Welcome to SNUG HARBOR in the amazing California Delta region!

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Want Waterfront?    RV sites & cottages: 2-night minimum for all sites and cottages, and 3-4 nights minimum for holiday week ends.
100% must be paid up front to receive confirmed reservation.  If you planned to mail a check, make sure it was received by office for those advance reservations made earlier in the year. 

Total Cost to rent is shown in the reservation system and is based upon the number of persons, pets, vehicles and boats you bring onsite.  Note you can arrange for dock space on arrival.

Confirmed reservations are final.  No refunds or exchange of dates for RV site reservations once booked and paid for.
For the cottages, if contacted at least a ten days prior to arrival, we will accept a change of dates, which you will have to confirm when asking for the change, and you need to email confirmation of the alternate dates.  New date must be within the same callendar year, and can not be on a holiday week end.  $50 change fee will apply as well.
No "Day Use" or drop-ins accept at this facility.  Call in advance for appointment to view property.

 For more general information about the resort, you might want to check out the Videos page. 
Waterfront RV sites on Steamboat Slugh

in the alternative, you can use one of the forms below to make a request,  but the process to confirm your reservation location will take more time:
Snuggle Inn Cottage Reservations                 RV Site  Reservations                   Marina & Docks  Reservations                       Leases

Please note that the reservation form is a REQUEST only, and we will be processing the reservations and requesting payment by check starting the end of February or March for summer reservations, when we hope the pandemic situation will be much better.  We will post the reservation callendar in April so customers can see what sites or cottages are available for fill-in dates, etc.

March to May 25:   2-night minimum for RV sites:  No same-day drop-ins accepted.  RV Site  Reservations
March to May 25:  2-night minimum for loft cottages and 3-night minimum for larger homes:  Snuggle Inn Cottage Reservations