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Fishing photos from Snug Harbor from before 2009  (Fishing page 3)  See Also Page 1, Page 2  and the Video slideshows



Pictured below are a few photos of folks and their fish at Snug Harbor


Photos from 2003 and before:


     The California Delta region of California offers experienced and novice anglers alike the opportunity for catching many varieties of fish. Most common are Stripers, Black Bass, Blue Gill, Catfish, Sturgeon and Salmon.  

Winter:  November through February you may catch the Salmon or the Sturgeon in large sizes, as well as Black Bass, Stripers and Cat Fish. 

Fall months: September and October you can also catch the Salmon, Stripers and Black Bass. Catfish are biting, but we don't see the Blue Gills aren't.  Sometimes we see a Flounder, which aren't even supposed to be in the delta!  Pictured right is Buddy with a Buddy with a few stripers.

Spring:  March through May the waters can be muddy, and its harder to catch that large striper.  Fish seem to stay closer to the banks or deeper in the middle of the rivers and sloughs, so its the experienced anglers that have the best luck at this time of year.  Catfish and Carp are along the banks...but who wants to eat a Carp?!

Summer: June through August the weather is hot but the fishing is not.  Summer Anglers can still catch edible catfish, stripers and blue gill right off the docks at Snug Harbor using live bait, such as worms.   


 For many regular Snug Harbor visitors and staff, fishing is not just a hobby but a passion.  If you're a novice, you'll find others are happy to help you learn to put on a hook, bait, tie knots, cast correctly and other important procedures.  Our motto at Snug Harbor is:  "There's no strangers here...only family, old friends and newly-found friends".  Come, catch the fishing bug with us!

Don't know how to cook or prepare that fish you just caught?  Might want to check out our Snug Harbor recipe pages for great tasting ideas!



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Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA
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