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Here is a look back at some of the news articles, magazine articles, and other media that included reference to Snug Harbor here in our own wonderful Sacramento San Joaquin Delta region from 1998 to 2014.
You might also want to see our "Historic North Delta" page which shows sections of maps where we're located going back before California was even a state!

BoatUS article about the whole Delta boating opportunities
April 2013 We hosted a group of youthful photographers, teachers and pro's from National Geographic, who came to understand the importance of the Historic Delta region.  They traveled in the Delta for a few days by boat and by vehicle, with topics of local Delta interested presented by Restore the Delta, Delta EcoTours, and Snug Harbor's historian Nicky who showcased some of the the onsite original maps and sketches. 
Historic North Delta maps
December 2012 First positive Delta article we've seen in a long time...focused on recreation.  We gave a boat ride and one of the Snug Harbor neighbors gave a plane ride so the photographer/writer could better understand the wonderful area the IS the Delta!
2012 BDCP effects article
  images2012/deltastuff/ccTimes_june08.pdf  Nice little article that was reprinted that is about Snug Harbor.   
1/5/2011 Article in the Sacramento Bee about the new ferry arriving in the Bay Area.
Examiner Examiner writer talks about his favorite beaches to boat to in the Delta.  He mentions a favorite private park and beach...Snug Harbor!


May 2009
Video online
Here is a nice video that shows what we're about in the 21st Century!  Snug Harbor Video
CAL-AVRC The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (renamed CAL-AVRC) selected a photo of waterfront RV sites at Snug Harbor as their 2009 cover photo!  We submitted several photos and were excited to find out we made the cover!  Our leaseholders will recognize the regulars in the photo, enjoying a summer flotilla chat off RV sites 20 and 21. 


January 2009


Bay Area News Group Article about the Delta with a focus on the two ferries to Ryer Island.  Nice little sidebar on Snug Harbor and the community of Ryer Island 7/30/09
CalTrans &
misc commercial
UPdate:  Ferry due back in service by February 22, 2009 accourding to CalTrans! 

The Ryer Island ferry is undergoing a major upgrade...two engines, new paint job, reinforced hull, etc.  CalTrans sent out notices the ferry will be taken down for a month starting January 12, 2009 in the afternoon.  After the Ryer Island Ferry is back up and running, they plan to take down the J-Mac for reconstruction and repairs.  Then once both are back up, there are CalTrans plans to do some major repairs to a portion of Hwy. 84 on Ryer Island north of the ferry landing, south of the Miner's Slough bridge, west side of the island.  It should not affect traffic to/from Snug Harbor....Caltrans Updates 

2-21-09  Real McCoy scheduled to go back in operation 2-22-09 by late afternoon!

See CalTrans Updates page

Radio Internet
The Delta has been primary news fodder for the last few years as the various government agencies determine the best way to take more water out of the Delta without killing more fish or ruining more delta farmland.  At least that is what the documents say is the goal, in a nutshell.  Summary: The Peripheral Canal Plan that was voted down by the people of California many years ago has resurfaced with a new name: "Dual Conveyance Plan".  It is unclear how all of this will affect Delta boating, fishing and recreation but its time topay attention!  Below are just a few links to interesting documents.
2007 and 2008
August 2008 Congratulations to Brad Walker who broke the American Pole Vault Record while qualifying for the Summer Olympics!  Brad and Carly stayed with us here at the resort while training for the Olympics this past winter. August 2008
Contra Costa Times Great articles about the delta and one about staying at Snug Harbor's resort:

June 22, 2008
Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee had a nice article about the J-Mac Ferry and bird watching in this area.  Nice photos too!
May 21, 2008
The Oregonian Photographer/writer for the Oregonian stays at Snug Harbor to use as base station for an article on the California Delta's salmon and how it affects Oregon
April 2008
Sunset Magazine This article is about wine tasting in Clarksburg near Snug Harbor, in case we have some visitors who want to sample the delta wines...,20633,1181934,00.html


April 2008
Movie A movie crew use the resort grounds for the set of an independent movie called "Has Been".  They reconfigured an area by our point to look like an old Boy Scout camp in Wyoming, so they say.  It is a comedy that should come out this year.  Movie information online  Ask at the office if you want to borrow our DVD of the movie! April 2008
Snug Harbor's own newsletter Semi-annual newsletter updating interested folks on what is going on at the resort and around the delta region  Printed on legal size paper:
March 2008
River News Herald Article about movie "Has Been" filmed at Snug Harbor resort grounds, using part of our junk pile to portray an old Boy Scout camp in Montana.  PDF of article
Movie information online
March 19, 2008
  Did you know Olympic Athletes train in the Delta?  Several stayed at Snug Harbor in December while training at TigerBar Sports nearby.  Brad Walker is currently #1 for the US team and seems to be well on his way to an Olympic 2008 medal.  We're getting a big screen TV for the new office so we can all cheer him on! December 2007
Prosper Magazine

Prosper Magazine December 2007 article about the J-Mac and its now famous driver also had a quote from Vicki, resort manager.

Northern California Camping

Snug Harbor Resort was listed as  "Best for Fishing" and "Best for Waterskiing" in the just-published book Northern California Camping by Tom Stienstra!   Copy at the office for viewing.

Fall 2007
Sacramento Bee Front page article about the Real McCoy Ferry, due to be replaced in the next few years, with a bigger, longer version of the same.

all Most media sources in the US covered the whales visiting the Delta.  The mom and baby whale hung around for about 3 weeks, swimming between the Rio Vista Bridge and Sacramento, often causing long delays at the Rio Vista Ferry ramp.  There were hundreds of media types on Ryer Island daily for a while there!  The whales were dubbed "Delta and Dawn" Spring 2007
Outdoor Life Network RVToday TV Show hosted by Stew Olson focuses on travel in the Delta and features staying at Snug Harbor, using the ferrys to Ryer Island, and dinning suggestions for the Historic Delta Region Sept. 3, 2006.  For schedule:

Tom Stienstra article in San Francisco Chronicle


Article about recent changes in progress with DFG. Summary comments by Mr. Stienstra on other fishing or camping subjects includes a statement to the effect that Delta area parks "like Snug Harbor" should be listed as a "Top 10" in the US.  Thanks for the compliment Mr. Stienstra!


July 2, 2006


Allentown; Good Day Sacramento on UPN31

Mark S. Allen comes for a surprise visit to Snug Harbor on a Monday morning, using the J-Mac ferry to get here.  He seems to think we're a town...but we were happy to have him visit and hope he comes back to see what the RV lifestyle and Snug Harbor are really about.

June 5, 2006
Good Day Sacramento on UPN31 (CBS)

News feature about "Delta Seaplane Tours", a new service in the delta region for sight seeing from a birds' eye view.  Filmed from Snug Harbor docks.  

May 16, 2006
RV Today TV
Stew Olsen from RV Today of the Outdoor Network TV visited Snug Harbor and the California Delta region the end of April 2006.  *Show expected to air in June 2006
April 2006*
SacBee Go to article January 10, 2006
KVIE, PBS Channel 6 out of Sacramento

TV show about the Historic Region of the Delta, including Snug Harbor, and the cities of Isleton, Rio Vista, Walnut Grove and Locke.  Includes fishing tips from Snug Harbor patrons, info on the Snuggle Inns, etc.  Photos are of Nicky with the Producer and KVIE cameraman, and Gene as he's catching a fish while the camera was rolling!!

Rerun of show July 2005!

Feb, April and June 2002 and Oct. 27 &29, 2001

*"How to Fish" segment filmed at Snug Harbor featuring show Host and Snug Harbor patrons continues to rerun due to popular demand

Sunset Magazine Great articles about riding the ferries of the West.  "Shortest Ride" is the Real McCoy, also called the Rio Vista Ferry.  Snug Harbor referenced,20633,1078479,00.html
August 2005
TV/News Fox News piece on Water Safety, filmed along Snug Harbor, with Vicki Vann, manager included! July 4, 2005
Online RV Park Review website Snug Harbor got a nice review and a "thumbs up" from an anonymous visitor.  Go to  and Snug Harbor is listed under the "Rio Vista" park reviews March 2005
Book "California Campgrounds" was republished by Tom Stieinstra and gives a great review of Snug Harbor! 2004
Book "Delta Delectables and Delights"  has been published by Vicki Vann, manager of Snug Harbor.  Recipe book features creative cooking methods of fish commonly caught in the California Delta region.  Book signed by author available at the Snug Harbor store, and other delta locations, and online.  Contact for more info. July, 2004
SF Chronicle "King of Swings" is a great article about the bridges of the delta.  Really fun to read and gives the history of the place from a bridge view July 4, 2004
SF Chronicle, SacBee, Valley Times, etc

June 2004:  There are ongoing news articles about a fire at Bethel Island and a levee break in the south part of the delta region, near Stockton.  We've received many calls from concerned customers.  Snug Harbor is located in the historic region of the delta, near Rio Vista and Walnut Grove and Isleton.  The events noted in the news do not have any effect on our area of the delta, rest assured!  June 3 is the "published" date of the Jones Tract date.  However, USBR documents show a June 1 date. dcc-jt-6-1-2004.pdf  Hermans' & Helens boat at our docks as the DCC was closed on 6/1/04

June, 2004
Valley Times (Contra Costa area) The Valley Times created a totally awesome pull-out section covering the whole delta region from Antioch to Stockton up to Sacramento.  Snug Harbor was featured with a photo of Snuggle Inns and nice little write-up.  The two ferrys to Ryer Island were also suggested as a fun day trim for Bay Area locals.  Take a look at our copy in the office! August 3, 2003
River News Herald The River News Herald, a small local paper, did a front page article about Tim Allen visiting the delta and Snug Harbor. July15, 2003
Nice Guy

Tim Allen, his friend Bret Gregory and their friends joined us for a peaceful delta summer week end.  Mr. Allen was very gracious about all the requests for signatures and photos from staff and campers.  One camper was very creative, getting Mr. Allen to sign his RV with a permanent marker!  The group visited many places in the delta, joined in the Poker Run out of Tower Park, had Sunday Brunch at the Ryde Hotel...  peace, beauty and fun.  Isn't that what the delta's all about?  Pictured are Snug Harbor staff with Mr. Allen and Mr. Gregory

July 11-13, 2003

LA Times "No one's singing the blues in this laid-back delta" by Beverly Beyette, Times Staff Writer Sunday, June 29, 2003
Modesto Bee Another article by Janet Fullwood, shorter version of the SacBee article June 2003
Sacramento Bee Articles by Janet Fullwood about things to do and places to stay in the Delta...Snug Harbor included! June 8, 2003
Sunset Magazine Great little article about driving around the historic region of the delta March 2003
San Francisco Chronicle Article by Tom Steinstra in his outdoors section about the 10 best Northern California parks.  Snug Harbor is the "best run private park by far" and features waterfront RV sites and cabins with docks April 2003
Waterski Magazine "West Coast's Epic Waterski"...article about boarding and waterski on the delta January 2003
San Francisco Chronicle Article by Tom Stienstra, his "Outdoors" section about the Delta in general, and the joys of houseboating.  In "places to stay" section of article, Snug Harbor gets a direct web site link and newspaper coverage!! 

SF Chronicle Delta Article

*Oct.24, 2002*
California Tour & Travel Magazine Cover feature article and photos on the delta, covering the Historic Region of the Delta, Bethel Island, and the "Scenic Loop" group.  Awesome paintings by Delta Artist Mary Stanley showcased! Summer 2002 Issue
Sacramento Bee Newspaper Front Page article & follow-up article about Antique Airstream convention and open house held at Snug Harbor in April.  Really fun photos of these reconditioned beauties!  Antique cars, especially classic T-Birds on show Saturday afternoon  2000-delta-sacbee.pdf April 22-24, 2002
Sunset Magazine Just a few pages about visiting the towns in the historic region of the delta...Walnut Grove, Rio Vista, Ryde, Locke and Isleton...all close to Snug Harbor! Feb 2002 issue
KVIE, PBS Channel 6 out of Sacramento

TV show about the Historic Region of the Delta, including Snug Harbor, and the cities of Isleton, Rio Vista, Walnut Grove and Locke.  Includes fishing tips from Snug Harbor patrons, info on the Snuggle Inns, etc.  Photos are of Nicky with the Producer and KVIE cameraman, and Gene as he's catching a fish while the camera was rolling!!

Feb, April and June 2002 and Oct. 27 &29, 2001

*"How to Fish" segment filmed at Snug Harbor featuring show Host and Snug Harbor patrons continues to rerun due to popular demand

PassageMaker Magazine Great 20-page feature article about the Historic Region of the Delta, including a large aerial Snug Harbor photo, and information about Rio Vista, Isleton, Ryde, Walnut Grove and Locke  (no link available)  Copy of article in Snug Harbor office, or buy the magazine at the office! Nov/Dec 2001 issue
San Francisco Chronicle Still our favorite one....Article by Tom Stienstra, his "Outdoors" section.  "Delta island delivers the goods" is the title.  Click on the link button to see scanned version of article or use link below to go to the Chronicle Online version: *Oct. 4, 2001*
San Jose Mercury Article about the Delta, including photo of Snug Harbor as a great place to stay June 24, 2001
Sorry, no free links available, as the SJ Mercury and CCTimes charges for viewing archived articles
Contra Costa Times Same article about the Delta, including Snug Harbor info and photo June 24, 2001
River News Herald Article about Snug Harbor's award for "2001 Best Small Park" as awarded by the Calif. Travel Park Assoc.  (no link available) May, 2001
Bay Area Backroads TV show about the Delta, including Snug Harbor and places to eat, things to do in the Delta First shown Nov 18, 2000, many reruns since then! June 2002
RV Journal Article on the Delta Article about the Historic Region of the Delta and use of RVs in the Delta June, 2000
Sac Bee Two-part feature series about the California Delta and houseboating, including Snug Harbor photos, places to go and things to see and eat in the area Travel Section Feature June 11, 2000 June 18, 2000
  Yachtsman Magazine article "Snug on Steamboat Slough" by Hal Schell  1998yachtsman.pdf
Winter, 1999