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2020 California Water Resiliance Portfolio comments   (Page under construction as fo 1/15/2020)
     As someone who has collected historical maps of California for years, which caused me to learn a whole lot more about California water wars than I ever imagined, I am happy to say that it appears that Governor Newsom and Secretary of Resources Wade Crowfoot seem to be trying to promote more transparency and open discussion, with the stated goal to realistically update all of California's water infrastructure and conveyance portfolio.  However, Governor Newsome and Secretary of Resources Crowfoot are relying on the flow data compiled by the exact same water contractors and their consultants that have been underreporting diversions since at least 2005. 
     It helps alot that a new law was passed requiring the flow gages that were turned off by the water managers/diverters have to be turned back on or replaced.  It helps alot that new technologies will allow real time reporting to online independent databases regarding flows, diversions, water temperature, water salinity, water turbidity, and more, as a reference against DWR and CDEC monitoring.
Here is the very large file of the California Water Resiliance Portfolio that people can comment on until early February 2020:
Unfortunately, Governor Newsom believes a single tunnel will solve the Delta water wars issues.  I sound like a broken record, but I will say it again:  It is not just HOW you take the water but also HOW MUCH water you take that is the issue!  And trusting the very state water contractors who benefit from the water diversions to tell the truth of how much water is being diverted is, well, just plain stupid.  Monitoring of flows and diversions should be controlled, and reported, by a totally independent agency and especially not by DWR, which functions as a taxpayer-funded lobbiest for the State Water Contractors.