Snug Harbor
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Vacation Village leases...summary of terms and process:
Looking for a place to park your RV to use as a waterfront vacation home setting?  Snug Harbor may be the ideal place for your family!    
After filling out the  lease request form Please schedule a time to visit the Snug Harbor office for a copy of our RV and Park Model site lease agreement.  In the meantime, here's some basic terms:

1.  Regular RV site lease rate averages out to $575-$775 per month for a waterfront RV site with full hookups, based on an annual lease, for vacation use. Rental price includes 1 parking permit, 1 gate access fob, and up to 20' of dock space use when here, usually right by the leased site.  We prefer payment of 1 year in advance, but will bill bi-annually or quarterly at leaseholder option.  Base lease price includes 2 adult persons on the lease, for vacation use.  Includes water and septic costs, and basic site maintenance.  Electric is metered separately and you pay based on your use.  Propane is supplied by a local company which bills you directly based on use.  Garbage is $25-$50 per month, or leaseholder can elect to take home garbage.  Storing a boat and trailer onsite is $50 to $75 per month, depending on size of trailer.  If you want to store it here for just the summer months, that must be arranged in advance and the cost is $100 per month.

2.  RV can be stored on the leased site year round for use as a vacation home setting. RV can NOT be used as a permanent personal residence based on our vacation lease terms.  However, we do have Residence lease available upon request with some additional costs.

3.  Quiet pets on leash OK at park.

4.  Yes, subject to approval of management, additional persons can be named on the lease, so they can use the RV also.   Small additional fees apply for extra persons on lease.  Maximum of 6 persons on the lease.

5.  Current lease form allows for 8 "guest" days per month, as long as leaseholder is current with lease payments and in good standing on all other lease terms.  That way, you can bring out friends or family with you for no extra charge, up to 8 days or persons per month.  We also allow our leaseholders to let their family or friends use their RV without the leaseholder there, one week end a month, subject to terms of the lease, and if scheduled in advance with the office.  Note additional vehicles onsite do incur parking fees based on use.

6.  Covered berths, extra dock space, use of boat launch, extra visitors onsite, extra parking permits, boat trailer storage is available for extra fees.

7.  Security deposit (refundable),  credit check and other start-up fees apply.  There is a $4000 Park Model site Security deposit.  $1000 security deposit for regular RV site leases, and the registered owner of the RV must be one of the persons on the lease agreement, unless arranged otherwise with SHR.  Additional security deposit applies for those who wish to apply for resident status or live onsite.

8.  Note that we reserve the right to approve or disapprove of any RV or boat that might be stored onsite under any lease agreement, based on its condition, age and appropriateness for use.  All RV units, including Park Models, must be maintained in "like new" condition during the lease term.  Boats stored in our covered berths or open berths or side-tie docks must be in good running condition and must be Coast Guard certified to verify the boats contain the appropriate equipment.

9.  Leaseholders like to make small "improvements" to the leased sites.  If you want to make changes to the site you plan to lease, please provide your basic plans in writing, with a drawn out design.  Note any deck must be at or near ground level, and paving stones or other improvements need prior approval of park owner.  Grass, sod, trees, potted plants or shrubs may NOT be planted by leaseholders.

YOUR NEXT STEP:  In order to get a lease for one of the RV sites or berths at Snug Harbor, the following must happen:

    a.  Fill out the lease request form completely.  We should respond within 24 hours, except for holiday week ends.  We will email you a lease application or if you are nearby ask you to schedule an appointment to come see the available sites.

    b.  You or the person who wants to lease a site needs to complete our application and lease agreement.  We generally will not accept applications that do not give details about the Park Model, RV or boat to be stored onsite, unless you are planning to buy an RV or boat.  Once the credit application has been completed and we've had 1-3 days to review, do credit check, and review photo or plans of the unit or vessel you want to bring onsite. We do check references and basic background (i.e. has the applicant broken park rules in the past-we keep a list of names) as well as credit for all adults named on the lease application.  RV and/or boat owner must provide proof of insurance prior to lease acceptance.  RV units coming onsite must be maintained in like new condition, and if it is a park model RV, it must be from a manufacturer approved by California with required California sticker on the unit.

     c.  If the application is accepted, the security deposit and at least the first month rent will be required in order to complete the process.  It is only at this point that there is a commitment to any particular site or berth.  We do not "hold" sites or berths pending receipt of applications.  Acceptance of payment in anticipation of lease does not necessarily mean lease has been accepted until the lease has been accepted in writing by management.  

Any questions?  Please feel free to email us

     What if you want to move to another RV site that opens up after you already have a lease here?  As a general rule, if a leased waterfront site is vacated that one of our our other current leaseholders has indicated to us in writing they would like to move to, the current leaseholder gets priority or "dibs" on the site that has opened up.  So the longer someone has been a leaseholder in good standing, the more likely they will have the option to move to their "favorite" site, should it come available.  Of course, we are not mind readers, so this only applies if current leaseholders let us know in writing of alternate site preferences, so that we can call them if the opportunity comes up.