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Rates for Daily, Weekly or leases at Snug Harbor

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The best way to quickly see how much it will cost to stay here is to click on the yellow reservation button to go to the online reservation system to check the rates based on the cottage or RV site or Tent site you pick, for the dates you select and based on the number of persons you plan to bring onsite.                                 RESERVATIONS   

 Check in after 3:00 PM      Check Out by Noon

For reservations from December 2015 through at least February 2016, you will not be able to use the online reservation system, as availability is blocked off.  We are doing painting, repairs and flooring upgrades for many of the Snuggle Inns, so we did not want people to make reservations for units that may be in the process of upgrade.  Also, the Rio Vista Ferry will be closed (yes, AGAIN!) for several months, which makes it a longer drive around for our Bay Area customers.  If, however, you have a special request, you can send an email and we will provide an update.

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Possible extra charges

2015 Snuggle Inn rates   2015 RV site and Tent site rates



Note!-the online reservation system calculates the actual cost for you before you finalize the reservation
Note:  Rates provided on this page are examples or estimates based on 2015 reservation rate sheet, and may not reflect the rates at the time you make a reservation, as total amount paid can vary by the dates of stay, how many people, vehicles, pets, boats and other additions there might be.  The online reservation system calculates the rates for you based on the dates, number of persons  and other factors you enter, so the very best way to understand the costs is to pick your dates, say the number of persons coming onsite, and use the online reservation system.  You do not have to make a reservation to view the estimated costs based on your dates and other factors you enter.  Last minute in-office reservations or additions will be charged at the higher "add on" rates.
Oct thru April May 15 thru
Oct 15
(Peak rates July 1 to August 15)
  SNUGGLE INNS  (# of People/Vehicles included in base price & prices shown on this page are examples only, online system calculates costs based on the dates of stay, number of persons, number of vehicles, etc) *see online reservation system for current rates as rates below are just examples
Snuggle Inn Studio - 2/1
(Snuggle Inn 8, 20 & 21-waterfront, Snuggle Inn 12-waterview)
$90 to $110 $100 to $135*
Snuggle Inn loft - 4/1-Waterfront Snug Cove view  (SI 5,6,7) $100 to $125 $140 to $160*
Snuggle Inn Loft-4/1-Waterfront Steamboat Slough view  (SI 9,10,14,15,16,17) $110 to $145 $150 to $190*
Snuggle Inn Dougle-loft-6/2-  WF on Steamboat Slough (SI 11) $150 to $185 $180 to $200*
  Snuggle Inn #1 - 4 bedroom home- 10/1 $300 to $400 $375 to $450*
  Snuggle Inn #3 - 3 bedroom home - 8/1 $300 to $450 $375 to $500*
  Snuggle Inn #2 - 3 bedroom home - 10/1 $450 to $500 $450 to $550*
Snuggle Inn security deposit required on check in:  $500-$1000.  There will be a $30 pet cleaning fee applied for pets brought into Snuggle Inns, in addition to the daily pet fee.  For advance summer reservations there is a 3 night minimum to book a Snuggle Inn.  The mimumums will be reduced to 3 or 2 nights as "fill in" reservations approximately June 1st so if you want less than 3 nights, plan to make reservations after June 1st for remaining summer dates available. click on example rate sheets by date:
Extra persons added to Snuggle Inn reservation per person per day or night and the extra persons are subject to unit limits and must be arranged in advance:
Extra persons added to Snuggle Inn reservation, per person, per day or night, subject to unit limits, made last minute in the office: $25 $25
Note:  We do not accept reduction of # of days for reservations made during the advance 3-4 night minimum restriction period.  If you want to visit for just 2 nights, make your reservation when the 3-4 night restrict in the online system has been removed which is generally at the beginning of each summer month.
RV & TENT - (# of People/Vehicles included in base price & prices shown on this page are examples-online system calculates costs based on the dates of stay, number of persons, number of vehicles, etc) *see online reservation system for current rates
   RV site FHU - Waterfront facing Steamboat Slough-4/1
   Sites 6,11,16,17,18
$48 $52
   Group RV - FHU for 2 RV - 8/2
   RV site 19 includes use of covered deck over the water
$100 $110
   RV site-FHU*-Waterfront facing Snug Cove-4/1
   RV sites 57,58,59,60,61,62,65-70  (some currently "Dry" RV sites)
$48 $50
   RV site FHU - water view Pull Through - 4/1
   RV sites 49,50,51,52,53,54,55
 $48 $50
   Small RV site-FHU-waterview, grassy site   2/1
   RV sites 45,46,47  (Max RV size 28')
$45 $50
Tent sites:  effective 6/15/15 tent sites can only be reserved as an
add-on to RV site or cottage rentals
  Tent sites - 4/1 not additions allowed-available only as add-on to other reservation
 $44 $48
   Large group tent sites - 8/2  Tent-C, No extra persons allowed.  Tent site can be rented only as an add-on to an existing RV site or Snuggle Inn rental. $100 $100
Extra persons added to RV sites:  $7.50 per person per day
  Dock space-ski or fishing boats
  added to SI or RV reservation
  20'/30'/40' per night
$8/$12/$16 $8/$12/$16
  Boat launch use-when added to an existing reservation that includes paid use of dock space, the launch fee is greatly discounted: the one time fee includes in & out as needed by the boat owner, for reservation timeframe. (this rate is for use of boat launch  for the person making the reservation only, and only if you are currently staying onsite)  See our "Day Use" rates if not staying onsite overnight $10 $10
  Boat trailer storage, per day $5 $5
  UP TO 30' BOAT - 4 people
$25 $25
  Up to 36' boat - 4 people $30 $30
   Over 36'  up to 6 people $35 $35
  We do not offer "Day Use" at this facility except for the times when families with reservations wish to bring in additional guests for the day-subject to site and Snuggle Inn limits.  (see extra persons rates above)
n/a n/a
Sometimes our guests with reservations want to invite friends or family for the day or overnight, but the reserved guest/family site is at the site maximum.  In that case, IF we have space available, we will attribute the extra guests to a different site, and the rate per day per person is higher due to extra processing time and staff hassles that seem to go hand-inhand with last-minute additions of persons coming into the park.  To avoid the higher last-minute per person charge make sure to note the TOTAL number of persons when you FIRST make the reservation, or email additions at least 48 hours prior to arrival so the extra people and vehicles will be added at the online rate instead of the in-office rate!  And reserve enough sites to cover your family/group needs.  Last minute additions are more expensive, much like last-minute plane flights are more expensive.
$15 $15
Boat launch - Day Use for persons and/or boats not currently onsite at SHR in a daily/weekly site or rental cabin: Subject to space availability.  Includes boat and vehicle storage, per day, and must be pre-arranged at least 48 hours in advance.  This service is intended for locals who wish to launch their boat and go fishing in the Delta.  Rate does NOT include day use of other onsite facilities.  Boat and trailer must be removed by 4:00 PM or overnight campsite fees will apply. Maximum 2 persons coming onsite to launch the boat.  $50 per in/out launch use Not available Friday, Saturday or Sundays from May 15 through Sept 15
 Additional fees apply for additional persons, vehicles, boats, launch use, vehicle or trailer storage, pets, or other extra services.
EXTRA ITEMS-PER DAY Must be Pre-arranged In-office additions
"Why do you increase the charge for last minute add-ons of extra people or vehicles?"
Snug Harbor is a small privately-owned park with LIMITED septic system, water system, electrical and space.  The more people that come onsite, the more the limited resources are utilized.  Our costs go up substantially with each person onsite, especially electricity, garbage, water and sewer depending on how many people are here.  In addition, it takes extra staff time to go back over an existing reservation to add more persons, vehicles, dock space, pets, etc.  So if our customers want to make last minute changes by adding extra persons, the customer will need to pay for our extra costs.  Would you pay for six tickets to the movies and expect to bring in eight people instead?  Most likely not.  So please do not expect to bring more persons onsite than what is stated in your reservation paperwork, unless you make arrenagements otherwise.  Email us at least 48 hours prior to arrival to add persons, subject to site limits, at the lower posted rates.
Extra people onsite for Snuggle Inns per day, up to SI state code maximums $15 $25
Pet in Lofts or Studios PLUS $30 pet cleaning fee
Pets OK: Snuggle Inns  6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17
No pets allowed in Snuggle Inns #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11
$5 $10
RV or tent site extra people, up to site maximums
RV or tent site extra people, above site maximum
$7.50 $15.00
Pet in RV site or Tent sites $2 $2
Tents added to pullthrough RV site (1 small one)
***Note that tents can NOT be added to the waterfront sites facing Steamboat Slough except for group site #19
$10 $20
Extra vehicle onsite $10 $10
recharge your electric car or boat, each day $25 $25
Early arrival onsite or late check-out, if available, during prime time dates 1/2 day fee 1/2 day fee charged for early arrivals or late departures
Pet found off leash repeatedly, so pet is taken to "doggie jail":  Get out of doggie jail:  fee covers staff management time   $50


RV site lease - Annual We offer an annual lease, where the average monthly price is about $475 to $600 per month, depending on the # of persons on the lease, dock use, how much power you use and if you need additional onsite storage such as boats on trailers.  For vacation use.  Limited number of live onsite leases available for additional cost.  Go to the "Vacation Village" page for details or enquire at office.
RV site by the month, more than 3 months NOT during summer months:  email us If you don't want to do an annual lease, but you want to rent an RV site for 3 or more months, thereafter renewable monthly, see the Vacation Village for what is available and the cost.  However, this option is not available May through August.  RV sites rental rates are based on the time of year, # of people on lease, site or cottage rented, etc.
Snuggle Inn leases or extended weekly/monthly rates If you want to rent a Snuggle Inn for an extended period of 10 or more consecutive weeks, we can offer discounted rates Oct to May, electric and garbage charges not included. $350 per week, 2 persons, 1 vehicle.  If available, For a 6-7 month lease the rate is $1100 per month, 2 persons, 1 vehicle.  Check for availability on the "Vacation Village" page, or by sending email to us.  Extended stays can not be reserved using the online reservation system.  Lease application and approval required.
Covered and open berths on Snug Cove  email enquiry Covered berths are $7 per foot per month, berth length.  We have 50', 36' and 28' covered berths available.  Open berths are $6 per foot per month, boat use length.  Pay for 6 months lease, get the 7th free, first time as berth lessee at Snug Harbor only.  You must complete application and be approved for lease prior to bringing boat to marina.  Your boat must be Coast Guard certified and in good condition.

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