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Comments on BDCP development and proposed actions
Below are links to NSS comments regarding some of the elements of the BDCP and the background materials as well.  My focus has been to assure decisions are made based upon historical facts or truth, and not on the fabricated and confused data generated by consultants for DWR, Resources and the water contractors who want to drain the Sacramento River to allow more exports for development, oil and gas processing and other wealth-generating activities for individuals-not for the state.     II

Index to BDCP EIR/EIS helps you find YOUR topic areas so you do not need to go searching everywhere:
  Last updated 11/11/15             
MWD's plan for the Delta until tunnels are built appears to be shown in their board presentation of the BDCP which was renamed "WaterFix".  Same plan with another name change.  Looks like DWR/FEDS/USACE/MWD are planning to entirely replumb the California water conveyance system.  Actually, long before there was opportunity for genuine public input, the new water lines in many cities were be installed to handle the planned new exports from the Delta, it appears.
North Delta Impacts.pdf
Where’s the Water2015Novupdate.pdf
MWD barrier plans
The Bay Delta Conveyance Plan covers many issues.  When doing research to understand those issues, I realized historical facts were either being "reinterpreted" or else ignored.  There is usually a REASON a government agency and/or its consultants will propagate a lie or falsify historical data.  I decided to approach comments on the BDCP with first a look at the baseline used; then, when false baselines became quite evident, I looked at what purpose is served by the false baseline, and how the false baselines used are intended to affect outcome.  It also helps to understand WHO has been driving and funding the falsification of Delta and Northern California history, so where documented evidence establishes agencies, corporations and/or individuals involved in distributing data that resulted in the falsified baselines of the BDCP draft public document, those documents will be linked in my comments.
1998 to 2014 timeline helps to make sense of what has been going on here in the Delta, and for WHO:
WHO:  energy companies:

WHO:  MWD goals for California Water

WHO:  Kern, Westlands and the mega-farms of the lower Central Valley

WHO:  The silence of the .... media ownership.

WHO:  ICF, URS, et al.
Introduction & suggestions for long term solutions to provide drinking water for California populations
(Lesson learned from Israel)
Comment on the California Water Plan:  Where tunnels make sense
Comment on the BDCP, incorporated into the California Water Plan: 
Archives of maps, documents and reports used
to verifiy the false baselines:
Ask yourself....If the computer modeling and baselines are developed using false or wrong data, doesn't that mean the outcome is also necessarily wrong?  Was the BDCP designed to fail and/or designed to distract attention as the revised joint State/Federal replumbing of California's water delivery system has been under construction?
Updated May 20, 2014: It's about the water ... flow Comment on the BDCP:  BDCP uses changing or confusing waterflow baselines and different water conversion formulas:
Comment on the BDCP and California Water Plan:  Unaccounted for Water
Computer models are only as reliable as the data input Comment on the BDCP:  Gaps in the raw flow data that affect computer modeling outcomes 
USGS vs DWR:  which water flow conversion chart is correct? Comment on the BDCP:  How DWR may have overestimated Sacramento River flow for CALSIM 1, 1 and DSM2.  video:  pages
It's about the water ... quality Comment on the BDCP:  False baseline of salinity history & Impacts of salinity on the North Delta original waterways
Salad bar scientists of the BDCP:  Revised Historic Delta Comment on the BDCP:  BDCP uses a fabricated ecological baseline history from SFEI, et al.
Delta levees and flood history Comment on the BDCP:  Using false baselines of Delta flood history
Delta seismic risk and 21st century fracking Comment on the BDCP:  false baseline regarding Delta seismic risk absent fracking
Swapping fish stories Comment on the BDCP:  salmon, smelt and timelines
Function of tules Comment on the BDCP:  "restoration" actions and functions
Function of the new fish-screened intakes Comment on the BDCP: what is already built or in process
Function of the Folsom South Canal and Freeport Intake Comment on the BDCP:  false assumptions of BDCP & no water left for tunnels
Function of the McCormack/Williamson conveyance option Comment on the BDCP:  CalFed Name Game  Video: here
Manipulating traffic Comment on the BDCP:  understated traffic impacts
Proposed vs constructed Comment on the BDCP:  why are so many of the "proposed" restoration projects already done or in progress?  How do these other projects fit into the BDCP and did the computer modeling account for these other projects?
example:  USACE plan for Big Break and Franks Tract
example:  Folsom Dam Modifications and the Folsom South Canal
example:  MWD Delta Barriers proposal
video here
The errasing of the Delta Comment on the BDCP:  Who decided the Suisun Bay should be filled in to become a marsh and why is the water use added to Delta water tables as if the flow is part of the Delta, since historically the areas were managed and reported seperately?
Impacts from BDCP incorporated into Delta Plan incorporated into California Water Plan for 21st Century  
Lesson learned from Turkey Comment on the BDCP:  Impacts to navigation
Lesson from 1970's Delta Comment on the BDCP:  Impacts to water quality in the Delta-2014 estimates
  Comments on the BDCP:  Impacts to surface water quality in the Delta-near future
  Comment on the BDCP:  Impacts to Delta and Bay drinking water aquifer & the role of horizontal fracking not modeled in the BDCP
  Comment on the BDCP:  Impacts to transportation
  Comment on the BDCP:  Impacts to terrestrial and natural areas of the Delta
  Comment on the BDCP:  Using the Sacramento Ship Channel for salmon migration and water exports despite the known fact there are high concentrations of mercury and arsenic in those soils.
  Comment on the BDCP:  Growing modified rice in the area where salmon spwan and are raised means you are also modifying the other fish species in the area
  Comment on the BDCP:  Impacts to local wells and septic system
  Comment on the BDCP:  Impacts to local businesses
Comment on the BDCP:  Impacts to the prime farm lands of the North Delta
  Comment on the BDCP:  Delta winds and air quality
  Comment on the BDCP:  Impacts to communication:  cell phones, internet and roads