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Sacramento Delta & Snug Harbor Maps:
Maps of Snug Harbor, California Delta Historic Region, Things to Do & Restaurants Nearby Snug Harbor


Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
3356 Snug Harbor Drive
Walnut Grove, CA  95690

Cross street:  E. Ryer Road,
Ryer Island, near State Route 84, Solano County
People with RVs must use Miner's Slough Bridge to get onto Ryer Island.  You can not use either ferry with a large motorhome or pull trailer


Click on maps on this page for enlarged versions.

When on the road, good Delta Travel Maps that give you the local routes, farm stands, restaurants and shopping:

In the Delta maps & the key locations:


click for park map
Snug Harbor's Resort map:  Map of the resort known as "The Diamond of the Delta"... or Snug Harbor!   Use map to get a better idea of the resort's layout, particularly the location of RV sites and rental cabins we call "Snuggle Inns". 

Ryer Island map:  Map of a portion of Ryer Island, showing Snug Harbor's peninsula and entrance road.  Use if planning a trip to Snug Harbor. 



or see Historic Steamboat Slough maps, if you like history.

and the 1906 survey and maps


ALL RVs need to reach Ryer Island by crossing the Miner's Slough bridge.  Don't try to use the Rio Vista ferry!  Trucks pulling boat trailers that protect the props can go on the ferry except at low tides



Plan to use the Rio Vista ferry only after checking to see that it is working, and do not bring an RV on the ferry.  Truck with boat trailer OK at high tides.
  When on the road you can use the maps
at  and scroll down to the two general maps showing how to get to the Delta and the North Delta roads.
For directions to Ryer Island and Snug Harbor, go to

Map & Directions from Sacramento-bridge route  
 or print out our brochure which has a local map
: tosnugharbor.pdf
SnugHarbor.pdf  or both maps: directionstosnugharbor.pdf

If you want to go to the local farm stands or go wine tasting, go to this link: 
Delta map:  Map of the Historic Region of the Delta & beyond.  Use to locate Snug Harbor and other points of interest in the Delta.  Use for reference when exploring the "Historic Delta Loop" found in Loop Tours section of web site.  Also use for locating the general area for the restaurants listed on our "Where's the Food Mom?" page (i.e. "restaurants")   Click on the map to the right for enlarged version...    

  Historic Delta Loop  - sights along the way
Delta Road Map in PDF:  Delta_boating_recreation_map.pdf


Written Directions -from various areas

From about 2005 through 2013 Google Maps have been incorrect regarding Delta Waterway names, Delta roads, and even Delta Island names!  Google says a company called TeleAtlas (owned by TomTom) is responsible for the mistakes, but repeated notices to TeleAtlas are ignored.  Do NOT use Google Maps.    Update Feb 2013.  Google Maps went back to sending travelers to the wrong "Ryer Island" if you happen to be from other areas of the state and do a Google search (reported to us by several customers).  In addition, Google currently shows Steamboat Slough bridge as open or in the "up" position as if people can not use the bridge-that is false info.  The bridge across Steamboat Slough is open to all vehicle traffic.  Google also dropped the labeling of the Rio Vista Ferry (also called Ryer Island Ferry, Cache Slough Ferry and Real McCoy Ferry II) and no longer labels the J-Mac Ferry...but both ferry ARE in their usual locations and operating as usual.

Update October 2011:  Google general maps seem to have finally corrected their maps regarding Snug Harbor Drive and Ryer Island, but it still sends travelers the longest way possible.  Use our map to the left instead! (click on it to print out large version).  Update April 2012:  TeleAtlas/Google and TomTom say our road is "permanently closed".  That is NOT true and we do not know why they are saying that on their phone maps.  See "Chronicles of Delta Access" for more info.

 Bing uses correct names that we can tell, at least as of 1/1/2011.  Even some NOAA online charting services that use Google provide wrong Delta waterway names!!! 

Map showing the North Delta area
fresh produce stands and wine tasting
locations.  This map is also found on which is a site dedicated to helping visitors navigate the whole Delta region while on the road    
F&G Delta fishing maps from online:
North & Central Delta, South Delta and the Suisun Bay on each graphic for full version

another map from online:

North Delta Boat Launch areas:
delta-boat-launches.pdf  (our boat launch is available only to those who are currently staying at our place)
NEW!  Links to Sections of the NOAA 2013 Navigation Chart for reaching Delta cities and restaurants nearby Snug Harbor
Places to go and Things to Do Near Snug Harbor:  This interactive map has hot links to shopping, amusement parks, airports, museums and city information.  Click on the map to the right to go to this very informative map and page. Note that since it has so much information and a large printable map, the page may load slowly:  To Do Map    
Restaurants Near Snug Harbor:  Getting there by boat or land  California delta restaurants 


FINAL SITE.pdf   APN177070070map.pdf      
Bay Trail and Delta Trail Plan:

BDCP Delta locations map

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