Snug Harbor
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How to check the river flows in the Delta
Below are links to various flow monitoring stations managed by USGS or DWR.  You can click on the links
to see what is the flow in a particular waterway.  There are also links to maps which link to the flow stations.
Note that USGS and DWR use different colors for their maps, so remember to use the map keys!
NOAA  radar   for quick indication of storms in the area

USGS monitors and maps:  USGS flood forcast map for a visual map of locations where flows may be at monitor of flood stage  USGS Freeport  summary page Steamboat Slough Rio Vista Georgiana  Slough

California CDEC monitoring stations:  general map Lower Sacramento San Joaquin  Freeport
Sutter Slough  most of which flows into 
Miners Slough, then to
Steamboat Slough 
flow or back up on lower Steamboat Slough
Ryer Island

Sacramento above DCC

Georgiana  important about shallow drinking water wells