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Vacation Village... Details & Rates

Facts on leasing your ideal Vacation Home setting at Snug Harbor:
   Snug Harbor's "Vacation Village" is a specifically designated area of the resort where dedicated Delta fans can bring their new Park Model RV or other RV and store it on a site by annual lease.  While the RV is stored on its site, the RVers can not "live" here full time, by county codes.   These sites are intended to be used only as vacation and relaxation destinations, not personal residences. Want to see what the sites look like?  Go to our site-specific photo gallery.

**We are currently taking applications for our  Vacation Village sites, which will be available beginning October, 2004  Please contact Vicki or Nicky in the office to receive a Vacation Village information packet or summary, or click on the page graphics at the bottom of this page**

    If you're looking for a waterfront RV site for a few days or a week, you need to go to the RV Park Details page or the RV Rates page.  If you are interested in our rental cabins go to the cabins page.  If you are interested in a month or more stay while touring California, please see our SnowBird Packages.

     Rates per site is listed below at the bottom of this page.  Please check out the Park Map to see where the Vacation Village sites are located.   All Vacation Village sites include use of designated open dock space, picnic table and burn barrel for the campfires.  We now have Wi-Fi in the park, so you can access the internet from most locations within the park and on the water near Snug Harbor!  Go to Summary of Lease terms

Phone (916)775-1455     FAX (916)775-1594  or e-mail us

     We are located at 3356 Snug Harbor Drive, Ryer Island, off Hwy 84 about 26 miles west of downtown Sacramento if you use Jefferson Blvd. to reach us, or only 10 minutes from Rio Vista, using the Rio Vista ferry that runs 24/7 except for 20 minute lunch and dinner breaks.

   Prices quoted are "per month" land lease fees based on annual lease agreement, for site use by up to 2 people, and includes water and sewer hook-up, one parking permit for vehicle while onsite, use of boat launch for one boat or PWC, and 20' of designated dock space.  Double sites allow for double the above.  Minimal extra charges for additional people per site, to cover our extra park utility costs.  Electrical and garbage charged separately, based upon your use.    

Note that the sites listed are our designated "lease" sites.  We also have all the daily and weekly sites for your short-term or "snow bird"  visits!
PM=Park Model Lot    RV=RV site  

Site # RV Type per mo status avail on
3 PM $400   10/15/04
4 PM $400   10/15/04
5* PM $400 or $700   10/15/04
6* PM $400 or $700   10/15/04
7 PM or RV $350   10/15/04
8 PM or RV $350   10/15/04
9 PM or RV $350   10/15/04
10* PM or RV $350 or $600   10/15/04
11* RV $400 or $600   10/15/04
12 RV $350   10/15/04
21 RV $350 leased 9/15/04
60a RV $335   9/15/04
60b RV $335   9/15/04
61 RV $335   9/15/04
*Several of the sites available for lease are double-wide with utilities hookups.  These sites are ideal for larger families who want to lease sites.  More persons are included in the lease, there's 40' of dock space, and more room.  We will, however, lease them out as single sites, so that is why you see the two different rates for the same sites.

Please contact us if you have any questions:  Vicky, office manager:
 916-775-1455  or email to Nicky at


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  Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (& Port Lane, Starboard Lane and Marina View Circle are roads located within the resort grounds)
Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA
GPS:   Use Port Lane, Walnut Grove, CA  95690, even though we are located near Rio Vista, Solano County  
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