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2020 News about the latest Delta Water Wars
2020 looks to be a very busy year for governmental planners who want to validate diverting more fresh water flows from the Delta to other areas of the state, despite the clear decline in salmon species due to excess diversions, the clear decline in surface water quality in the West and South Delta due to excess diversions, the clear decline in drinking water aquifers of the Bay and Delta area due to excess diversions.

Much of 2020 news is related to planning documents distributed in 2019 and 2018, so it may be important to your understanding of the issues to look back at 2019 news  and 2019 maps or go back evern further to the 2016-2018 Waterfix hearings pages.

This page will attempt to post the more receint planning documents up for review, and post maps and pertinent ifnormation regarding those planning documents.  Because there are so many different projects or proposals all happening at once, 2020 Delta news will have to be split into the following pages:
9/1/2020 update The latest Delta Tunnel Plan preliminary info posted by state agencies in the last few days and month
Delta Soils Boring Planning for Tunnel ConveyanceSee below, showing previous boring locations and latest boring plan for tunnels and other conveyance plans           
California Water Resiliance Plan:  PDF's and maps of Governor Newsom controller's plans to update water conveyance and infrastructure in California
California Water Monitoring Issues:  Good steps have been made by Waterboards and NorCal politicians to better monitor flows, diversions, water quality and reporting.  Verifiable valuation of how much flow is available for distribution is key to determining future actions.
Delta Restoration Plans   Yolo Bypass area    McCormacK -Williamson Tract    Staten Island   In-Delta water Storage  
update 9/1/2020Barriers, Franks Tract and Salmon  Planning for ways to divert migrating salmon away from the export pumps, intakes and channels
Soils boring plan is also covered under Barriers:  The three maps below are from different Dept of Water Resources planning activities between 2004 and 2019, and gives a good indication of where the tunnel footprint was planned all along, and where an expanded surface diversion and conveyance pathway was planned all along.  Jan 15, 2020 was the last day to comment on the soils boring plans.  SHR objected to borings on Steamboat Slough due to concern for the drinking water aquifer, and due to the fact DWR/JPA did not adequately describe even the reasons to do borings on Steamboat Slough.  DWR wants to test the soils in the water by Snug Habor, by Simpson Tract at the confluence of Sutter and Steamboat Slough, and also by Hidden Harbor.  NSS comments:  Soil investigations.pdf to dcf/Overall_Summary.pdf 
boring locations:  Soil_Investigations_LatLong_20191218.pdf
DWR documents:  Deliv 42DEIRv1 112119 Volume II Appendices_a_y19.pdf  Deliv 42DEIRv1 120519 Volume I508.pdf
antidegredationanalysislaw.pdf deltabathymetryupdate.pdf  
2019-2020 Conveyance Boring plan 2009 BDCP Conveyance Boring 2004-2007 In-Delta storage and conveyance boring
2020 boring plans North Delta Steamboat Slough planned borings  
Note how DWR just happens to pick the locations
at each of the residential and recreation facilities
of lower Steamboat Slough to do their in-water
investigations?  There was no stated
purpose for these locations.  So obviously, the
locations have been picked to harrass the
residents and business owners, limit access to
boating possibly, cause damage to the drinking
water aquifer by all of the private and public
wells, etc.
/borings/dwr_207.pdf   borings/dredgeVOL I_Chapter 5 thorugh 7.pdf