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Since approximately 12/12/17 we have been contacted by 6 different agencies to say that someone has called and claimed we are doing something wrong or offensive onsite.  Of course, whom ever has a problem with us has not bothered to come talk to us.  Please note that if any agency person wants to come out to inspect, please first contact to schedule and appointment to inspect whatever it is you need to inspect.  In addition please take the time to review your agency files to make sure YOU have all the records, since we have seen that some agencies tend to loose the permit records.  We have no problem setting up a time to meet.  However, please note that the only authorized person to meet with you is the park owner, Nicky Suard, and the appointment to inspect will have to be on days when there is not a scheduled WaterFix Hearing as SHR is one of the Protestants against the proposed various methods to divert even more water away from the Delta.  Please see Waterboard Waterfix hearing schedule to determine the dates that are NOT available for an inspection.  The timeline for the propety is located at  and linked documents are provided to the various agencies in advance of your visit, since several agencies have had a problem with keeping permit records.  See Permit records for:
 Solano County  HCD  SLC  USACE  Waterboard  AQM    summary permits/summary of permits.pdf
12/28/17 Solano County schedules an inspection of a septic system after receive a complaint letter or call.  Inspection is for the new system installed a few years ago.  Inspection is scheduled for 1/2/18 and is confirmed in writing by SC.  NSS requests representative of the septic company that installed the system to come to the inspection.  That we know of, there is no problem with the system and it was fully inspected and certified as working correctly after the DWR-caused flooding in February 2017 and subsequent weeks of high water in the park.   
12/29/17  Solano County inspector and a State Housing and Community Development Inspector show up at SHR gate and demand access, even though it is posted as closed and the inspection in not scheduled.  Solano County inspector has no records with him to show where the septic system are, when those were installed with permits, etc.  NSS offers to send via email and photos the proof of permit numbers and dates and was going to bring the maps and other documents on the scheduled time Tuesday.  But both Solano County and HCD inspector act like it is an emergency and insist to have property access, which is granted.  In the meantime NSS tracks down a summary of all the permits issues for septic, electric, modular home installations and more and emails the summary to both the unscheduled inspectors.  Solano inspector says he will communicate with the septic contractor who handles and maintains the systems here.  3 hours of harrassment by county and state official who do not respect property owners enough to stick to scheduled times.  
12/27/17  Waterboard, formerley CHCD jurisdiction, now issues letters about the results of water tests.  Waterboard has allowed actions in the Delta that is actively degrading the drinking water system in the North Delta.  Proof was provided in part 1 of the Waterfix hearings, as example of what to expect if Waterboard approves building on the proposed intakes along the Sacramento River.  SHR has been communicating with a water engineer for Waterboard, had cooperated with a different Waterboard engineer who installed a test water filtration system for arsenic that did not work, and has also been communicating with two different engineers about possible cost effective additional filtration systems for onsite.  So far costs quoted are way beyond what is reasonable for a small system that has maybe 15-20 people onsite year round, with thousands of week ender and vacation lease holders.  Almost all of which drink bottled water.  SHR has made best effort to comply with Waterboard directives, asked for an extension of time (see email response) and instead Waterboard issues a fine.  DWR is another state agency and is the lead agency that has been causing the degredation of drinking water aquifer in the Delta, based on ancillary proof.  In other words, the state is systematically destroying the drinking water aquifer and asking the business to clean up the damage by the state.   
12/21/17  NSS receives a call from a person named Vicky" from State Lands Commission, regarding several matters.  Vicki says that our neighbors the Sutherlands have called to complain that SHR is filling in the waters of the state.  Long legal story but the end result is that SLC has just put a cloud on tile of every property along Snug Harbor Drive.  SLC also bring up the junk in the water at the north end of Snug Cove and says the sunken boat and shed is SHR responsibility.  NSS responds that SLC leased that waterway out to others and it is SLC responsibility to get the SLC leaseholders in that area to do the clean up.  See the very curious Muriel Martin story, all of record with SLC.  
12/18/17  A guy in a white truck with a faded round label shows up at the gate.  He says he is an inspector but does not say from what agency or what is being inspected.  Turns out he is not telling the truth.  He mentioned he was looking for a person who moved off site many months ago.  Have no idea what that was about but we will be limiting access if the inspector does not have an appointment and a card proving who they are.  
12/7.2017  NSS goes to Solano County to drop off property taxes.  Takes the time to visit Solano Dept of Resources and Planning.  Asks to see file on SHR to verify there are no complaints.  Verified by planner there have been no complaints since the 2009 hearing for permanent use permits.  (NSS was concerned about retaliation by persons who were banned for cause from enter the park, including neighbors to the immediate north of the gate)  
2013   Due to pulse flows in late spring related to DWR flow experiments in the Delta, one of our septic system fails due to high water levels right as season started.  System had to be replaced and that cost over $125,000  Another issue was that the pulse flows earlier in the spring started to rip out the trees along the north end of the road, and the road started to wash away.  That road had been improved with all required design specifications and permits including encroachement permit.  Road had to be first sandbagged to fill the holes, then at low tide riprap placed so that more road would not be destroyed.  Damage to plants and levees all over the Delta can be seen which are due to DWR managed flows.  
2012  Neighbor claims her property goes out to the middle of the roadway, even though the lot descriptions for all of the omes along the road say otherwise.  SHR owns the road as part of the main parcel of the resort property.  To quell any boundary issue, the full road is surveyed, markers set and the survey is recorded with Solano County after notice to all per applicable laws.  At the same time, to comply with HCD regulations about setting markers for the permanent RV sites and mobile home sites, the whole park is also surveyed and markers set.  Surveyd is submitted to HCD to comply with HCD regulations and a copy is also submitted to Solano County.    $35,000 cost  
2011  SHR main water quality from newer drinking water well begins to decline immediately after some sort of work was done on Ryer Island that created strong ground vibrations under Snug Harbor at night.  Prior to that time our MCL was fine and this is a long story so see the linked page....another example of state agency impacting others and then ignoring those impacts  
2010   Strange ground vibrations under Snug Harbor in November and December at night.  Some sort of soil removal work going on with hundreds of truck and transfer loads of dirt or something else leaving the island using the Miners Slough bridge.  
to be continued