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Snug Harbor Drive information 
September 2011 update:  evidence submitted for Google hearing:
senators.pdf   Please note that as of August 2011, at least on some variations of Google maps, the name "Snug Harbor Drive" now is labeled...but you might want to notice how some of the bridges of the Delta no longer show, and some of the island names continue to be incorrectly labeled!
Since 2006, certain online mapping websites have been incorrectly labeling Ryer Island and also Snug Harbor Drive.  This came to our attention in 2007, along with the fact that some government agencies (DWR) published draft reports that used the wrong names for the islands in the Delta.  Somewhere between 2005 & 2006, apparently, someone decided to rename the road.  To our knowledge, before 2006 the road we call Snug Harbor Drive was never previously  called "Port Lane" but that is what TeleAtlas and Google report it as online.  We found that Solano County had even "updated" their maps to show "Port Lane"  even though all residential parcels along the road have "Snug Harbor Drive" addresses. 

     New FEMA maps were also updated over the last year...they used to say Hidden Harbor Road, for some reason, and now instead say Port Lane.  We have sent letters, requested corrections online, REPEATEDLY, and the requests are ignored.  We went to the Solano County mapping department, and found that Solano County itself had also received incorrect street name from a map they purchased from TeleAtlas.  Solano County also notified TeleAtlas, who supplies street names and other labels to Google and other mapping services.  As of December 2008, they still have not bothered to make the corrections.  However, it appears they finally are labeling the whole island correctly once again!  (For many months in 2008, TeleAtlas and Google were mislabeling our Ryer Island as "Tyler" and then "Sutter".  We apologize to the many customers who called frustrated because their Google map they printed out was wrong-its not us!  We've tried all year to correct the wrong mapping information.  We will continue to contact the various offending online mapping services until this is resolved.

Updated 5-8-2010:  Google is once again obscuring the location of Ryer Island, which makes it hard for travelers to find any business, residence or farm on Ryer Island.  One might ask why Google is intentionally doing this despite repeated requests to correct their maps?  Here's some examples from today where you type in "Ryer Island, CA" and other logical phrases as shown on the graphics:
Google's incorrect image of Ryer Island
 Google's incorrect location of Snug Harbor Drive
Google can't find Grand Island either
Verizon calls the Rio Vista "Real McCoy" ferry the "Liberty Island Ferry" That's a new one on us, but we do notice that Verizon and Google advertise together and Verizon maps look like Google maps in the Delta region.

Updated December 2009:  Letter from Solano County confirming the name of the road as SNUG HARBOR DRIVE, as designated since the 1980's!  So why does Google, the US Census and USGS insist on using Port Lane?

Updated 10-21-09:   Solano County new GIS map shows "Snug Harbor Drive" if you closely enough within the resort grounds, but mislabeled the location of Marina View Circle.  In addition, the white boundary lines do not appear to match the 1961 survey of the peninsula.

Update 4-16-09:  Google is at it again.  Even though Solano County has notified Google that they are using the wrong street name, Google reviewed and did not correct.  And then they eliminated the reference to HWY 220 from Ryde to the J-Mac Ferry, and are sending drivers around the long side of Ryer Island, which is a more bumpy road.  Of course, we will notify them again, but obviously the powers that be at Google have their own agenda.

Note that  has correct street and island names, as noted and recommended by Solano County for use instead until this issue is resolved.  In the meantime, here's several maps of interest:

PDF Map   Our map of this area of the Delta

1985_SHD.pdf  1985 Solano County Public Works hearing assigning the name Snug Harbor Drive and assigning new postal addresses for the parcels along Snug Harbor Drive and within the resort property called Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
(In the 1940's to 1960's the peninsula was called Martin's Island)


Map from
Solano County Parcel Maps Showing Snug Harbor Drive Parcels  And a FEMA map calling it Hidden Harbor RD

  New FEMA map as of May 2009








Click on map to enlarge.  Shows TeleAtlas/Google listing the island wrong.  From This one shows the Ryer Island in Suisun Bay...wrong Ryer!
If you would like to follow the progress (or lack thereof) of our request to have the Island and Street names corrected, here's a few links from requests for correction submitted by Solano County mapping dept, and my own.  Note that requests have been submitted at least 5 times to TeleAtlas since Setember 2008, and several times to Google starting January 2008.

People involved:  Eric Wilberg, Solano County

Solano County GIS  boundary lines by TeleAtlas, apparently, and are incorrect.

Mike Seaman, neighbor:

Jake Armstrong  GIS Coordinator - DoIT  Solano County  ph: 707.784.7497

David Cliche:



Contacts:  Yvonne Razo, Solano County

Eric Wilberg, David Cliche-Community Floodplain Administrator, Sayed - Solano County

FEMA map servie center  877-336-2627 "Keith"
Regional Office Remapping 1-510-627-7100   Marshall   re Dewberry mapping project for Solano County


  Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (& Port Lane, Starboard Lane and Marina View Circle are roads located within the resort grounds)
Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA
GPS:   Use Port Lane, Walnut Grove, CA  95690, even though we are located near Rio Vista, Solano County  
  California Delta's Snug Harbor!   Copyright @ 1997-2015