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Links to the BDCP/CALFED and related planning processes over the last 7 years:
USACE & DWR December 2015

USACE released their new plan for water conveyance and flood control for California.  Instead of doing their own studies, as was done in 1906-1908 planning, they use the data compiled by DWR...including the false and incorrect data, it appears!  Here are some of the maps and info from the 1906 plan for flood control:
go here  Note that DWR now calls their play "system reop" and of course one element is the BDCP conveyance now called "WaterFix".

   USACE public draft of new plan for navigation and flood control, based on the false data developed and published during the “DRMS Phase 1 Report” by DWR/MWD/USFWS   WHY was Steamboat Slough and Sutter Slough flow blocked during the salmon migration studies?...perhaps one reason is to influence the data and reports of CalFed/BDCP, which in turn has been used to validate the decisions of the “WaterFix” and USACE 21st Century water conveyance and flood planning.

Page 329  proposals

Also called “System Reoperation”  page 11 map of major resources,  page 45 shows schedule but published online 2014 or?  Technical studies by MBK


Another name change for the same project

USBR 2015 proposal for gates on 3 Mile Slough, Georgiana

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Public Comment Period Dec 2013

Waterfix 2015

Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan and the

Public Comment period: which is being revised to

Central Valley Regional Water Quality Board’s Plan

 for the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Basins


Ecosystem “Restoration” Program

Public comment period: until December 2, 2013  documents towards bottom of page
many references to the “potentially affected waterways” of California, including the Delta for the main document

Delta Fish agreement

Fish “Restoration” Program agreement


Delta Plan & Delta Science PLan


Delta Plan:

Delta Science Plan:

Update to California Water Plan California Water Plan

Gov Brown’s action plan:


By November 24 2013


Public Comment Period (through November 24, 2013

references and uses false data regarding DRMS Phase 1, Ryer Island go to page 79 to show references used, which themselves used the false Ryer Island data.

after jt insert in bacon island page 6

Central Valley Flood Protection Plan


DRMS Phase 2



Delta Land Use and Management Plan


DPC:  Management Plan recreation maps

California Transportation Plan to focus on cities
2005 plan seems to assumed there was going to be funding: good list of the regional planning agency websites as of 2005

Calfed Archive

Historic maps of the Delta from other websites