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History of the Golden Gate Dredge
Folks who have visited Snug Harbor in the past, in the 1980's or 1990's sometimes come by and ask us what happened to the Golden Gate Dredge that use to set at the shores of Snug Harbor.  Many remember the amazing and artistic array of tools soldered to the railings over the years.  Sadly, the historic dredge, built in 1906 and originally named the Tule Queen, had to be demolished due to its poor and unsafe condition.  But do not fear!!  We saved all of the railings and have recently set them up for viewing near our entrance gate!  For a visual history of the Golden Gate Dredge and its railings, see the photos below.  Photos below show the Golden Gate Dredge when first in use dredging the Napa River around 1906, then when used as a floating restaurant in the 1960's in the Delta-that's when Mr. Stringer added many of the tools to the railings, we believe.  Really, these railings are truely unique California workmen's art!



From Dutra Dredging files                   As a floating restaurant in 1960's

Setting out the sections


1975 photo before moving to Snug Harbor       Photo from Hal Schell book on the Delta

Rails set in cement

Using a back hoe to lift sections

Jenny starts to paint...

The fan made of large
crescent wrenches


Special thanks goes to Gene, who's
artistic eye and creative welding
technique made it possible to put
on display this historical example
of California Workmen's tools from
the last 100 years!  Note that Gene
did not create the railings, he just
installed sections of the railings
along the road within Snug Harbor's
Resort.  Thanks also to Jeff and
Jenny, (pictured above) who helped
setting up and painting this ongoing
work of outdoor art.
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