Snug Harbor
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Want Waterfront? (see video)
Snug Harbor in the Sacramento River Delta

3356 Snug Harbor Drive, Ryer Island off State Route 84
Mail:  Walnut Grove, California 95690  
RV sites and cottages available for rent.  Go go reservations to check availability.

     Snug Harbor is one of the few truly waterfront or riverfront privately-owned parks in the amazing Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta area of Northern California, near the smaller Delta towns of Rio Vista, Walnut Grove, Isleton, Locke, and of course, the largest city is Sacramento which is 36 miles northeast of us.  We are also a 15 minute drive from the Delta wine tasting region in Clarksburg, or 25 minutes from the Lodi wine tasting region or 60 minutes from the Napa Valley region!
     One of the unique things about this area of the Delta is that you can still ride a car ferry to and from Ryer Island.  How many Californian's can say they have driven their car on a ferry?!  Or for those who have an RV or don't want to venture onto a ferry, you can use the bridge route to Snug Harbor and Ryer Island.  SnugHarbor.pdf
Snug Harbor named number one small park of California! 

  Snug Harbor is truly Waterfront...not behind a levee, as shown from the aerial photo looking north on Steamboat Slough.

(916) 775-1455  Note that we do NOT take reservations by phone-use the online reservations)  
3356 Snug Harbor Drive 
Walnut Grove, CA  95690

GPS:  We are located in SOLANO county, not Sacramento so don't be fooled by TomTom and others who will direct you to West Sacramento or Stockton.  Snug Harbor is a peninsula off Ryer Island and the closest city is Rio Vista.

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"geo.position" content="38.1999650;-121.6129400"
"geo.region" content="US-California"
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 (where is Snug Harbor Drive?)   Snug Harbor is a peninsula off Ryer Island on Steamboat Slough and there are two car ferrys and a bridge to Ryer Island.  If you haven't driven your car on a Delta ferry, it's a fun new thing to do just getting to Snug Harbor!     In All cases Please print out and use our own Delta Map as TomTom and other GPS seems to get very, very confused in the Delta!

Snug Harbor's motto: 

"There are no strangers here, only family, old friends and newly-found friends!


We've got water.  We can offer great waterfront rental Snug Harbor named number one small park of California!cabins and RV sites and tent sites because its the fresh water from the Sacramento River here on Steamboat Slough.  WIFI available from the docks, marina, and most RV and Snuggle Inn sites.go to: About Snug Harbor .


Snug Harbor offers the following unique amenities on an island setting in the beautiful Historic Region of the California Delta:

*Waterfront rental cabins we call "Snuggle Inns" that make the perfect get-away setting for family reunions, small business retreats and even small weddings!  2007 update:  several brand new very nice manufactured homes have been installed waterfront looking onto Steamboat Slough, by the sandy swim beach.Steamboat Slough in the Delta-Snug Harbor Docks
*Waterfront leased lots for Park Model Vacation Home or regular RV use    *Several sites available

*Waterfront & water view RV sites with water & electric hook-ups-available for stays of 2 nights or longer
*Covered berth marina to 50' for all types of vessels

*Open berths and side ties to 60' for powerboats, sailboats and houseboats      

Summer office & store hours: Week days 9:00 to 5:00, with extended hour on Friday and Saturday if needed. Staff onsite to assist customers with after-hours check-in.    
Winter office hours:  Week days 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, except the office is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Staff onsite to assist customers with late check-in or access when office is closed. 






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Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC







"geo.placename" content="3356 Snug Harbor Dr, Walnut Grove, CA 95690, USA"
"geo.position" content="38.1999650;-121.6129400"
"geo.region" content="US-California"
"ICBM" content="38.1999650, -121.6129400"


3356 Snug Harbor Dr, Walnut Grove, CA 95690, USA -121.6131530,38.1999870,3.43  








April 2018.  Steamboat Slough has very high flow so be careful if you are out fishing for that spring striper!  The flow is so high and fast that the J-Mac Ferry is down.
We are accepting reservations through the online Reservations  Note there is a 2-night minimum spring dates and 3-night minimum for holiday week ends.

Fishing is good in the spring and there is lots of dock space from which to fish!
Top pages:
RV sites

:  The office is closed for January and February and we will only be accepting reservations for April through November using the online reservation request formPlease do not show up without a scheduled appointment as there will be only grounds persons onsite who can not answer questions or make reservations.  Message for county and state agency persons:  go here.
For information on the WaterFix (tunnels)
proposal to Drain the Delta, go here
Steamboat Slough striper Snug Harbor fishing

  Persons interested in leasing a site here should go to the Lease page and complete the lease request form.

Whoohooo!  If you like to fish, the large mouth bass, small mounth bass and striper are hungry!  Lots of boats out angling for salmon too.
Steamboat Slough striper May 2017


Please check out a new resource for visitors to the Delta region of California!  You can use various maps of the Delta to find your way around, since cell phone maps tend to change or scramble Delta names and places.  

Waterwars and Tunnels update:  Despite the FACT DWR has not maintained existing water infrastructure, the governor and his crew continue to push for permits to construct water tunnels to divert almost ALL of the Sacramento River water starting in the North Delta.  This would leave a "trickle" of flow in the Delta per the fisheries scientists.  See reports here.

  Here is a page with links to the flow gages
More updates on the leaseholder page
  If you want 2017 spring or summer reservations, Go to RESERVATIONS page

  See our fishing page for the latest catch...
New maps page1906 survey
Have questions about the California Water Wars?  Need reservations for this spring or summer? Try our great new online reservation system!
Fishing was great this fall!.
Take a look at our newest Fishing Slideshow
or our new Snug Harbor History timeline
Yes, there is lots of water in the Delta.  Snug Harbor is located on a river called Steamboat Slough, which is a tributary of the Sacramento River, just northeast of Rio Vista.  The plans you hear about in the news is for the FUTURE.  The CALFED-BDCP "plan for the Delta" and replumbing of California's water system is ongoing and could have tremendous negative impact on the Bay and Delta humans and aquatic environment.   See the News page for more info.

This summer a family stopped by with photos from the 1940-1950's at Snug Harbor and they talked about the fun times as cousins jumping from the docks and fishing for catfish with grandpa showing them how to skin the fish.  This is the place to create lifelong memories for sure!  Above is the 1950's office & store  (see more 1950's 1949deltamap.pdf

Click on the photos to see the larger versions of each.  Below is now-evening-Snuggle Inns.

Video about Snug Harbor and location in the Delta 

Online directions to
Snug Harbor Drive
our map in pdf




Latest Delta updates:  Delta Water Wars
For updates on what is going on go to
...Delta Water Wars
...CalTrans & Ferry Updates
...Snug Harbor area news

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