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Ski boat and PWC dock use rates:
Rates quoted are for dock use for ski boats, fishing boats and PWC with no one staying onboard, and no shore power or other facility use included.  These rates are offered ONLY to persons while they also have reservations for our RV sites or Snuggle Inns.  When making the reservation for a Snuggle Inn or RV site, please note in the comments section the number and sizes of all boats or water toys you will be bringing with you.  We will assign dock space as close to where you are staying as possible, usually within view of your RV site or cabin:
20' dock space $8 per night
30' dock space $12 per night
40' dock space $16 per night
Stay onboard Guest Dock Rates: by Reservation only
Rates quoted based on use by up to 4 persons staying onboard.  Shore power may or may not be available, depending on where the guest docking is located.  Shore power available on Snug Cove guest docks, but not available on Steamboat Slough side guest docks.  Use of bathroom facilities, including hot showers, sandy beach area and other marina and park facilities included in fees.  Please call 916-775-1455 to reserve Stay Onboard Guest Dock space, as availability is limited during summer months. During the summer months we only offer overnight guest dock space to persons/families that are joining family or friends who have leases here or who have reservations for Snuggle Inns or RV sites.  When you call, please note the name of the family you are associating your guest dock reservation with.
20' to 30' boats: $25 per night
over 40' boats $30 per night, no shore power provided-please use generators
Covered slips, if available, is $28-36 per night
*If you plan to run a/c while at our guest docks, there will be an additional $5 per night energy surcharge due to greatly increased PGE costs effective 2006.


Boat launch use rates:
Rate quoted is for visitors who have a current reservation at Snug Harbor for Overnight Guest docks, Snuggle Inn or RV site:  use of boat launch for one boat or PWC trailer, in & out, with storage of your trailer in our trailer storage area.  YOU need to do the launching.  We do not have a boat launch service: $10 per each boat or PWC trailer

Otherwise, boat launch fee is $50 each.

  Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (& Port Lane, Starboard Lane and Marina View Circle are roads located within the resort grounds)
Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA
GPS:   Use Port Lane, Walnut Grove, CA  95690, even though we are located near Rio Vista, Solano County  
  California Delta's Snug Harbor!   Copyright @ 1997-2015