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Fishing at Snug Harbor on Steamboat Slough
Fishing on Steamboat Slough has been going on for a long, long time!  Got to this link to read about fishing in 1862 at the confluence of Steamboat Slough and Cache Slough with the Sacramento River.   Or see our latest fishing video
For many regular Snug Harbor visitors and staff, fishing is not just a hobby but a passion.  If you're a novice, you'll find others are happy to help you learn to put on a hook, bait, tie knots, cast correctly and other important procedures.  Our motto at Snug Harbor is:  "There's no strangers here...only family, old friends and newly-found friends".  Come, catch the fishing bug with us! The California Delta region of California offers experienced and novice anglers alike the opportunity for catching many varieties of fish.  Most common are Stripers, Black Bass, Salmon, Blue Gill, Catfish and Sturgeon.
Winter 2014-Spring 2015  BIG fish!!!  

Both stripers caught by Snug Harbor on Steamboat Slough 3/5/2015
Fall 2014 salmon season is on!  
JC caught this 33" salmon 9/21/14 at the confluence of Steamboat Slough and Sacramento River, also called Cache Slough and/or Sacramento Deep Ship Channel.  Green lures and lots of muscle power were needed to pull this one in!
Fishing Photos from early spring 2014 Stripers and sturgeon are what's for dinner!

"Tightline Dan" and his friends on 4/9/14
This page has photos from Spring, Summer & Fall 2013.  See Page 2 and 3 for older dates Publications regarding fish in the Delta and California:

caught 9-7-2013 Steamboat Slough and Cache Slough

caught 9-13-2013 on Steamboat Slough close to Sacramento River and Cache Slough
Sturgeon are biting on ghost shrimp and eel according to the fishermen pictured.  Very large sturgeon (oversized) reported caught and released as well.

Spring, Summer & early Fall 2012     click here for good Delta fishing area maps:
Striper and salmon are in Steamboat Slough-last week of September 2012

Just a reminder to some of the frustrated fishing folks...if you leave your catch on a line in the water, native preditors will assume you are feeding them!
Pictured is one of the river otter on Snug Cove


6/10/2012 caught off the docks at Snug Harbor...using frozen sardines
Crawdads on Steamboat Slough at Snug Harbor 2012
June 2012 crawadads caught off the docks on Steamboat Slough at Snug Harbor...using fish heads and crawdad trap left in the water for a few hours

4/21/2012 even the little bitty ones are fun to catch and release!

4/14/2012  "Leland" striper caught off the docks at Snug Harbor on Steamboat Slough using blood worms.  Striper is 22" long and weight more than 11 pounds!
Caught the last week of February on Steamboat Slough at Snug Harbor...JC says its a catfish but it looks like sturgeon from the photo?!  Huge fish in any case.
Go to Page 2 to see some of the better catches of 2011!
Click on any of the photos for enlarged versions is supposed to be the CA Dept of Fish and Game fishing map for California


Want some good fishing recipes?  Take a look at "Delta Delights and Delectable's" by Snug Harbor manager Vicki Vann!
Lucky that Vicki is married to Gene, who knows how to catch those Delta fish! 

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