5:00 am  Pastor Melvin is at the church to hand out about 100 forms for medical, dental and vision, for the days patients.
6:00 am  Pastor Melvin stops handing out forms, as there is no way the teams can see all the patients that seek care
7:00 to 8:30 am people who want medical, dental or vision care first go through a "triage" by the volunteers of the church.  Medical history is taken, but also spiritual history.  Volunteers pray with each patient and family and share the Lord with those who have not heard the gospel.
8:30 am  GHO team arrives and makes sure everything is available as needed to start the clinics.  There are hundreds of people in line, and some angry people who did not get tickets that morning, so can not see a doctor or dentist or vision team.  They are told to come back tomorrow morning.
9:00 am to 5:30 pm GHO teams care for patients.  After the initial triage by church volunteers, patients got to the linse for dental, medical or vision.  Some wait all day to be seen.  Dental was an expecially long line as each patient can take hours to complete his or her care.

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