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    Please email your request to reservations "at"   Online reservation system is down. 9/20/2013

When sending us an email, please be VERY SPECIFIC about your request, including: * the dates you want to stay
* the Snuggle Inn or RV site that is your preference
* your phone # and the best time to call you to confirm your reservations request. 

When we call, we will need a credit card # to confirm the reservation but we suggest you NOT email us that information, as based on the latest news coverage email may not be as secure as hoped.  If the reservation system problems persist we will create an email form through a secure server to help with making reservations until the online system issue gets resolved.  Note that we have space available all the remaining dates in 2013.

      You can also call the  office at 916-775-1455 between 9:00 am to 3:30 pm make a reservation,    However, we can get many, many phone calls during the day, so if you want to block off a specific unit or site for specific dates, use the online system as once you reserve for those dates, no one else can make the same unit/date reservations.  Snuggle Inn reservations must be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance.    To locate the RV and Tent sites or Snuggle Inn rental cottages please see the 2013 park map   See also 2013 Rates

Reservations required for Snuggle Inns.  However, we can accept RV and tent site same-day requests up until 3:00 PM daily, subject to available sites.  If you are having trouble using the online system, please call 916-775-1455 or email   

Note!  We will have fewer Snuggle Inns and 6 new waterfront RV sites available for daily/weekly reservations as of May 2013.  Please use the 2013 park map for reference when making reservations for 2013 stay at our place.   2 night mininum during winter and spring months-Snuggle Inns only.  Minimum of 3 nights reservation required for ADVANCE summer reservations.  Within 2 weeks of arrival date, we'll accept 2-day requests for Snuggle Inns or 1-2 day requests for RV and Tent sites. 

CHECK-IN AFTER 3:00 pm   CHECK-OUT AFTER NOON.  (12:00 pm)  for early arrivals or late check-outs, first make the reservation and then contact the office.  Early arrivals and late check-outs are subject to availability and may incur addition fees depending on the timing and time of year.


Snug Harbor's Reservation and Cancellation Policy
Also see pages regarding general park rules, reservation instructions
and our
Pet Policy

Snuggle Inns:
Booking Deposit
: 25% of full rental is required to book reservations.  This fee is refundable, except for $15 processing charge IF you contact us by email or in writing AT LEAST 21 days prior to arrival that you need to cancel.   However, note that balance of amount due must be paid within 21 days of scheduled arrival, or booking can be cancelled by us, with no refund of original deposit.  If you paid your deposit by credit card, and you do not request to pay balance due with check, you agree we should charge your credit card the balance due 21 days prior to arrival.  Change of Dates:  You can change the dates of stay up to 21 days prior to arrival, with an extra $15 Change Fee added per each Snuggle Inn reserved.  Change date must be for the same calendar year and is subject to available Snuggle Inns.  Change request must be received in writing at least 21 days prior to arrival:  email preferred. There is no guarantee that the same Snuggle Inn will be available for your changed reservation dates.  Group reservations of 3 or more Snuggle Inns can not be changed.  Therefore, if you want the flexibility to change your dates of stay, make reservations for each Snuggle Inn individually. 

RV sites Booking Deposit: 100% paid in full to book reservation.  No refunds once RV site has been confirmed and fees paid.  Change of Datesup to 21 days prior to arrival, we will allow change of dates, with a $15 change fee added.  One change allowed only per reservation.  Change request must be received in writing at least 21 days prior to arrival:  email preferred.  Change date must be for the same calendar year and is subject to available sites.  There is no guarantee that the same site will be available for your changed reservation dates.  Email the office to request a date change.  You must have a specific stated date for the change, as we do not hold "credits" or open-ended reservations.  Group reservations of 3 or more RV sites can not be changed.  Therefore, if you want the flexibility to change your dates of stay, make reservations for each RV site individually.

Guest Docks:  We do not accept reservations for overnight guest docking using our online reservation system, unless you are ADDING dock space to an RV site or Snuggle Inn reservation.  If you would like to reserve overnight guest docking, please call the office at 916-775-1455 to make arrangements.  ( or email to reservations "at" If you are representing a group of boaters or a Yacht Club, please note that our open dock space on Steamboat Slough does NOT have access to power, but our guest docks on Snug Cove has 30 AMP marine outlets.

Processing reservation requests:  For all advance reservations, we send out a confirmation form either by email or smail (snail-mail).  Once received, please review reservation form carefully to make sure it complies with your requests, and notify us immediately if there is any mistake. Only the number of persons you stated in your reservation request will be allowed onsite at the rate of the original reservation.  Last minute additions cost more, so plan ahead!    Adding to days of stay processed at no charge.  We reserve the right to refuse to allow additional persons, vehicles or vessels to the reservation if it could cause there to be to many persons onsite associated with the Snuggle Inn or RV reservation, or if it would cause problems with dock use or other reservations.

*Extra visitors or guests allowed by pre-arrangement, and subject to the RV site or Snuggle Inn Occupancy limits

We charge additional fees for extra persons coming on site, extra vehicles, use of boat launch, use of dock space.

Why do we charge if you have guests for just a day or few hours? ... Our sites and rental cottages are subject to state-mandated maximum persons, and the whole facility also has a state and county-mandated site limit.  If we allow one vacating group to add people, it means we would not be able to honor prearranged reservations, especially on holiday week ends in the summer.  We've had situations where people have let their family or friends come onsite without reservations and without checking in at the office.  This creates situations where the people in nearby RV or tent sites, or the rental cottages have their vacation disturbed by the overload of people in the nearby site.  When staff discovers the sneakers, or we get complaints from our paying customers, we will kick out the entire group and also require the person(s) who made the original reservation to pay the "last minute" fee for those who did stay onsite overnight.  (Hense we sometimes get negative comments in online rating can bet the comments about how we "ruined" someone's day is from the people who snuck in and were caught and the family confronted and kicked out.  It is simply unfair to our paying guests to have to put up with the sneakers and their family or friends who facilitate or condone such behavior.  Since we are a pretty popular place in the summer months, starting in 2013, we will charge a $50 security depotis for rental of the tent sites, which was usually where the problems occured.  We have also increased our "last minute" reservation rates to add guests, to further discourage the sneakers.

Besides trying to maintain a peaceful and friendly environment for ALL our guests with reservations, another reason to charge extra for extra people and vehicles is that our maintenance costs are directly related to the number of persons who use our facility.  We have a water filtration system, septic systems, bathrooms, garbage collection fees and utilities that increase directly proportional to use by people.  Since your extra guests will be using the facilities, their costs need to be covered.    Would you go to the movies and pay for 4 tickets and expect to bring in 8 people on the 4 tickets?  Most likely not.  Same concept applies here, even for kids.   If you haven't told us you expect guests, and cover the costs for those guests, we must assume they weren't expected, and we will apply standard park policy to unscheduled, last minute, or uninvited guests.  Note that last minute additions to reservations cost substantially more than just planning ahead! 


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