Snug Harbor
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FAQ:  Why are there extra charges for last minute additions?
When existing customers add extra people, pets, vehicles and boats that come onsite, it creates extra general maintenance expense for us and also requires extra staff time to manage higher numbers of persons and equipment onsite. In addition, we incur extra cost to process the additions:  extra credit card transaction fees and extra staff reservation processing time.  Also onsite security to help staff, since some customers get angry when they are told "no" you can not add more people, pets, boats etc due to site or cottage limits.   We are limited by state and county codes regarding the number of people onsite, so we do keep track of who is here and we do charge for the "extras".  The rates for extras are listed on the rates pages and also when making the online reservation, and also when the reservation confirmation is emailed to customer.  All this to say, plan ahead!  Please do not ask friends or family to show up unscheduled.  If they are not listed as a guest of our current customer, and not paid for in advance, they will not be allowed to stay onsite even for day use.

2016 Cottage rates    2016 RV rates  
 Additional fees apply for additional persons, vehicles, boats, launch use, vehicle or trailer storage, pets, or other extra services.