(Our answers back to the cyberbullies Google and Yelp)
      When a person searches for Snug Harbor on Google, the web service also provides SOME of the reviews we're received in the last few years.  We notice the positive reviews some customers have let us know they did do not show, but the negative ones do.   Lots of online viewers are finally recognizing sites like Yelp for what they are---cyperbullies who force businesses to purchase ads to receive better ratings or to move the positive reviews up higher.  So if you happen to be a yelpfan, you might want to email us and get more info about what is the truth and what is not in some of the "reviews" some of which we responded to below.
Or you can take a look at what others say about us, including newspaper travel editors, camping book authors, boating magazines, and, oh yes, we were designated the "Best Small Private Park of California" by the official association for RV parks, the CAL/AVRC association, formerly called the CTPA.

     In July 2015 we stopped accepting tent-only reservations BECAUSE there has been a clear pattern of problems caused by tent-groups making to much noise, sneaking in extra people and vehicles, and failing to follow the rules.  Now the tent sites can be reserved ONLY by families or friends of people with existing reservations for RV sites or cottages, so that should help with the problems we've been having with people who don't want to follow the rules.

     In just a few cases, we feel it is appropriate to respond to some of the "complaints" of some of the persons who posted reviews on Google or Yelp.  Your own comments are welcome as well.
July 2015 review:  Facts:   Several loud, out of control males of a large tent  group refused to comply with park rules, and after causing quite a loud rucus, the family was asked to leave.  Due to the subsequent agressive illegal actions of the two large out of control males, for the first time in 17+ years under current ownership, we had to call the sheriff and the two guys were arrested and hauled off to jail, for very valid reasons.   We do appologize to our other customers who happened to be onsite that day, and we thank the other customers who have been so supportive and are happy we have rules, and enforce them. 

So if you are reading this, if you want to party at a place with no rules, go somewhere else.  Please.
Review by Marilou Viduya from Summer 2012:
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     Ms. Viduya fails to recognize that her aunt or grandparents reserved 3 tent sites usually meant for 12 persons, but the group had MANY MORE people sneak in without permission, after the office was closed.  They brought in extra people, vehicles and tents than what was reserved by Ms. Viduya's grandparents and aunt.  The whole group then stayed up most of the night as described by the other tent campers in the area, who let staff know early morning of the problems.  We do have quite time rules, and enforce them when we are advised by our customers that another customer is causing a disturbance.  Ms. Viduya's family partying until 3 am was not tollerated and the entire family was in the process of being evicted from the park the following morning for several violations of the "Inkeeper laws".  However, Ms. Viduya's grandparents, uncle and aunts assured us the persons causing the disturbance had left the park, that the ones remaining would comply with our rules, and that they would pay for the extra costs associated with their additional guests, vehicles and park use.   Snug Harbor is a privately-owned small independent park not funded by any state or federal agency so to cover our own costs incurred when there are extra people onsite using our facility, and requiring staff to go into overtime to handle campers' unruly actions, well, OF COURSE there is a charge!  The state subsidizes family camping in state parks, no here.  You might notice that the grandparents/aunt who made the reservation, and had to pay for the extra grandchildren/niece and her friends, and had to take responsibility for their actions, are not the ones complaining about the family vacation being ruined.  The elder generation recognized their family actions were a disturbance to the other families in the park and were quite sorry and embarrased, as expressed to several SH staff.

     As to Ms. Viduya's claim of discrimination, she must be color blind, given the various races in the park next to and across from her family's tent sites that week end, and given the people employed by the resort over the years.  Ms. Viduya's claim of descrimination is simply rediculous, as 100% of our regular customers would most likely say.  

     Most often, our tent camping families are nice families who do not sneak in people and extra vehicles, and who understand that making lots of noise after 10 PM causes a disturbance for everyone else in the area.  But once in a while there are the people like Ms. Viduya who don't understand rules are made for a good reason.  In any case, to assure we do not go through another situation like the one of summer 2012, we've reduced the number of tent sites by designating more of the sites for "dry" sites for recreational vehicles.  Ms. Viduya's family actions at Snug Harbor are a perfect example of WHY privately-owned RV parks often do not allow tent campers.

    As a life long tent camper myself, I used to wonder why so many nice RV parks did not allow tent campers or if they were allowed, it was for a very restricted site and use.  Now I understand.

-Nicky- (owner)