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2011 CalTrans Issues with access to Ryer Island
The CalTrans documents linked or provided below were obtained under a "Freedom of Information Act" request made to CalTrans this year.  Request related to design and construction of the new Real McCoy II or Rio Vista/Ryer Island ferry.  Note that CalTrans was fully aware of the need to avoid the "v" effect for ferry access, due to a review by CalTrans engineers in 2007.  (See the "looking for a ferry ride" pages) Also linked below are other ways inwhich CalTrans has limited access to Ryer Island in 2011.  Click (or double-click) on the photos and document links to see full versions of each, by topic listed below:

TOPIC:  New ferry design limits use by at least half of the vehicle traffic it was supposed to serve:  recreational vehicles, farming equipment, government/CalTrans construction equipment, school busses, fire trucks, emergency vehicles, etc.  Design and contract documents:

Possible way to fix access problem-remove the "v" designed into the deck of the ferry:

 TOPIC:  CalTrans plans for extension of St. Rt. 160, Hwy 12 tunnel plans, and CalTrans online travel map for the Bay Area showing Ryer Island as a lake or fully flooded in 2011!

images2011/caltrans/realmccoy2/hwy12-Tunnel Design Memo.pdf

TOPIC:  Click on the links to the right to see the the BDCP current maps and documents that affect use of Steamboat Slough and Ryer Island
TOPIC:  More limits to travel and access in the Delta, including to Ryer Island

September 2011:  CalTrans further limiting access to Ryer Island by blocking travel on Steamboat Slough bridge during fall fishing season, and by publishing notices that do not help travelers trying to access Ryer Island find the route around to the Miners Slough bridge. 
TOPIC:  CalTrans Memorial Day week end limit of St. Route 84 access to Ryer Island:
CalTrans detoured traverlers to Ryer Island for 2011 Memorial Day week end to the following route, even though no work was being done that would have hindered travel on St. Route 84 on the normal route to Ryer Island.  The complete route and all signs were videotaped for future reference.
Sample video:

 National Heritage area proposal