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YES!  We do have nice waterfront and waterview full hookup RV sites for lease for vacation use or for living onsite.  Go to the Leases  page.

YES!  We do have a few park model RV cottages available for extended stays.  You can not reserve these through our online reservation system so the best thing to do is fill out the Lease Enquiry form. and we will contact you.

 NO, We are not accepting any more 2020 reservations for daily/weekly stays, except  from the friends and families of leaseholders, staff and owners.  Leaseholders need to send email request or use the leaseholder guest form found to the right on the Leases page to make arrangements for rental of RV sites or cottage for their friends or family.

except for friends and family of leaseholders who schedule at least 48 hours in advance for their guests.

For 2021 reservations use the following forms:

  2021 Snuggle Inn Cottage reservations ***

   2021 RV Site reservations
Note that we are in the process of changing our reservation system so site availability will show online starting in March 2021, after processing of advance requests using the form linked.

*** after filling out the form, you will be automatically directed back to this  website.  We will confirm receipt of your request usually within 24 hours of submission, and will begin processing the reservation in 2021.

                                       May through November 2021 dates

*  Price is based upon the number of persons coming onsite.  No Day use, minimum 4 -nights for advanced confirmed reservations of a specific site: ALL persons counted as there for the reserved dates.  After Labor Day week end we will switch to a 2-night minimum for the rest of 2020, for RV sites and loft cottages.

*If applicable.....Anyone coming onsite will need to sign an agreement stating he/she/they will comply with state or local directives regarding wearing of face mask when walking in the park, and interacting with staff and other park patrons and confirm compliance with same-family or household requirements if so directed by state or county authorities.  All visitors will be expected to comply with "social distancing" directives regarding other families and sites in the park.

*We are also limiting RV site use to only RVs with its own bathroom with shower, to limit exposure and use of onsite park bathrooms.  Maximum of 5 persons per RV site, except for the group site.

*No tents allowed in any site anywhere within the park for 2021.

Steamboat Morning 2020   beaver vs rosebush

2020 NOTES:  We are accepting limited reservations based upon state & county directives, which can change almost daily due to the worldwide pandemic response.  Per state and county directives, all persons coming onsite must agree to practice "social distancing" from persons not a part of your family/group, and must agree to wear a face mask if so required by county or state during the time of your reservation  Only the number of persons listed and paid for on the reservation are allowed onsite.  All RVs coming onsite must be equiped with fully functioning bathroom and shower facilities.  No tents onsite for 2020 due to need to limit use of park bathroom facilites to avoid potential exposure to virus from others utilizing the facility.(OSHA 6/7/2020 notice)  Solano County notices   6/18/20 state notice

6/18/2020:  Per Governor Newsom office, face masks are required for persons when out in the public, including when staying at this park, except when in your RV or cottage or on your boat.  Parents must assure their children comply with state directives.

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.  Please do not come onsite unless you have a confirmed reservation or a scheduled appointment.

  Minimum 4-nights for week end  reservations for
June through Sept 7 dates

*   Yes we are ACCEPTING LEASES and extended stay requests!  Want to lease an RV site or cottage?  Go to the Leases  page.

*   Boat launch use is for persons with current reservations and our leaseholders.

*  You can add dock space, boat launch use and boat trailer use AFTER the reservation has been paid for, but you must email using the change request form at lease 48 hours prior to arrival.  Adding dock space when onsite is more costly than adding it prior to arrival.

*Only the # of persons you paid for when making the reservation will be allowed onsite.  You can not add people for just a day to your reservation

Want to lease an RV site or cottage?  Go to LEASES page
Want to lease a covered berth in the marina?  Go to
Marina  page
Want to arrange for
DAY USE? - Sorry, DAY USE is not available here.



6/18/20 state notice  and go to Solano County for 7/13/2020 notice and the state notice of counties on the "watch" list.  As of 8/31/2020 we continue to be open, but limit the # of persons coming onsite.  Have we said "no day use" enough for people with reservations to understand they can not invite extra guests???

We suggest you look at the below videos to get an idea of what it is like here in summer months:

see video  of summer at Snug Harbor
see video drone video of Snug Harbor

go to VIDEOS page for many more videos including videos of the rental cottages

go to park map which also has maps of the Delta area

animals at dawn
NO DAY USE AVAILABLE.  All sites and cottages and berths have use limils and we will not allow additional persons over the limit, over age 4 to remain in those sites or cottages.  Unregistered extra guests located in the park or at our docks are onsite in violation of the California "Inkeeper Laws" and are tresspassing.  Subject to availability, if requested in advance, existing reservations can add day use for $25 per extra person per day.

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