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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can you pitch a tent in the RV site? 16. Why don't you allow 1-night rentals? 30. Where's the beach?
2. Do you have tent sites and how much are they? 17. How big are the Snuggle Inns? 31. Do you have things for kids to do?
3. Is there shade? 18. Are pets allowed inside? 32. Can I take my RV on the ferry?
4. Are pets allowed? 19. Can my friends visit for the day? 33. Can I have a campfire?
5. Is there a bar-b-que and picnic table? 20. Are kitchen utensils available for use & is there a bar-b-que?? 34. Can I use the bridge to Ryer Island to reach Snug Harbor?
6. Is there a boat launch? 21. Do sheets and towels come with the units? 35. Do you have boat or PWC rentals?
7. Can friends visit for the day? 22. Can I pitch a tent outside? 36, Do you have a restaurant or store?
8. Is there septic hook-ups? 23. Do you rent out videos? 37. Do you have gas?
9. Where's the guest dock? 24. Can I buy one of these? 38. What's your reservation and cancellation policy?
10. How large an RV can you accommodate? 25. Is there air conditioning? 39.  Do you sell fishing licenses?
11. do you have 30 or 50 AMP electrical hook-ups? 26. I forgot my sleeping bag...can I rent linens? 40. Can I arrive late?
12. Do you accept live-ins? 27.  I forgot towels...can I rent towels? 41.  What's check-out time?
13. What's a "SnowBird"? 28. Do I get dock space? 42.  When do we have to be quiet?
14. Can I lease a vacation RV site? 29.  Can I invite extra visitors for the day or overnight? 43.  Why and what is the Power surcharge in summer?
15. Do you have waterfront pull-thru sites?   44.  What is a slough?

1.  Can you pitch a tent in the RV site?  No, unless you've reserved an RV site that is designated to allow ONE small tent, for extra fee, and if arranged in advance.

2.  Do you have tent sites?  Yes, we have several waterfront tent sites that can be used for tent campers.  Effective 6/15/2015 the tent sites can only be reserved as an "add on" to an existing RV site reservation. Use the RESERVATION CHANGE FORM TO REQUEST A TENT SITE Note that there's no water hookups, electric or sewer on these sites.  The large north bathroom facility is close to these tent sites, and there are several water faucet stations nearby. 

3.  Is there shade?  Many of our sites have shade trees spring and summer. However, due to damage sustained to the banks in winter 2016-2017, we lost many of our trees along the banks, so RV sites 11 to 19 have very few shade trees and are not all-gravel sites.  Late Fall and winter the leaves are gone, so all sites are sunny.   However a few of the sites have young trees that don't offer much shade year round.  

4.  Are pets allowed?  Yes, pets on leashes are allowed.  But please do not leave the pet unattended or alone at the RV or tent sites.  Noisy pets and their owners will be respectfully asked to leave.  Also, you are expected to pick up after your pet.  No agressive dog breeds allowed onsite, particularily Pitbulls or Rotweillers.  This policy relates to insurance company statistics that say over 60% of homeowner policy claims are for dog bites, and about 75% of this bites were by Pittbulls as the most common, and Rotweillers a distant second. See pet policy.

5.  Is there a bar-b-que and picnic table?  Each site comes with a charcoal bar-b-que or a "burn barrel".   Each site comes with one picnic table.  Group sites have two picnic tables, 1 burn barrel.

6.  Is there a boat launch?  Yes, we have a single-lane boat launch for use by our own customers only.  You do the launching, and store the boat trailer in our storage area, not on  your site.  Boat launch is not open to the public-you must be staying at the resort to arrange for use of boat launch, in most cases. Use of boat lanuch should be after 8:00 AM and before 7:00 PM.

7.  Can friends visit for the day?  No, day use is not an option here.  Your guests have to have been declared by you and paid for in advance when making the reservation.  Note that even if the person is staying one day of a two or three night reservations, the costs will be based on staying the whole time.  In other words, DAY USE, is not an options here.  We reserve the right to refuse access to persons the office has not been notified about in advance.  We are required to keep track of how many people are on site (for safety and emergency precautions) so we're fairly strict about making sure we know who's where when.    If people come to our gate saying they are visitors of someone staying onsite, depending on the time of year and how busy office staff are at the moment, either your unscheduled guest will be advised to leave or staff will contact the person onsite they are visiting and ask the onsite person to come to the office to explain why we were not given advance notice.  (It is not OUR fault if you don't provide the name of your expected guests, who get pretty upset when they think they are invited and we don't give them access).  We limit the number of persons per site because we must comply with county and state regulations.  Children are counted as people.  We just don't charge extra for them if they are age 4 or younger...but we still have to count them for site and Snuggle Inn limits per state codes. 

8.  What hook-ups do you have?  Most RV sites have water, sewer and 30/50 AMP electric hook-ups, and are waterfront.  The pull-through water view sites have water, sewer and electric hook ups as well.  RV sites 57-63 are "dry" sites with no hookups.  There is a sanitary dump station onsite. 

9.  Where's the guest docks?  For most of the RV sites, the available guest dock space for ski or fishing boats or PWC is right in front of your site, such as for RV sites #1-24, unless the dock space has been previously booked.  If your family or group needs OVERNIGHT guest docking, it may be on Snug Cove, where there is shore power, unless requested otherwise and arranged in advance.

10.  How large an RV can you accommodate?  Most sites can accommodate any size RV.  Our largest sites are the pull-through ones which are about 28'x60'.

11.  How do I make a reservation and can I just show up and get a site?  All reservations are processed through an online reservation system.  We accept Visa and Mastercard.  We do NOT accept same day reservations, and do not accept cash onsite for RV site or tent site reservations.  You do have the option to mail in a check will in advance of the dates you want to stay, and pay that way.  Note that additions to existing reservations can be revised when onsite.

12.  Do you accept live-ins or "permanent" full time residents and how close are you to city services or amenities?  Snug Harbor is a vacation resort primarily, and it gets pretty quiet in the winter months.  However, we do have some leaseholders who prefer to live here in the quiet of the Delta.  Rio Vista is just 15 minutes away for shopping, medical office, drug store, great restaurants, delicious bakery, several clothing shops, several historic churches and even a small computer supplies store.  Walnut Grove is about 15 minutes away and has a good RV and boat supply place, more groceries, medical office, restaurants, etc.  The closest "big box" shopping areas are Elk Grove (25 minutes), Lodi (25 minutes) and Fairfield (30 minutes).  City shopping and restaurants, emergency hospitals and medical care can be found in Sacramento (45 minutes), Stockton (25 minutes), Antioch (35 minutes) and Concord or Walnut Creek (45 minutes).

13.  What's a "SnowBird"?  These are persons traveling in their RV that have permanent residence in another state or country, such as Canada.  They come to California for a month or two in fall and winter months, and just need a place for their RV as a base station for their travels around California.  We can accept SnowBirds, subject to site availability and other restrictions, October through April annually.

14.  Can I lease a site and use my RV as a vacation home?  Yes, we have several designated sites in our "Vacation Village" part of the resort where people can lease sites, set up their RV, and visit their days off.  These sites are limited, and there's usually a waiting list, so please contact the office if you want more info on the Vacation Village sites. 

15.  Do you have waterfront pull-thru sites?  No, unless your RV is one of those amphibious types!  We do have water view pull-thru sites.  


16.  Why don't you allow 1-night rentals?  We've found over the years that it is not cost effective to allow one night rentals as it means we have more turnovers, need to have more cleaning staff available for turnovers, and people who come for just one night don't tend to bring the items they need with them.  We are NOT a hotel setting with linnen service, and people who rent for one night tend to expect hotel type room service.  In addition, there are two very popular wedding venues nearby and we've found that people who rented for one night went to the wedding nearby and tended to come back to our facility in less than stellar condition, bringing along friends who did not have a place to stay locally.  So we'd end up with a cottage full of sleepy people in the morning who were not in condition to check out in time for us to get the unit ready for the next scheduled family.  All this to say, we've learned over time that one-nighters just do not work for this location.

17.  How big are the Snuggle Inns?  Updated 4/27/08:  Snuggle Inns #1 is 2200 sq. ft, Snuggle Inn #2 is 2000 sq. ft and Snuggle Inn #3 is 1800 sq. ft.  Snuggle Inn # 4 sites on two RV sites, with a loft park model and studio sized park model rented together as our "duplex" unit with a total of 688 sq feet not including the loft are.  The Snuggle Inn loft units are 399 sq. ft of lower floor space with a nice loft love the lofts!  The Studio size Snuggle Inns are 288 sq ft and work best for a cozy couple's get away or a family with 2 small children.  For layouts go to cabins.

18.  Are pets allowed inside?  Only if you are renting a designated pet unit.  Pets are not allowed inside or outside the Snuggle Inns, except the designated "pet"  Units.  It is the renter's responsibility to advise office when making a reservation that a pet will be included, so that an appropriate Snuggle Inn can be assigned.  We ask that persons renting non-pet Snuggle Inns not bring pets with them at all, and if you expect other guest or visitors, those persons can not bring pets onsite either.  (Smoking is not allowed inside either!)  In any case, pets should not be left unattended inside a Snuggle if you want to go boating and your pet doesn't want to go with you, you should leave the pet at home.  No agressive dog breeds allowed onsite, particularily Pitbulls or Rotweillers.  This policy relates to insurance company statistics that say over 60% of homeowner policy claims are for dog bites, and about 75% of this bites were by Pittbulls as the most common, and Rotweillers a distant second. See pet policy.  See full pet policy.

19.  Can friends visit for the day?  see #7 above

20.  Are kitchen utensils available for use and is there a bar-b-que?  All Snuggle Inns come with kitchen utensils such as forks, spoons, knives, plates, glasses, etc for the maximum number of persons for that unit.  You need to bring your own pots and pans for use in the microwave or stove top (Studio units).  The larger Snuggle Inns all have ovens too.  All cottages have a charcoal bar-b-que-you bring the charcoal.

21.  Do I need to bring sheets and towels or sleeping bags?  Yes, bring your own sheets and towels or sleeping bags.  We have pillows and blankets.  We do have a limited number of sheet sets or towel sets at extra cost, but its always best to bring your own.

22.  Can I pitch a tent outside?  No, we do not allow tents to be pitched near the Snuggle Inns.  If some of your family want to camp instead of staying in the Snuggle Inn, please reserve a campsite.  Campsites are "additions" to the original reservation, so make sure to note when making the reservation that you also need a tent site. 

Can I put up a screen tent outside on the grass by the Snuggle Inn?  No, we do not allow this either.  The delta can be warm and dry during the summer and if there is any type of tent on the lawn for even one day, it can ruin the grass for all the future visitors to the Snuggle Inn for that season.  Please leave the screen tents at home and set your beach chairs under the shade trees instead.

23.  Do you rent out videos?  No, but we have many titles in the "library exchange area of office" that we are happy to loan out at no charge.  We don't have a video store on site, but there are several in nearby Rio Vista.  All Snuggle Inns are equipped with a TV with VCR or DVD.  We will have a large TV at the office sitting area during the Olympics 2008 as well.  There are also good books you can borrow.  And a limited number of board games and outdoor games to borrow.

24.  Can I buy one of the Snuggle Inns?  Snuggle Inns are "Park Model" RV units that can be purchased from RV dealerships that sell them.  We don't plan to sell ours, (unless listed on the Vacation Village page) but you can lease one of our designated Park Model sites, purchase your own Park Model, and use it as your vacation home.  Please note that there are restrictions on use, and all leases must be accepted by us before we'd allow a unit to be brought on site.  See our Park Map for the designated Park Model sites.  Information on leasing RV or park model sites is at the "Vacation Village" link.

25.  Is there air conditioning?  Yes, all Snuggle Inns have air conditioning or swamp coolers available.  They also have fans in the living room and bedrooms.

26.  I forgot my sleeping bag...can I rent linens?  Yes.  See #21 above.

27.  I forgot towels and sundries...can I rent or buy them?  Yes, you can rent towels, and buy very basic sundries in Snug Harbor's small onsite store.  But a good market and drug store are available close by in Rio Vista, so we suggest you shop in Rio Vista for any items you might need.

28.  Do I get dock space?  Yes, all Snuggle Inn packages include use of shared dock space for fishing or sunning.  If you want dock space assigned for your ski boat or PWC, that is arranged separately at extra cost. Use change form if you did not include dock space in your original request so dock space is not on your invoice.   If you need overnight guest dock space, meaning someone is planning to stay on the boat overnight, that is also arranged separately.

29.  Can I invite extra visitors for the day or over night?  If you have not reached your unit maximum, that is a possibility if you have arranged it in advance with the office.  If you have not arranged in advance, and haven't paid for the guests in advance, its not OK.  Would you buy 4 tickets to the movies and expect to get 8 persons in?  Most likely not.  Same goes here.  Your cost to add a guest last minute will be about double compared to letting us know at least 48 hours in advance, in writing, that you want to bring additional people onsite.  Our maintenance costs increase proportionately to the number of persons who use the Snuggle Inns or grounds, so the costs associated should be covered.  Please fully read our Reservation Policy


30.  Where's the beach?  The swim beach is located at the south end of the peninsula.  There's room to put up the umbrella and chairs.  Pets can swim with the owners, but please keep them on leashes.  By California law, all children age 10 and under must wear life jackets on boats, and it is wise to use them also when swimming around the beach area or on the docks.  Parents or responsible adults must watch children playing around the water at all times.  There is no lifeguard on duty at this facility.

31.  Do you have things for kids to do?  Yes, if they get tired of swimming, fishing  and playing with you, they can head over to the swing  set and play gym to hang with the other kids at the resort.  They can bring their bikes or skates to ride around our paved private facility as long as there is adult supervision, or borrow our various sports equipment:  volleyball, croquet, bocce' ball, Frisbee golf, and tack-toss.  Note that parents of small children must watch their children when riding bikes or skating in the park.  Note also that there is no life guard on duty.  Swimmig at the beach and/or use of the docks is at customers own risk.  Per California law, and common sense, all children age 10 and under and any adults who can not swim must wear life jackets when on the docks or swimming at the beach area.

32.  Can I take my RV on the ferry?  We suggest you use the bridge route to reach us, or at least wait until high tides each day to use the ferry.  The new Rio Vista Ferry was designed to NOT accomodate RVs with low bumpers, so you may damage your RV over 28' when using the ferry.  Trucks with trailers also towing ski boats don't have much problem using the ferry, because it all "bends" in the middle.  Its really fun for the family to ride the ferry, but not so fun if you damage your tail end scraping along the cement when getting on or off the ferry.  Just use your best judgment.  When in doubt, use the bridge route! Directions  Tide information can be found by going to, go to their search box and putting in "Snug Harbor California tides" to check tides.

33.  Can I have a campfire?  Yes, you can.  We provide "burn barrels" or bar-b-ques that are great for campfires.  Bring your own wood, charcoal, or buy it from our little onsite store. 

34.  Can I use the bridge to Ryer Island to reach Snug Harbor?  Yes, there's a bridge that brings you onto Ryer Island where we are.  The road and bridge are labeled "HWY 84" or SR 84, for state route on maps.  The bridge is located at the north end of Ryer Island, and we're towards the south end of Ryer Island.  When you cross the bridge go LEFT along the levee road about 7.5 miles to our peninsula of Snug Harbor!  Directions     Map

35.  Do you have boat or PWC rentals?  No, Snug Harbor doesn't have boat rentals or PWC, but there are local companies that do.  Please call the office for referral and phone numbers or go to the Rentals page. Rentals can be delivered to you right at Snug Harbor upon request.

36.  Do you have a restaurant or store?  No, we don't have a restaurant.  But there's at least 25 good ones within 10-15 minutes of us, by boat, car or sea plane.  The Delta has over 300 restaurants if you count the ones in Sacramento, Stockton and Antioch that are reachable by boat, and we can provide you with information on most of them.  Just ask when you check in.  We do not have a store except to sell just the, sodas, water, candy, chips, maps, etc.

37.  Do you have gas or propane?  We have gas right here at our gas dock on Steamboat Slough.  But it cost us mucho bucks to get it delivered out to our island, so we have to charge mucho bucks to just cover the cost of providing you the service.  We suggest you fill up elsewhere!   (We're just being truthful!).  Get the propane in Rio Vista.  We do not have a propane dispenser.

38.  What's your reservation and cancellation policy?  Go here.

39.  Do you sell fishing licenses?  No, we no longer sell fishing licenses at Snug Harbor.  You can go to one of the Bait stores in Rio Vista, 10 minutes away, Isleton or Walnut Grove, 15 minutes away.

40.  Can I arrive late?  We prefer if you can come by no later than 9 PM.  We do not keep the office open past 5 PM, and there is an entrance gate.  If you will be arriving after 9 PM, please let the office know, so your Snuggle Inn can be left open for you.  We will provide you with the gate code for that day/week when you call in to let us know you will be late.

41.  What's check-out time?  Generally, you need to check-out by 12 noon, leaving your Snuggle Inn as clean as when you arrived, or we will charge a cleaning fee.  If you want to stay through the day, and the unit isn't already committed, it is possible to arrange for late stay at our 1/2 day rate.  Please let the office know of your interest in advance.

42.  When do we have to be quiet?  Resort quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM, and this is strictly enforced.  There are occasions when groups have arranged for live bands or parties on site, and have had permission to go as late as midnight.  We will advise all campers in advance if this may be the case.

43.  Why and what is the power surcharge in summer for?  discontinuted.  However, please use electrical sparingly!

44.  What is a "slough" as in "Steamboat Slough"?  A slough is a river, basically.  Steamboat Slough is a short cut between Rio Vista and Sacramento, if traveling by boat.  It is at least 8 to 20 feet deep at low tides all along Steamboat Slough, and in front of the Snug Harbor docks, it runs 12 to 17 feet deep, depending on the tides and time of year.  If you want to know more about this historic waterway see Steamboat Slough History.

This answer comes from

Slough (wetland)

The term slough (In the UK, pronounced to rhyme with cow; In the US, pronounced "slew") has several meanings related to wetland or aquatic features that seem to derive from local experience. For example:
  • In the UK, a slough is a muddy or marshy area (for example see the probable derivation of Slough in Berkshire and other place names called Slough).
  • In eastern and southeastern United States, a slough is a type of swamp or shallow lake system, typically formed as or by the backwater of a larger waterway. It is similar to a bayou with trees being present (that is, a swamp), and unlike a bog or marsh that lacks trees.
  • In western U.S., a slough is a secondary channel of a river delta or a narrow channel in a shallow salt-water marsh, usually flushed by the tide. While this is in essence the same application of the term as used in the eastern U.S., a singular difference is that there exist no native trees in the west that would grow out into the waterway to form a swamp.
  • In the northern Great Plains of the U.S. and Canada, a slough is a pond usually the result of glaciation; also called a pothole, whence prairie pothole region to describe the area where these sloughs are abundant.

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