Snug Harbor
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NOTE!  Reservations are required and you need to bring your printed proof of payment with you.  Check in after 3:00 pm and check out by noon.

***No availability February 2018, but we are processing lease requests.  We do not accept drop-ins and reservations must be made in advance using the online reservation system.  We do not accept telephone-reservations.

Make reservations for stays starting
March 2018:

Currently there is a 4-night minimum for advance reservations for summer dates, from May 20 to Sept 15, and 2-night minimum all other dates. 

For reservations of RV sites or cottages in February through April or Sept 15 through November, for 2 days or more, mail a deposit check of $100 to us and we will put you on the books and email to request the rest of the payment based upon your reservation request. 
The online system will not accept 2 or 3 day requests so that is why we have to do it by check at this time.  Mail to Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC, 3356 Snug Harbor Drive, Walnut Grove, CA 95690  Please include in your request the site or cottage you want to rent, the dates and number of persons and how to contact you to finalize the reservation.  Please provide your telephone number and email address.  If we can not accomodate you we will let you know and rip up your check or mail it back to you.

Enquire about our annual or extended-stay leases of our waterfront RV sites, and also some of our cute Cape Cod style cottages.

  In April the minimum may be reduced to 3-nights, and starting in May we may allow 2-night fill in reservations, subject to availability. 
Please review our reservation and Cancellation Policy Basically, there are no refunds or changes of dates once the reservation has been booked and paid for.

Make sure to state the number of persons coming onsite for your reservation.  ONLY the # of persons, vehicles, boats, pets included in the reservation will be allowed onsite for the dates of your reservation.  

DAY USE:  If you have friends or family that will be coming for only a day or two, they will be required to pay the day-use add-on fee of $15 per person per day and $10 per vehicle.  Day Use option is only available for the family or friends of persons currently staying in the park, and only available if the person holding a current reservation has notified the reservation desk in advance that specifically-named persons are expected to arrive and should be charged the day-use and vehicle fees.
See FAQ           Pet Policy     Online Reservations Pet Form
See RATES   

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If you want to add a tent site or make other changes to an existing reservation, at least three days prior to arrival, the request must be in writing - fill out the form linked here:  Change Request  If available, we will add the items like dock space, extra vehicles, and your credit card will be charged.  If you want to add persons to your reservation, it must be done in advance and the number of persons allowed per site or cottage is limited, and there is additional cost. 
Note that if you make requests for changes when you arrive onsite, the rates are
substantially higher (i.e.$15 to  $25 per person per day) to defray our additional processing costs, and if your request is for more than the maximum per site or Snuggle Inn, it will be declined.

Note:   If you plan to bring pets, especially dogs, you will need to fill out and submit our Pet Form after completing your reservation, and verify your pet is current on his/her shots. Pet rules  **No pitbulls or rotweillers are allowed onsite without
proof of pet owner liability insurance, naming Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC as
additionally insured for any harm pet may cause to anyone in the park.

click on photos to see full size
Steamboat Slough floatilla
Delta floatilla going by Snug Harbor Docks in summer 2017
Snug Harbor views

Snug Harbor sunrise
Sunrise on Steamboat Slough at Snug Harbor

Snug Harbor views
High flows of winter 2017

waterfront RV sites at Snug Harbor
For those who have stayed with us before. note that many of the trees along the banks fell down during the flood of February 2017 caused by DWR-managed Oroville Dam excess spill, so there are not trees in the sties between RV 11 to 17.

Waterfront RV sites at Snug Harbor
RV 21 area most of the trees survived

Use the blue link button to enquire of availability for extended stay in an RV site or cottage.  Note we have annual leases that start in January, or 2-3 month leases for fall or spring months.  No short term leases are available for the summer months.  See our lease info 

Same Day reservation info  Launch & dock packages  Possible extra charges  Overnight guest docks-staying onboard
Make a Reservation:  click  ONLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM
   Reservations for 2018 


Our online reservation system is very easy to use and you can see exactly your basic cost for your reservation simply by entering the dates and number of people coming to visit us. See the video links above or call us if you want us to walk you through using this very easy online reservation system.  However, before you make your reservation, please read the following:

1.  Please note our reservation and cancellation policy, and our pet policy, which you will have to agree to when making the reservation online.

2.  You will need a valid credit card to make a reservation using our online system.  We accept Visa or Mastercard.  You will also need the address, phone number, zip code for the credit card so have that information ready when making your reservation.  If you do not have a credit card, most bank debit cards can function as a credit card You will also have to state how many persons you plan to bring onsite for the stay, and if you plan to bring any pets.   Do NOT use online reservation system for same-day reservationsWe need at least 24-48 hours to receive, process and confirm reservations using the online system. All RV and tent sites are charged in full to book the site.  Snuggle Inn reservations totalling $1000 or less will be charged in full, but for larger reservations a protion will be charged to book with ballance due 21 days prior to arrival.  For summer dates, ballance is due up front to book.  Online reservation system booking terms may change so check the online system when making the reservation.

3.  When you submit a reservation you will automatically get an email which summarizes your request.  However, you do not have a CONFIRMED reservation until we have verified availability (i.e. the unit or site you picked is available the dates you picked), processed your payment and we email you the confirmation summary.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, your email server may be blocking receipt of email from the reservation company.  Email us if you do not receive a confirmation after 24 hours of when you first made reservation.  Please print out the confirmed reservation summary email to bring with you to check in, especially if you plan to arrive after the office is closed.  If you entered your own email address wrong, we will not be able to send you the confirmation so double-check your email address when entering it in the form!

4.  We accept pets in only some of our Snuggle Inns and in all the RV and tent sites. You DO have to note if you or anyone in your party plans to bring a pet onsite at the time of making your reservation, including those with "companion" pets.  However, we do NOT allow pitbulls or rotweillers onsite so please do not allow any of your party to bring those breads onsite. See Pet Policy.

5.  For advance summer time reservations, there is a 3 or 4 night minimum, depending on which Snuggle Inn or RV site you select.  Closer to the summer months we will accept 2-nighters as fill-ins.

6. When making the reservation, you need to let us know how many persons of any age you plan to bring onsite.  Also how many pets.   You do not have to add the boats, launch use or dock space to the original reservation request - that can be added later. 

7.  If you want to arrive early, please note there may be an early arrival fee, if the site or unit is even available for early check-in.  Do not arrive onsite prior to check-in time as we have limited parking area and boat docks.  Check in after 3:00 pm.  Check out by noon.