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Protest of Proposed "WaterFix" Sacramento Diversions proposed:
Many different environmental groups, businesses and individuals are protesting the proposed water diversions from the Sacramento River.  The picture above is a photo from the survey of 1908, which describes the MINIMUM flows on the Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough in a record dry year.  Note it referenced constant outflows.  I had all the maps from the book professionally scanned and now you can see what the water depths were in 1908, before there were any official Federal or State conveyance plans in operation to divert Sacramento River Water.  Note the minimums are "drought" conditions or MINIMUM flows in the driest months of the year.  Note also that based on DWR reports of Delta outflow since 2005, the outflow has been substantially less than the 1908 minimum "drought" flows.  So why are people wondering what is the cause of the decline of native fish like salmon and need fresh water to swim.
Anyway "WaterFix" or "System Reoperation" ... Its the same plan with yet another name change.  I submitted a "protest" form and intent to appear to testify in hearings part 1 and 2:
coverletter1-5-16.pdf   intenttoappear1-5-16.pdf  protest.pdf  Why is it to much to ask that DWR and its consultants use correct baseline data?
If you ignore an issue in the EIR/EIS, does that mean the issue does not exist or is not importnat?  No! 
Expect many, many more documents to be uploaded to this site over the next two months.
waterfixprotest/4_New_Alternatives-508.pdf   waterfixprotest/appendixb.pdf