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Chronicles of Delta Access TeleAtlas, Google, MapQuest, TomTom, FEMA, USBR, Verizon and CalTrans actions to limit access to Delta Travelers
Since approximately 2004, many different government and/or business enterprises have worked jointly to limit access to the Delta for visitors, or at least make it confusing enough to discourage repeat visits to the Delta.  This web page will provide some of the incidents of use of wrong maps, wrong road names, fake road closure notices, etc to show the pattern of intended limits to travel access in the Delta.  Since the state and federal agencies propose purchase or eminent domain of very large areas of the Delta, there is no doubt what the REASON for the limitation of access is supposed to do.  See also  and Wrong Delta Maps, if interested.
June 2013

NOAA, the federal agency that creates the official navigation charts along the coasts of the USA, and also inland waterways like the Delta, changed its charts in 2006 by removing all but 15 of the 100+ marinas from the Delta area navigation charts.  In June 2013, new printable charts were published, which is a great service to boaters in the Delta, but again most Marina names were not noted.  The waterways and current depts as of last year or 2011 are also noted.  Strangely, online some NOAA websites and apps errase Steamboat Slough, literally.  Here is a pdf of sections of some of the nautical charts over the years, going backwards in time, to prove to NOAA website manager that Snug Harbor is located where it is, Steamboat Slough DOES exist and there are many more marinas in the Delta than what shows on the new NOAA charts.  Perhaps boaters who care about having accurate charts might want to use their gps to advise Google, which runs the NOAA map portion of sites?
pdf: noaamarinas-timeline.pdf
page with historical charts:  Delta Navigation Maps
In all fairness to NOAA, there are lots of agencies that are confusing historical facts on the Delta, including waterway names, Island names, marina locations, etc.  You might want to see:
   more examples of wrong maps
May 2013

GoogleGoogs for this year include intentionally diverting searchers of "Ryer Island" to the uninhabited island in the Suisun Marsh area, representing to viewers of their map satalite view that Steamboat Slough bridge is up on the north side, meaning that vehicles can not cross, and the two ferrys to Ryer Island are no longer labeled.  Plus you have to zoom in very close to see that State Route 84 between Rio Vista and West Sacramento actually exists.

One needs to question WHY Google is so intent on limiting traffic in the Delta, and specifically hindering visitors to Ryer Island and Snug Harbor.

Something really odd this year:  Some Google-based independent websites finally recognize the name of "Snug Harbor Drive" which the road was officially named by Solano County process in 1985.  Yet other Google-based websites still use "Port Lane".  Why do some Google maps show one name and others the wrong name?
2013:  Apple did their own maps that actually seemed more correct in the Delta.  But Iphone customrs complained and Apple offers the Google App map which errases the Delta Island names or on occasion, directs travelers to the WRONG "Ryer Island".  Google Maps online also recognizes just one "Ryer Island" ... the one in the Suisun Bay area.

And last when a traveler would type in "Delta California" Google would show you a place up by the Red Bluff area.  No kidding!  In 2013 Google gives us directions to Collinsville.  Maybe Google bought the huge amount of farm lands in this area and plans to develop Collinsville?  Right now it's considered a historic "ghost town" and has just a few houses.  Collinsville was never a part of the legal Delta boundaries in the past, so why is Google claiming it as the Delta now?
Note that as of March 2013 Some Google-contracted agency maps DO recognize the correct road name of "Snug Harbor Drive" but the Google map for USGS does not list the Delta islands, except for a few instances.
In 2013, Bing (Microsoft) continues to recognize the Ryer Island Snug Harbor peninsula is attached to.

2012:  Click on the picture to the left to read how ATT phone service for Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC (our own phones!) say the access to the park is "permanently closed".  Att blames the false data on Apple, who blames it on Google who blames it on TeleAtlas who is now owned by TomTom. 

On the bright side...since 2005 TeleAtlas and Google have been calling this road the wrong name-they dubbed it "Port Lane" and years of written notices by us and even from Solano County mapping dept resulted in the road name correction only in 2011, and only for some of the online maps.  In the meantime, FEMA maps use the wrong road name....
Other agencies confuse what waterway is where, as shown on the map to the left
March 2012 FEMA issues new Flood Insurance maps...using wrong road names for our area of the Delta.  FEMA used "Port" lane and there are no addresses or homes on Port Lane, so the private home owners along Snug Harbor Drive have difficulty gettig those flood elevation certificates required when one wants to apply for a permit to improve property
Fall 2011 NOAA is notified that their online maps showing the waterways of the Delta incorrectly labels Steamboat Slough as "Seven Mile Slough".
May 2011 CalTrans decides to do work on the east side of State Route 84 leading to Ryer Island from Sacramento and Courtland areas.  CalTrans does this work the week before Memorial Day Week end 2011, and leaves all detour signs up, even though St. Route 84 is open for travel, so that people trying to reach Ryer Island criss cross across various unpaved farm and levee roads in their large RV's, just trying to get to the Ryer Island bridge.  NSS films the drive after getting many calls and complaints from people trying to reach us, and after a group of 4 RV's cancels due to frustration with the road issue and access.  Quite literally, only the east half of the road is paved!  As of April 2012 it still remains that way!
  US Census people visit Snug Harbor...their maps use "Port Lane" which they assure me will be corrected...It was not.
  Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (& Port Lane, Starboard Lane and Marina View Circle are roads located within the resort grounds)
Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA
GPS:   Use Port Lane, Walnut Grove, CA  95690, even though we are located near Rio Vista, Solano County  
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