest. pet policy
No agressive dogs, no pitt bulls or pitt bull mixes allowed onsite.  Pet security deposit
will be required as a hold:  $150.  Security deposit will be released after customer leaves,
as long as customer has not let his/her pet cause problems for persons in the park which
required staff intervention to resolve the issue.

*  100% payment required to received confirmed reservation.
2 night minimum fall through spring; 3 night minimum for holiday summer dates,
except last-minute fill-ins.  We do not accept one-night reservations or drop-ins
without printed out proof of payment through the online reservation system. 

See full cancellations policy. See also     faq   Reservations system

Vehicles found onsite without parking tags will be charged at higher rate to cover staff time associated with monitoring and collection of unscheduled vehicles
Pets, each, per night subject to signing of pet agreement
Add use of dock space for ski or fishing boat or PWC, per night: 20' or 30' (see launch, trailer storage & dock packages)  Plus Trailer storage is $5 per day, boat launch use is $10 for the whole stay, assuming you will put the boat in the water at the reserved dock, and leave it there for the whole stay.  If you did not reserve dock space when making reservation, 48 hours prior to arrival make request using the change request form
Use of dock space for overnight guest docking for another family that will be staying onboard, per night, no electrical or water hookups:    (max 4 persons)
Note also that tent sites are only available as an add-on to an existing Snuggle Inn or RV site reservation.  If you plan to bring a pet, you, as the person making the reservation, along with the pet owner needs to review and sign our pet agreement.  You must have a credit card at time of check in to provide security deposit hold to assure compliance with pet agreement.  Please note the cancellation policy which you need to agree to when reserving a unit or site.