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Delta area Produce


The listing below has been compiled to help Delta area visitors locate fruit and produce stands while visiting the Delta region.  Some of the fruit stands may no longer be operating due to the changes in the Delta and decline of the economy.  Please contact if you would like to suggest updates to the Delta Fruit Stands list.

Solano County

Ryer Island Farmer's Home

-fresh vegetables and fruits in season.  Near Rio Vista on Ryer Island.  Across from Snug Harbor Resort and marina.  .  (Sodas, Ice, Bait and basic groceries available at the small resort store at Snug Harbor.)  Directions:  Hwy. 12 to Rio Vista.  Get off Hwy at bridge in Rio Vista and take River Road to Rio Vista Ferry, 2 miles north of Rio Vista.  Ferry runs 24/7/365 basically, except lunch and dinner 20 minute breaks.  Ferry ride is free and handles 6-8 vehicles at a time, and take 3-4 minutes to cross the Sacramento River at this point.  Get off ferry and go right on East Ryer Road 4.5 miles to Farmer's stand. You can also get to Ryer by the bridge at north end of Ryer Island or by the other ferry from Grand Island, called the J-Mac

Ryer Island on Miner’s Slough Black Berries

Nature’s U-pick-it black berries.  You will need a boat to be able to reach the best berries along the banks.  Or go walking along the levees behind Locke north of Walnut Grove and its beautiful, a great hike and you find all the wild black berries you could possibly want!

Rio Vista Market/Butcher

Main Street, Rio Vista about 1 block up from the water.  Local fresh vegitables and meats hand cut

Larry’s Fruit Stand

(not in the Delta but close)  HUGE vegitables and fruit stand not far from Costco off Hwy 80 in Green Valley area of Fairfield-Solano County.

Bar J Ranch

(not In the Delta)- persimmons, walnuts, Other fruit or veg
4004 Cantelow Rd., Vacaville, CA 95688. Phone: 707-448-0870. Email us at: Directions: north on 505 from Vacaville highway 80, exit Midway, go west on Midway,left on Timm, right onto Cantelow about 2-3 miles, And for a map to our farm, Click here. Crops are usually available in October, November. Open: Daily, must call or email first for availability and times October 1 to November 19 only We follow organic methods, but are not yet certified. Payment: Cash, only. Also selling pomegranates Must call or email first Must bring own bags or containers

Sacramento County


U-pick - apricots, cherries, pears, peaches, plums
2380 Twitchell Island Road, Rio Vista, CA 94571. Phone: 916-777-4439. Email us at: Directions: Direction signs to the U-pick are on Highway 12 and 160 in Rio Vista, CA area. And for a map to our farm, click here. Crops are usually available in June, July, August. Open: 8am to 4pm...7 days a week June through August Payment: Cash, Check

Veerkamp's Pick'N Carry Berries - implements on display. Directions: Hwy 99 to Sheldon Rd, east to Bader

. Boysenberry and blackberry u-pick. Jam and jelly.
9840 Farris Ln, Elk Grove, CA, 95624. Phone: 916-806-4191. Email: Open: Depending on weather, open approximately June 1 through approximately 2nd week of July. Farm

Grand Island Farmers

Just drive around Grand Island, northen half, Hwy 160 and also Grand Island Road, and you will see signs out for fresh eggs, pears, peaches, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.  Different farmers grow different product.  Great prices

Discover the Delta Farmer’s Market

New very nice fruit market that also has local wines, cheeses, visitor information, local maps for sale, etc.  Hwy 160 and 12 on the other side of the bridge from Rio Vista

Delta strawberry patch

Across Hwy 160 from the Discover the Delta Farmer’s Market-open when there’s strawberries.  Sometimes has great Delta white sweet corn too.

Walnut Grove Road Open Market

Summer time usually on Saturdays and Sundays you will see local farmers with the freshest of local produce at great prices.  Buy out of the back of their pickup trucks or impromptu shade tents.  Good place to find a quick lunch-the tortas in the “big store” are really good too!

Locke blackberries

go walking along the levees behind Locke north of Walnut Grove and its beautiful, a great hike and you find all the wild black berries you could possibly want!  The Meadows is what this area is called and if you have a canoe, you can launch at the very poorly maintained boat launch but the berry picking is great from about July to mid-August!

Courtland Market

Older store right in the town of Courtland and it has local seasonal fruit and veggies. 

Contra Costa County


Bacchini's Fruit Tree

Phone: 925-634-3645.Corner of Walnut Blvd & Concord Ave, Brentwood, CA  94513.  Bacchini's Fruit Tree is a family operated Picked and U-Pick fruit stand.   Located in Brentwood, California. Just 60 miles east of San Francisco

Brentwood Garden Ranch

175 Eureka Ave, Brentwood, CA.  Phone: 925-513-6655. U-pick and picked cherries: Bing, Royal Anne, and other varieties.

Canciamilla Ranch

peaches, nectarines, and plums
401 Eureka Ave, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-5123. U-pick and picked peaches, nectarines, and plums (from about May 20). Peach varieties: Spring Gold, Springcrest, Babcock white. Nectarines: Juneglo, Fire Bright, Independence, Fantasia. Plums: Satsuma, Santa Rosa. Dried nectarines, walnuts, honey, cold drinks, and ice cream also available. Picnic area.

DC's Extraordinary Cherries

Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-516-4495. U-pick cherries: Bing, Utah Giant, Sweet Ann, Rainier, Van, and more. Pruned to low height means no ladders to climb.

Dwelley Farms

apricots, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chili peppers
515 Delta Rd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-6508. Also pre-picked nectarines, white peaches, white nectarines, and veggies. Honey and eggs also sold on site. Picnic area. Groups must call in advance.

Freitas Cherry Ranch

555 Hoffman Lane, Brentwood, CA 94513. Phone: 925-634-5461. Email us at: Click here for a map to our farm. Crops are usually available in May, June. Open: Weekends 8am to 5pm during season, please email for weekday availability Mid May through Early June Payment: Cash, only.

Gerry's Fruit Bowl

peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, asian pearsMarsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-3155  U-pick

The Farmer's Daughter Produce

Cherries, Apricots, Many Varieties of Freestone and Cling Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, White Peaches and White Nectarines.Brentwood, CA. Phone: (925) 634-4827. Also Picked Daily Sweet White Corn and a Wide Variety of other Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Gliedt Family Farm

3520 Orwood Road, Brentwood Ca. 94513. Phone: 925-516-8717. Fax: 925-634-5830. Directions: Located 3 miles east of Brentwood and just north of Discovery Bay. Four hundred Patterson Apricots not certified as organic, but the trees are not sprayed with pesticides or chemically fertilized. The U-pick season is from late June thru early July.

Gursky Ranch Country Store

walnuts  1921 Apricot Way, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-4913. U-pick and picked walnuts. Ten other varieties of nuts sold in shell and shelled. Candied fruits and nuts, honey, flavored vinegars, soup mixes, fruit butters, preserves, and more.

Lopez Ranch

cherries, peaches, plums, and nectarines
Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-4433.  U-pick and picked cherries (Bing, Rainier); peaches (white, freestone), plums, and nectarines.

 Maggiore Cherry Ranch

  - cherries
Apricot Way, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-4176  U-pick and picked Bing cherries.

Matteri's Peach Ranch

nectarines and peaches
1355 Delta Rd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-625-0115. U-pick and picked nectarines and peaches. Peach varieties: Suncrest, Flamecrest, 49ers, Fayette, Cal Red, Fairtime. Nectarines: Fantasia, White Rose.

Mckinney Farms - A Peachy Place

- peaches, apricots, nectarines, white nectarines, and plums.
25221 Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-7350. U-pick and picked peaches (white, freestone, and cling), apricots (Blenheim and Katy), nectarines, white nectarines, and plums. Fruit stand also offers picked vegetables and melons in season, dried f ruits, and refreshments

Moffatt Ranch

 - peaches and nectarines
1870 Walnut Blvd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-3049.  U-pick and picked peaches and nectarines. Peach varieties: Suncrest, Fay Elberta, O`Henry, Rio Oso, Elegant Lady. Nectarines: Fantasia, July Red. Bring containers

Mike's Upick

apricots, nectarines, peaches
3230 Concord Ave., Brentwood, CA 94513. Phone: 925-516-0988. Email us at: .

Nunn Better Farms

 - cherries and apples
830 Sunset Rd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-6173. U-pick cherries (late May), picked corn (early June), bell peppers (mid-June), and apples (late July through December). Pre-picked produce sold by the box only

Papini Farms

- cherries, peaches, aproicots, plums, nectarines
301 Sellers Ave, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-516-1391. U-pick and picked cherries, early variety Springcrest peaches and early apricots (about May 31), followed by other varieties of peaches; nectarines, white peaches, Santa Rosa plums, and apricots (mid-June); Queen Rosa plums (early July); and Flavorgiant nectarines (end of July). Buckets for picking and fruit boxes supplied

Pease Ranch

- cherries, tayberries, boysenberries, and olallieberries
Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-4646  U-pick and picked cherries -/cherry, Tayberries - tayberry, boysenberries- boysenberry, and olallieberries ( Olallieberry ) . Picnic area.

Peter Wolfe Ranch

. - Apricots, peaches, cherries, tomatoes, loquats, watermelons Costa County, just 60 miles east of San Francisco   Visit our website for directions and availability Multiple locations in Brentwood.  Phone: 925-634-1308

Pomeroy Farms

- Bing, White Rainier & Brooks Cherries, Nectarines, Peaches, Apricots   Marsh Creek Rd., Brentwood, CA Directions: west of Walnut Blvd. (Vasco Rd.). AlsoBing and White Rainier Cherries on Payne Ave. east of Walnut Blvd. starting approximately May 20 to June 15. Nectarines in June Springcrest & Flavorcrest Peaches, Patterson & Westley Apricots on the east end of Eureka Ave. May 20 to June 30. Walnuts & Walnut meats available.

Salvador's Cherry Farm

- U-pick Bing Cherries
815 , Brentwood.  Phone: (925) 634-1957. Cherries usually available in May. Please call first. Located at Hoffman Lane Cross Street Byron Hwy. or Marsh Creek Rd.

Seko Ranch Cherries

- cherries
100 Eureka Ave, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-3771. U-pick and picked Bing cherries. Picked only: Burlat and Mono cherries

 Sharp Ranch U-Pick Cherries -

795 Hoffman Ln, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-513-1517.  U-pick early Bing cherries

Smit h Family Farms

- boysenberries, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, pumpkin patch, tunnel of hay, a barnyard where kids can pet the farm animals, picnic area, and a replica of a Miwok Indian village.
4430 Sellers Rd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-625-5966. Directions: in Eastern Contra Costa County, about 45 minutes east of Oakland or one hour from San Francisco; call for detailed directions

Tachella Family Farms

- apricots, beans, black-eyed peas, okra, and tomatoes
2017 Walnut Blvd, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-513-8495. U-pick and picked apricots, beans, black-eyed peas, okra, and tomatoes. Picked only: nectarines, peaches, pears, citrus, and other produce sold at fruit stand

Tidrick Ranch

- cherries, pears, and figs
1800 Orchard Ln, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-634-5115.  U-pick and picked Bing cherries, pears, and figs.

Wolfe Ranch Cherries

- U-Pick & Picked Cherries, peaches, nectarines, loquats, apricots, mandarins
2111 Concord Ave, Brentwood, CA. Phone (925) 634-1308. Cherries - (Bing, White, Rainier, Van) - Contra Costa County?  Then try this website:
Harvest Time in Brentwood - Apples, asparagus, apricots, beans, blackberries, boysenberries, cherries, corn (sweet), cucumbers, figs, flowers, grapes, melons, nectarines, olallieberries, onions, pears, peas, peaches, peppers, persimmons, plums, pumpkins, summer squash, winter squash, strawberries, tomatoes, other vegetables, walnuts, OTHER fruit or veg, pumpkin patch-pick in the field, pumpkin patch- already gathered from the field,  prepicked produce, gift shop, snacks and refreshment stand, restrooms, picnic area, tractor-pulled hay rides
Brentwood, CA 94513. Email us at:

San Joaquin County

Bogarin Farms

- Fruits and U-pick apples
4351 E Armstrong Lodi, CA, 95240. Phone: 209-369-0791. Open: May 1- October 15 daily 9:30 am - 5 pm , school trips Directions: Take Hwy 99 South towards Lodi. Exit onto N 99 Frontage Road. Turn left onto East Amstrong Road

Buon Giardino Produce

- Cherrries, tomatoes, corn, summer squash, green beans, winter squash and pumpkin patch
16220 E Hwy 88 Lockeford, CA, 95237. Phone: 209-727-3114. Phone: 209-759-3394. Open: 7 days a week from 9-6 May through October   Directions: Hwy 88, one mile east of Lockeford on the right hand side between Lockeford and Clements

Country Lake Ostriches -

6906 N. Cox Rd, Linden, CA.  Phone: 877-999-7969. PYO Blackberries, presumably well fertilized by the ostriches! :-)

Countryside Farms

- strawberries
6752 E Main Stockton, CA, 95215. Phone: 209-943-1632. Phone: 209-943-1636. Email:  Open: April thru November 15 Call first - hours vary . Sharing the farm experience with children is our speciality.   Directions: From Hwy 99 South, take Fremont Street East (Hwy 26 East). At Alpine Road, turn right. Take exit to Main Street, turn right onto Main, go 1 mile, farm in on left-hand side. From Hwy 99 North, take Main Street exit, go three miles east, farm is on the left-hand side. U-pick berries, vegetables, flowers, and hayrides

Ruscigno Orchards

- apricots
29999 S Chrisman Road, Tracy, CA, 95304 . Phone: 888-279-8882 or 408-279-8962. Email:  . Open: Seasonal (May-June) fresh apricots, dried and dipped apricots, tours, and U-pick. All year, dried apricots. October - Mar, dipped apricots.    Directions: 2 one half miles north of I-580 and State Route 132 on Chrisman Road

Yolo County (near Sacramento)

Clarksburg Market

Really cute little deli with local produce and other products. Clarksburg is on the west side of the Sacramento River, on South River Road and also referred to as St. Route 160 on some maps.

The locally-famous Pear Fair is the last Saturday in July usually.

Clarksburg Vineyards and Wineries

Sugarmill and Boggle are two well known wineries/vineyards that also offer beautiful settings and some foods…grapes are fruit afterall!

Courtland Market

Older store right in the town of Courtland and it has local seasonal fruit and veggies. 

Haag Farm - Walnuts
16200 Road 87 Esparto, CA, 95627. Phone: 530-787-3603. Phone: 530-787-3603. Email: Open: Call for appointments - Walnuts and almonds. U-Pick October for insecticide-free walnuts. Hands-on training/tours for modern orchards: drip irrigation, biological controls, pruning, chemigation, and IPM. 25 years in business!   Directions: Call for directions

Impossible Acres

boysenberries, blackberries, raspberries...cherries, peaches, apples...pumpkins, corn, gourds 530-750-0451. Email: Directions: West of Davis, East of Winters, South of Woodland, North of Dixon -26565 Road 97D, Davis, CA  (not in the Delta but if you happen to be going by Davis…)

Jacob Mini Farm

- U-pick Christmas trees, pumpkins, pecans
34905 Creeksedge Road, Davis, CA, 95616. Phone: 530-753-3037. Phone: 530-758-9280. Open: Call for hours. Farm stand - oranges, persimmons, walnuts, mistletoe, pecans, evergreen boughs. Directions: From Davis - West on Russell Blvd, left on Rd 95A, right on Creeksedge Rd. 1st driveway. From Dixon - North on Pitt School Rd, left on Sievers Rd, right on Stephenson Bridge Rd, cross bridge, left on Creekside Rd. At Putah Creek and Yolo County Rd 95A.

  Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (& Port Lane, Starboard Lane and Marina View Circle are roads located within the resort grounds)
Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA
GPS:   Use Port Lane, Walnut Grove, CA  95690, even though we are located near Rio Vista, Solano County  
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