Now Open Year-Round!


Snug Harbor's Marina

Steamboat Slough – a historic section of the Sacramento River in the North Delta region of California

Boat launch use is available to current customers of the marina & park only
You can not use the online reservation system to book overnight or lease use of dock space.

Covered berth sizes range from 50′ to 28′. Open berths and side ties can be found in Snug Cove and along our banks on Steamboat Slough. We can accommodate boats up to 60′ on our open docks and side ties.

Snug Harbor is ideal for both power boaters and sail boaters of all sizes.

We have a single wide boat launch here for use by those staying here in the marina/park only.  You need to launch the boat yourself, as we do not have staff or equipment for launching your boat for you.


  • We do offer overnigh guest docking for small YC groups and others visiting the Delta by boat. 
  • Please make sure to note to us if you are adding onto an existing reservation, so we can make sure your overnight guest dock is as close to your other friends or family as possible


  • We do have a single lane paved boat launch area available to our CURRENT customers only. Persons not currently staying onsite will not be permitted access to the boat launch.
  • Please make sure to let us know when you are making a reservation for a Snuggle Inn, RV site or tent site that you will need to use the boat launch for your boat or personal watercraft.