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2020 Delta Intake and Tunnel Plans
Updated 5/15/20
This page will be updated often, as documents related to the latest Delta Diversion Plans become available.  The latest version of the same old gimic to divert NorCal fresh water is proposed to be a single tunnel with two intakes off the Sacramento River between Freeport and Sutter Slough.  Of course the maps do not list what DWR considers to be Sutter Slough, and given DWR problem with incorrectly labeling historic islands and waterways of the Delta, this will be a question to ask.  Only very preliminary information has been released by DWR, but and MWD various websites provide more data currently.  Below are documents and screen prints released in the last few days to last month:  (click on maps or graphics to see full size versions.  Name of the document or link is shown in the screen print)
Same tunnel pathway plan, except its is one tunnel instead of two.  Tunnel plan STILL is planned for the east side of the Sacramento River, which would destroy many of the Delta legacy towns.  Tunnel planners are just plain MEAN.  Or they have not been told that real humans with families and pets and homes and farms will be irreparibly damaged if the intake construction moves forward.  Delta economy has already been suffering due to the BDCP/WaterFix planning process at a time when the rest of the Sacramento and Bay Area property and home values have increased.  I hope the new team of tunnel planners take a good look in the mirror.  Are you really OK with destroying the peace and quiet, the family lives of the local Delta people?
Looks like the same tunnel plan, new name, same game. Will EBMUD build it for SoCal?  The Freeport Intake project was a joint
DWR-EBMUD projet that was used to expand the diversion of Sacramento River flows into the San Joaquin River system.

In January 2020 the Delta Stewardship Council diverted at least $100 million that was supposed to be used for Delta levee improvements for flood protection...diverted the funds to a project called "lookout slough" in an area of the Yolo Bypass not know to flood due to the ground being well above sea level and bypass floods rarely being sufficient to entend to the area of the bypass shown on the map to the left.  Since a massive levee is not needed in that location  (drive there and take a look for yourself) that means the funds will be used for something else, like ongoing tunnel planning? 

Also take the time to look up Ecosystem Investment Partners, which is a for-profit corporation which invests in purchasing lands, does "restoration" projects and then sells "restoration credits" to developers to make $$ on the investment.  So DSC handed over $100 million for "restoration" funds to a for-profit venture?  Obviously, some facts are missing here, because it makes no sense that the levee funds would be diverted to the LookOut Slough project.

Note that there is a new cement bridge crossing LookOut Slough which did not show on areial Google or ESRI maps when I went there in November 2019. 

With the latest news about USBR and the Federal government exercising its power/right to divert more Sacramento River watershed flows, that means some State Water Contractors will have less flows.  It seems the wisest thing for Governor Newsom to do would be to suspend tunnel planning until the feferal vs state issues are compromised.
cache slough hole

Can any of the anglers with sonar equipment figure out what is that large hole in the bottom of Cache Slough west of the ferry landing?  What would cause what appears to be a lined, 20' estimated diameter well-defined hole at the bottom of the area where the fall run salmon tend to hang out, in the 65' deep area at the junction of Steamboat Slough and Cache/Sacramento?