USACE posted online its draft plan for revising flood and water conveyance in California, revising the plan initiated with the 1906-1908 survey and report to Congress.  However, USACE does not appear to do their own studies or mapping or data collection.  Instead they rely on data compiled by DWR, with reference to 2009 California Water Plan, which was based on the false baseline data of DRMS Phase 1 which validated the DRMS Phase 2 construction and reoperation of Delta waterways we've seen going on for the last several years.
The good thing about USACE is that they tend to be a bit more clear and concise about what they propose.  Usually I would say you can trust the data provided by finalized USACE reports...that applies to pre-21st Century reports, as this CVIFMS report has provable false data.  Of course, it is a "draft" issued to the public, supposedly for comment, at the same time as Delta and Northern California land and waterrights holders are preparing to comment in the hearings of Waterboards in opposition to the "WaterFix" proposal.
2015 December

1906-1908 Sacramento River Survey maps
1906-1908 San Joaquin River Survey maps