Snug Harbor
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Snug Harbor's Marina 

on "Snug Cove" off historic Steamboat Slough- a historic section of the
Sacramento River in the North Delta region of California

Boat launch use is available to current customers of the marina & park only
You can not use the online reservation system to book overnight or lease use of dock space


Marina covered berth leases:  Berth sizes of 28', 32', 36', 42' and 50': 
$7 per foot per month with minimum 6 month lease

Open berths and side tie leases:  Up to 60'-great location for houseboats:
$6 per foot per month, boat length, with minimum 6 month lease. 
Email us for lease enquiry or come visit


                                   Sorry-overnight guest docking not available for 2020


Not staying onboard? Use of boat launch & dock space for your entire stay-available only when added to Snuggle Inn or RV camping reservation-current rates per online reservation system.  $10 to $25 per night depending on size of pwc or boat.
Use online reservation system to book the docks when making RV site or rental cottage reservations.


Snug Harbor is the Delta's family and pet friendly marina & RV park situated on the calm, fresh waters of Steamboat Slough.  The covered berths are located within "Snug Cove" to offer added wind and current protection.  The cove entrance is somewhat small, and hard to find, so watch for the cove entrance at the southern tip of the Snug Harbor Peninsula.
Tides at Snug Harbor

    Covered berth sizes range from 50' to 28'. Open berths and side ties can be found in Snug Cove and along our banks on Steamboat Slough.
  We can accommodate boats up to 60' on our open docks and side ties.  We have two nice bathroom facilities with hot showers, repaved boat launch, store with basics and bait, gas dock and friendly staff.  Our resort is gated and secure year round.  Nearby Snug Harbor are many restaurants and places to visit by boat or land cruiser.    There is a "no wake" enforced zone in Snug Cove and also along Snug Harbor peninsula, shore to shore.  But just to the north and south of us on Steamboat Slough, within one to 5 minutes, depending on which direction you go, you reach fast water.  So Snug Harbor is ideal for both power boaters and sail boaters of all sizes.

We have a single wide boat launch here for use by those staying here in the marina/park only.  You need to launch the boat yourself, as we do not have staff or equipment for launching your boat for you.  Use of boat launch is included in berth lease for the boat listed on the lease.  If you have friends or family who come to visit, the posted launch use fees will be charged along with the posted boat trailer storage fees.

Covered Berth & Open Docks:  Rates & Discounts



    Fresh water marina located in "Snug Cove"  off Steamboat Slough can accommodate sailboats as well as power boats with keels under 8'




Snug Cove May '07






Even sea planes visit here!

  Basic rule for covered berth charges:  
$7.00 per foot  (berth length) per month for long term leases.  (Over 6 months).  

Marina & Park Photos

Basic rule for Open slips and docks: $6.00 per ft of dock space used, per month, by lease only.  Can accommodate up to 60' boats on Steamboat Slough side, up to 50' boats within "Snug Cove" area of marina. Possible extra charge for extra wide boats.

Note: Monthly Rates include use of designated slip or dock,  and use of bathrooms with hot showers and boat launch facilities.   Extra Charge for Electrical hook-up, based upon your  use. See rental agreement for details.  Extra charge for use of camp or RV sites or rental cabins at resort. Occasional overnight stays on the boat is just fine with us.  Sorry, you can not use your boat/berth for your residence.  Staying onboard occasionally is OK.

Use of boat launch is included for the boat specified in the lease only.

 *** New to Snug Harbor?  Ask about our free 1 month bonus with a 6-month lease on our open slips only!

Contact us for lease application.  Vessel must be currently insured and in good condition prior to application approval.

  don't have a boat?  No problem!  There are boat rental places in the Delta, and if you arrange ahead of time they will even bring the boat or PWC over to Snug Harbor for you...but note they charge extra for this!




Overnight guest dock rates

**Clean tiled bathroom with hot showers near Snug Cove guest docks!  Large bath/shower facility also at North end of resort/marina.**

Snug Harbor's marina has a traditional feel, with wood-framed docks .  Our area of Steamboat Slough is well protected from harsh winds and currents by the high levees of Ryer and Grand Islands.  You can feel peaceful, safe and secure here.  Mature shade trees gives the feel of being in "The Meadows" area  of the Delta, but we have the modern conveniences of water, electricity, telephones, on site store and newly repaved boat launch area.  Plan to spend a few nights at our guest docks to see what we're like.  You'll be amazed!

Call for more information or reservations:   
(916) 775-1455 

Float planes as well as multi-hulls, houseboats and other larger boats berth on Snug Cove year round