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       2015:  Proposals for barriers or gates in the Delta is NOT something new
Below you will see links to the maps and documents showing the "salinity barriers" proposed for different areas of the Delta since the 1940's.  This latest proposal is being funded by Metropolitian Water District to get more and fresher water from the Sacramento River for Southern California development.  MWD wants to avoid use of the waters of the San Joaquin River because that water is saltier, espeically when you consider the current "plumbing" system lets lower Central Valley mega-corporatefarms take out the water first, which reduces water quality and increases filtration costs for MWD.  Since the MWD tunnel plans are not approved (yet) the water barons want to literally suck the fresh water of the North Delta into the surface conveyance rivers of Georgiana Slough and the Mokelumne River, to get that water to the export pumps.  If you look at the numbers, SoCal urban use is much less than the lower Central Valley and Kern area oil/fracking production uses.  Yet guess who pays the highest rates in SoCal?  That is right...the residential users (all of us) pay for the water conveyance costs for the mega-corporate farms and the oil/gas companies owned by ... who?  As the federal and state government sells off water rights or allows "privitazation" of basic needs like water, you can expect water rates, power rates and foods grown in California to all raise in cost.  Think about this too:  private lands can be sold to whomever.  Private water rigths and mineral rights can be sold to whomever.  WHO owns or will own the water you drink tomorrow? 
Click on each graphic to see full size versions, or click on the words to go to the referenced documents.  If you want to quickly understand why Delta and SF Bay people oppose the barriers, please see the video (to be uploaded) and/or review the following used for the video: Historical review of proposed Barriers.pdf  BARRIERStimelinelinks.pdf
pdf for the video at Central Valley Business Times: barrersiteimpacts-sm.pdf

Past barriers and gates studies:

Note that for the last 10 years Delta
barriers have been proposed for
different "reasons" like emergency
floods, restoration, fish migration,
earthquakes causing levee
failure (even though that has never
happened in the Delta), and the
current "excuse" is drought but the
FUNCTION is the same-water exports
Barriers are part of the "DIP" or Delta Improvements
Project funded by MWD and agreed to in 2004 by many water contractors, despite the fact it would be taking away land and water rights for Delta farmers.  WHO agreed to support DIP? Delta_dip_supporters.pdf
Historical review of proposed Barriers.pdf

*Drinking water quality on Steamboat
  Slough and the whole North Delta
*Impacts to agriculture and landscape
*Impacts to native fish species like
  salmon that always use Steamboat Sl.
*Impacts to navigation-THE original
  boating route to Sacramento from SF
*Impacts to residents and businesses
*Impacts to transportation during
  barrier install and removal times
*Lact of funding for the removal of
  barriers once installed-lack of funding
  for mitigations
*DWR inadequate modeling for impacts
  to groundwater, surface water, fish,
  navigation, farming operations in area



The biggest issue is water quality
on Steamboat Slough, not the
effective blocking of navigation
2015 barriers plan:

2009: 2009-040209droughtrpt-gov.pdf


Liberty Island Reservoir is at least 8 feet deep at low tide and has at least 8,000 surface acres of water.  That is 64,000 acre feet of water stored there-fresh water diverted from the Sacramento River through the Yolo Bypass.  Who owns and controls that water and for what use?
2009-2012 barrier plans using different excused like "flood" or "earthquake"
1900 & 1950s barriers & flows proposals:     

2000-2004 barriers plans:     
2005-2006 Delta storage studies
2008 Barriers and subsurface berms or barriers 

2009-2011 barriers documents:     
It is important to note that while all this planning to replumb California's water conveyance system is going and being pre-built,
engergy companies have invaded the Delta and are putting in new gas and oil wells utilizing the new "directional fracking" methods
and leaving behind toxic wastewater wells ... right next to California's drinking water conveyance route! Go to and click on the "timeline" link to see an interactive version of the one below: