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QUESTION:  When did the sub-surface flow barrier across northern head of Steamboat Slough appear, and why?


The purpose of this video series showing results of side scan sonar conducted along several Delta waterways in July and August 2015 is to show that the baseline data currently in use for USACE and DWR planning for “reoperation” or revision to the flood and water conveyance systems in California is FALSE or inaccurate baseline data. Video series answers the question regarding Steamboat Slough, along with other affected waterways of the North Delta.   Please view Video #1, which explains the significance of the results of side scan sonar, and then look at the side scan sonar results for the following Delta waterway locations:
Steamboat Slough, by the bridge; Sutter Slough below confluence with Miner’s Slough; Sacramento River by the Delta Cross Channel Gates; Sacramento River below the confluence with Georgiana Slough; Georgiana Slough-3 locations.  Results of these scans show that flow barriers were not accounted for by scientists and computer modelers for the flow and fish migration studies upon which current planning decisions were based.


North Delta Bathymetry  and Steamboat Slough:  explains process    Videos by N. Suard, Esq


Sutter Slough Side Scan


Delta Cross Channel Side Scan 2015


Sacramento River Side Scan


Georgiana Bend Side Scan


Georgiana Slough at Sacramento River confluence



2002   page 19

2007  first page, page 15   map   lots of bathymetry screen prints to 3D video


2008    submitted in 2015 re “waterfix”.

2010  impacts outcome studies of BDCP go to bench test studies on Steamboat Slough

2012  page 9

planning to create an emergency?   2012 bathymetry online


Go to map of scan pathway

2013  Effects analysis

 BDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.C.1 through 5.C.4 and 5.C.6 - Flow Passage Salinity and Turbidity 3-27-13    Page 68 fish and flows, 112 use of CalSim and DSM2 flows, page 132  -the bench tests   page 102  bathymetry.  2012  URS supplied data.  URS supplied the false data for DRMS Phase 1 regarding Ryer Island.   lots of bathymetry screen prints  more info

BDCP Effects Analyis - Appendix 5.C.5.3 - Passage Movement and Migration Results 3-27-13   page 102  restoration basis-bathymetry and elevations, go towards end of document for percentages and graphics results of migration


   USACE survey of the Delta as part of plan for navigation and flood control  

1906-1908 Sacramento River Survey maps
1906-1908 San Joaquin River Survey maps



   USACE public draft of new plan for navigation and flood control, based on the false data developed and published during the “DRMS Phase 1 Report” by DWR/MWD/USFWS   WHY was Steamboat Slough and Sutter Slough flow blocked during the salmon migration studies?...perhaps one reason is to influence the data and reports of CalFed/BDCP, which in turn has been used to validate the decisions of the “WaterFix” and USACE 21st Century water conveyance and flood planning.

Page 329  proposals

Also called “System Reoperation”  page 11 map of major resources,  page 45 shows schedule but published online 2014 or?  Technical studies by MBK