Snug Harbor
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  In 1908 the US Congress received a multi-volume report of the surveys of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers.  The first chapter of the book of maps for the Sacramento River, including Steamboat Slough, describes the minimum outflows in dry years.  Since that time exports or diversions of water that should flow through the Delta to the Bay have been GREATLY reduced.  California politicians and their backers are currently in a water war, which comes down to the desire of Southern California mega-farm family owners, and SoCal Developers to take Northern California water and leave behind a destroyed aquatic environment.  There simply is not enough water to satisfy what the SoCal farmer/developers want and also protect Northern California populations, future and environment.  Over the last 10 years there has been a concerted effort to rewrite Northern California water history, so maps like the below help to distribute accurate historical data.  Note that many of the families that are listed as owning land in the Delta along the waterways are still farming there ... 5 generations later!  If you want to understand Delta history, read 1957_thompson-dissertation.pdf  which is often quoted as the best summary, or go to  Hutchings_1871_sacramento_river_steamboat_slough_san_joaquin_descriptions.pdf which describes Delta travel at the time.


*more uploads to follow Feb 2016!

*San Joaquin River survey from 1908

1978 survey maps based on the past maps (Atwater maps)