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About the most amazing...  California Delta, and the Historic North Delta Region!

 Delta Historical Surveys (North Delta focus-new data added Jan & Feb 2015)
Journeys on the Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough in the 1850's to 1950's      
Steamboat Slough History   Sacramento River Delta History  Delta History in maps & drawings
Current: Delta Map  Historic North Delta 
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Historic Delta Loop
Delta River Names
PDF File of Historic Delta

Delta Ferrys  or Delta Ferries and Bridges-21st Century



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Historic Steamboat Slough & Snug Harbor    see also:
Shipwrecks of Steamboat Slough from 1848 to 1890
Historic Delta maps

Timeline of Delta Development    
Delta Photos

PDF file of "To Do" in the Delta
Fishing      Paintings of Steamboat travel the water lords really wants to do to the Delta:  the website just provides copies and links to all the planning documents, and a summary from a Delta owner's perspective.


Antebellum homes, quaint river towns, scenic waterways, interesting museums, historic locations and quiet hide-aways beckon you to explore this unique area of California called "The Delta".  By land or by water, you will enjoy your visit and leave with a greater understanding of  the remarkable worth and beauty of the entire California Delta Region.  Did you know the Delta provides Southern and Central California with about 1/2 of its water needs for farming?  Did you know that the Delta has at least 52 islands you can get to by car, and many more accessible by boat?  Did you know there are ferries in California that carry the vehicles to select islands in the Delta?  Time to start exploring!  See the videos

Historic maps and sketches of Steamboat Slough

The Delta region consists of the lands and waterways between the San Francisco Bay and the Sierra Mountains.  There are over 1,000 miles of waterways to explore, and even more miles of "asphalt sloughs" to use to sample the delights of the Delta.  There are 52 large islands, all connected by bridges and ferries.  And uncountable small islands which make great mooring hide-aways.  Here's links to delta information we have gathered:

There are at least 250 unique restaurants, many marinas and RV parks, museums, golf courses and lots of little specialty shops within the region.  Wild life include beaver, muskrats, rabbits, over 100 species of birds, fish such as bass, stripers, sturgeon, salmon, catfish and blue gill.  

   Weather tends to be milder in all seasons, compared to the coastal and mountain regions of Northern California.  Expect cool and wet winters, but not much freezing.  Expect very pleasant spring and fall, and warmer summers, between 80 to 98 degrees from June thru September.  The favorite months for locals are the fall month, September, October and November.  For sports boaters, favorite months are May, June, July and August.  Fishing is always good, but at its best October, November, December, depending on the weather conditions.  Late spring can be especially good, too.

You might want to take a quick look at the Delta Map first, to get your bearings... 

To help you in your exploration of the Delta, we've put together the "Historic Delta Tour" which can be accomplished by boat or land a day or a week or all the time you want to take. The Historic Delta Region has been featured in several recent TV,newspaper, magazines and other publications.   For listing and links to articles, please go to the News page.

Note:  Don't be afraid to try the FREE ferry rides to Ryer Island, run by Cal Trans...its part of your "Delta Experience" and a great photo opportunity!



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