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Things to do at

Snug Harbor!

and other Delta locations

Reservations & information:  (916)775-1455   Visit the Snug Harbor office for brochures and information on local boat rentals, restaurants, museums, golf, and shopping.  Nearby Attractions

Swimming and boating with family in the fresh water of Steamboat Slough and the Sacramento River.  If you don't have a boat, there are rental places that will deliver a boat to you here at Snug Harbor:
Delta area boat rentals:  Delta Rentals
Awesome water skiing and other water sports are Delta specialties  boaters-guide.pdf  delta-area-services.pdf
The Delta's great for fishing.  Go to our
Fishing Brag Wall
Fishing Slideshow
Stripers, Bass, Catfish, BlueGill, Sturgeon and Salmon are all caught in the Delta....hungry?
Riding bikes and motorcycles around the Delta:  Since we're in a rural area, there are nice level roads to ride bikes while viewing the beautiful green fields, stopping to sample local farm produce (one stand is right by Snug Harbor), ride a ferry on your bike, and perhaps even sample some local Delta wines.
The map to the right is from a group of bike riders who came through this past year.  Ryer Island is included in the "Great Delta Trail" for bike riding and here is a pdf you can print of suggested routes:
During summer months, sometimes there will be an outdoor 'concert' at Snug Harbor, which is open to anyone in the park.  We warn our visitors in advance that our quiet hours (usually by 10:00 PM) will be extended to 11-12 pm.  Photo is from a great bank brought in by some of the Snug Harbor leaseholders in July 2012, as part of the annual rib cook off.  Fun family times!
Yacht clubs from all over the world, literally, can end up in the Delta for peaceful gatherings Time with family and friends to gather life-long memories doing really fun stuff!
row, row, row your boat!... Rent a ride on a sea plane, or on a boat.  All sorts of rental opportunities in the Delta!
Catch the sunrise and you might also spy local turtles, beaver, muskrats and river otter going in for the day.  Depending on the time of year, you can also see many species of rare birds. Catch a sunset on the'll never want it to end!
Houseboating is a great adventure of the delta! Bring along the pets!  They love to vacation with your family.
With 52 accessible islands and many bridges and ferry's to get you where you want to go, this is a fun place to explore!  

A classic...the Rio Vista ferry to Ryer Island...and its always free!



  Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (& Port Lane, Starboard Lane and Marina View Circle are roads located within the resort grounds)
Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA      
GPS:   Use Port Lane, Walnut Grove, CA  95690, even though we are located near Rio Vista, Solano County  
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  Snug Harbor office: 916-775-1455