Snug Harbor's Day Use and Guests Policy 
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     Snug Harbor is a small, private waterfront resort.  As such, for safety and to maintain a peaceful environment for all, we do not allow day use, except for visitors or guests of persons resistered to be staying in our park.  Visitors or guests of people currently staying at our park MUST be scheduled with us in advance, or will not be allowed into the park.  We are limited by Use Permits and state codes to the number of persons and vehicles onsite, and we strictly enforce this.  There are also limits on the number of persons per site or Snuggle Inn, and these will also be enforced.  In addition, your  visitors or guests will be using our facilities, so there will be charges based upon our posted rates for extra persons, vehicles, boat launch and dock space use. 

     Think of staying here like getting seats at a theater or sports venue, where seats are assigned.  If you arrange for 4 entrance tickets with 4 specific seats, that is what you get.  If you want to add more seats last minute, you need to first check with the office to see if there are seats available, and pay for those seats before your guests arrive.  Persons who plan ahead and make reservations ahead pay less than those that are last-minute decision makers.  For another example, if you plan ahead for the family to fly to a vacation location, and purchase 4 plan flights when there is a special going on, you get lower rates.  Then you have two more family members that want to go along, and you only find that out the day before leaving on the trip.  Would you expect to be able to get flights at the discounted price?  Not likely.  Would you expect the airline to allow you to add two more guests into those four paid seats?  No.

     If you expect extra persons to show up while you are at Snug Harbor, please contact us in advance, so arrangements can be confirmed or denied due to maximum site limits.  If their name is not on your registration list, we will let the person trying to come in that you did not include their/his/her name in the reservations, so they will need to leave.  In 2018 we have already had a few incidents where customers have snuck in extra persons (i.e. cheating and breaking California Inkeeper law).  This means that the people renting around where you are harboring unregistered guests end up having to put up with the extra noise and activity the extra unregistered guests bring, until we find out and kick them out.  Especially on summer week ends, we have had to decline to accept unscheduled guest of current park visitors, or have had to ask them to leave, and that is an uncomfortable situation for all.  Those negative Yelp comments are ususally written by someone who did not pay for the people coming onsite and then were told all had to leave and thus it "ruins" their stay.  Those people never seem to realize their adding persons impacts those around them which ruins the day for the paying customers and also the staff that have to kick the cheaters out.

Note:  boating in unregistered guests is also cheating.

If you have questions about our guest policy, please call us at (916)775-1455 or email us.