First view you will see when you go to the online reservation system.  You will need to scroll down to see the full map, or you can turn on the "map buttons" to control the size of the map if you want to enlarge it.

First put in the dates you want to stay at Snug Harbor.

Then select the "Site Type", either RV sites or Snuggle inns.
The available sites or cottages with show up in a brighter color.

 Remember to use your scroll function to go to the bottom of each screen to continue to the next step in the reservation process

Also put in the # of adults and the # of children over age 4 that will be coming onsite under your reservation. 
Now you can see what RV sites are available the dates you entered, for the number of persons you entered.  If you plan to bring 4-leg members of your family, you must put that in also.

Put in the length of your RV and the RV type and services you need, like 30 or 50 AMP electric, or waterfront site either facing Steamboat Slough or Snug Cove.  Most of our sites can accomodate very large RVs with all manner of slide-outs, but a few are best for the smaller RVs, so make sure to put in the length of the RV, not including a tow vehicle.

Click on the RV site of your choice, and it will change color.

 Scroll down and press "continue".  You will see the total price for the rental based upon the number of days and persons coming onsite in 1 vehicle 
You can also slide the "map button" over to enlarge the map and information if you prefer larger view.  But to confirm the reservation, at each step scroll down to the button to continue....
You will see the information you filled out, and then details will pop up.  Press continue to go to the price estimated based upon the site and number of persons included in the reservation. 

When a specific site is picked, note the color of the site bubble changes and you can also see the cost based upon the # of persons and pets comiing onsite.
Next you will need to provide you contact information, and it is important to provide a correct email address so you can receive your confirmation.  You also have to provide the mail address associated with your credit card.  The person in whose name the reservation is made has to also be the same name for the credit card to be used.
Note the online system will "time out" if the information is not input quickly enough, to allow others to book the site.

Note also that we do not accept same-day reservations so please plan ahead!
If you need dock space, use of boat launch or other request, you can put in in the memo area before confirming the reservation.  We will have to add the dock space cost, extra vehicles, etc to the reservation once it is booked and paid for.

You will note that the price changes if you add people, pets or vehicles.  You can also view the breakdown of charges, so you can see what the county hotel tax is, the credit card processing fee and the fee charged by the online reservation company per reservation. 

Now you have a limited amount of time to complete the reservation, or else it will go back into the pool of available cottages and RV sites.

Have your credit card ready:  Visa or MasterCard 

Please remember to put in your mobile number, or whatever is the best number to reach you, even when you are onsite here.

Read the reservation terms and then click on the button:
"Agree & Make Reservation"

Once the credit card is processed, you will receive a confirmation that your cottage is booked and paid for.

If you want to add dock space, boat launch use, change the number of persons, vehicles or pets coming onsite, please send an email to reservations "at"

so staff can update your reservation and resend a confirmation.
 IMPORTANT:  If you do not receive an email confirming your reservation, it means you did not complete the process or your credit card charge was not approved, or the system "timed out" because you did not enter the information in time.  You will have to wait 15-30 minutes for the system to release that cottage into the online database, so you can rebook it. 

You got this!  Now go back to RESERVATIONS page