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Snug Harbor Park Map 2002

Shown below is the park layout for 2002.  "Click" on the map photo to see enlarged version of it.  Due to the map file size, and the speed of your modem, this page may load slowly, taking up to 30 seconds...please be patient!!.  There will be changes for 2003, so please go to Parkmap2003 for information and reservations for 2003.

RV Sites and rental cabins available for daily & weekly rental for 2002 season are listed in the left column, with hook-up and other details. (We still have a few sites available for tents, but they have RV hook-ups as well) All Snug Harbor sites come with use of up to 20' dock space for ski boat or PWC.   Vacation Village sites, Park Model lots and Snuggle Inns are also listed. 

Want to see photos of these sites?  Go to the Site Photos page, or general photos.  Many photos also on the Rates pages

       Questions?  Call us at (916)775-1455 or FAX us at (916)775-1594  or  email us

"Snuggle Inns"    rental cabins
1 3 bedroom home
2,3,4,7 1 bdr loft units
5 2 bdr bunk unit
6 1 bdr bunk unit
8-12 Studio units

Daily & Weekly RV & tent sites


Site Photos

Note:  tents not allowed in sites 2-10, as these sites are designed for large motorhomes or RVs with slide-outs





Daily & Weekly RV & tent sites







Site Photos

Tents allowed on sites with (t) notation only





Daily & Weekly RV & tent sites



4 w/s/e
5Ga w/s/e
5Gb w/s/e
6Ga w/s/e
6Gb w/s/e
7 w/s/e
8 w/s/e
9 w/s/e
10Ga w/s/e
10Gb w/e
11Ga.b (t) w/s/e
12 w/s/e
13 w/s/e
14 w/s/e
15 w/s/e
16 w/s/e
17 w/s/e
18Ga w/s/e
18Gb (t) w/e
41-45 (t) w/e
426-50(t) w/e
51(t) w/e
52G(t) w/e
53G(t) w/e
54(t) w/s/e
55(t) w/s/e
58 w/s/e
59 w/s/e
60 (t) w/s/e
61(t) w/s/e
62G (t) w/e
63G (t) w
Vacation Village RV sites by monthly lease: none available as of 9/15/01
19 w/s/e LEASED
20 w/s/e  LEASED
21 w/s/e  LEASED
22 w/s/e  LEASED
23 w/s/e  LEASED
24 w/s/e  LEASED
50 w/s/e  LEASED
51 w/s/e  LEASED
Park Model Lots available by lease as of 11/15/01:  call to check current availability.  

*utilities need to be installed/completed


2 w/s/e LEASED
3 w/s/e
25* w/s/e
26* w/s/e
27* w/s/e LEASED
28* w/s/e LEASED



Want Waterfront?

"Click" on map for enlarged version for 2002


Site Photos

Snug Harbor Aerial Photo

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Online Reservations page

Frequently Asked Questions



For 2003 park layout, see 2003ParkMap




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3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (& Port Lane, Starboard Lane and Marina View Circle are roads located within the resort grounds)
Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA
GPS:   Use Port Lane, Walnut Grove, CA  95690, even though we are located near Rio Vista, Solano County  
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