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Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC  Pet Policy    https://snugharbor.net/images-2019/forms/pet_agreement2019.pdf

Many of our visitors like to bring their pets on vacation with them.  Most Snug Harbor staff own pets as well.  However, in the past, there have been problems, most noise related, that we can not allow.  We make every effort to assure that Snug Harbor is a safe, quiet and peaceful place for everyone.  Unfortunately, some pet owners have shown they do not necessarily respect the rights or needs of others.  Due to the aggressive behavior of Pit bulls and Rotweillers, or agressive dogs of any breed, we do NOT accept these types of pets at our park.  

Quiet Pets on leash are OK for all RV and tent sites, and the following Snuggle Inns:  5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17.  If you have a "companion" pet, please only rent one of the units that allow pets.  Please don't plan to bring a pet if you are staying in any of the "no pets" Snuggle Inns, and do not allow your guests to bring pets either.  If you do not let us know you are bringing a pet, we reserve the right to change your reservation to a unit that allows pets, if one is available, or to ask you to remove the pet from the premises.  We do not allow pets in or at the following locations:  Snuggle Inns #1,2,3,4,9,10,11.  In addition, Snug Harbor welcomes pets only if the owners have read and signed the special pet rules agreement as follows: 

It is agreed as follows:

1.  Pets must be on a leash, except when swimming with their owners or on a boat with their owners.  Pets must be in the control of its owner at all times, even when swimming or on a boat.  Pets found to be repeatedly off leash and wandering in the park will reported to mangement, and staff will ask the pet owner and pet to leave the premises without refunds. 

2.  Pet owner MUST pick up after the pet has gone for a "walk".  No one wants to step in your pets' business!!

3.  Pets that make excessive noise must be immediately removed from the park by their owners at the request of park personnel.  We will first advise the pet owner by verbal notice that the pet is barking to much.  If the pet noise is not immediately contained, we will have to then ask that the pet be taken home or to a kennel, at the expense of the pet owner.  We must enforce this rule so that Snug Harbor remains a peaceful place for both pet owners and non-pet owners alike.  

4.  Pet owners agree that they will not bring aggressive pets to the park.  If we receive complaints of aggressive pets, we will ask the pet to be taken home or brought to a kennel at the pet owner's expense.  By bringing a dog or other pet onsite to Snug Harbor, pet owner certifies that the pet has never been known to bite or attack anyone, that pet is current on all required shots, and that pet owner takes full responsibility and full liability for all actions of the pet.  If we have to ask the pet owner to take the pet away from the park, there will be no refund of any reservations paid.  In addition, pet owner is advised we will report any aggressive pet incidents to Solano County Animal Control, and such report will include the name of the pet owner or person who registered with Snug Harbor on check-in, and the license plates of any vehicles associated with that pet/registration.  Because of past experiences with certain aggressive breeds, we do NOT accept aggressive breeds, SPECIFICALLY Pit Bulls or pitt bull mix at this facility.  All pet owners agree to be responsible for the action of their pets, and for any damages or harm to persons caused by their pets.

5.  Pet owner agrees to not leave the pet unattended at their RV site, rental cabin or boat.  In the past, some of our patrons would leave their dog(s) at their campsite while they go out boating, and the dogs barked the entire time.  We've also had to rescue dogs leashed to trees or posts who were sitting out in the sun all day, without water.  Unattended pets will be required to be removed from the park, at the expense of the owner.  If you can't keep your pet with you at all times, please plan to leave him/her at home while you're visiting Snug Harbor, or make other pet boarding arrangements.

6.  Pets ARE NOT allowed in Snuggle Inns, except the designated "Pet" Snuggle Inns.  Persons reserving Snuggle Inns are required to pay a $500 security deposit which helps to assure pets will not be let into Snuggle Inns not designated for them.  We are strict about this rule because many of our other visitors may be allergic to pets hairs, and would have difficulty staying in a Snuggle Inn that has pet dander anywhere in it.  In addition, there is an automatic extra pet cleaning fee for any Snuggle Inn housing a pet, as we will be required to specially treat the unit after the pet leaves, to assure there is no pet dander or fleas left behind.  Pet cleaning fee posted in the office, and is paid with the reservation of a Snuggle Inn.  When you make a reservation, you must confirm you are bringing a pet so the correct unit will be rented.   Make sure to note when making a reservation that you have a pet.  All other Snuggle Inns, the pets are not allowed to be on the site, even if owner says the pet will "stay outside".  If you have a certified "companion" pet, please remember to rent only a designated pet unit.  Irresponsible pet owners of the past have taught us to be strict about this issue.  Maximum of 2 pets in loft or bunk units, and 1 pet in studio units.

7.  We have Pet Owners sign the "responsible for pet" agreement stating they are responsible for their pets actions.  This new agreement has become necessary due to recent court cases regarding dogs and their owners' responsibility.  If we have to take action to enforce the pet policy, such as giving verbal warning more than once to a pet owner, we will have the option to ask whole group with repeat offending pet to leave the park, with no refund due.

Again, we all love the pets at Snug Harbor, but must assure, to the best of our ability, the safe and quiet enjoyment of Snug Harbor by all our patrons.  The pet rules are designed to assure we will have responsible pet owners and controlled, quiets pets only at Snug Harbor, so you can enjoy your stay too!  If you have any questions, please call the office at (916)775-1455.