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RENTAL COTTAGE, RV site & Tent site Terms of Use & CANCELLATIONS 

Updated 4/1/21:

In order to use the facilities at Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC you acknowledge the following reservation terms and cancellation terms:

1.      100% payment is required to received confirmed reservation for RV sites and cottages.

2.      You agree there are no refunds except if the park is closed due to government directive related to the Covid-19 virus, or someone in your group/family that was coming to the park is sick with Covid-19 based upon a test result. If that is the case, notification should be at least 4 days prior to arrival. You will have the option to change to alternate date in the same calendar year, for RV site or cottage.  For all other reasonable requests for changes for Snuggle Inn reservations  made at least 10 days prior to arrival, we will accept a change of dates for a time in the same calendar year,  with $50 change fee added.  For holiday week ends of Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day, all reservations are final.  No refunds or changes of dates accepted.

3.     You agree to arrive onsite after 3:00 PM on your arrival date. You agree only the number of persons listed in your invoice will be allowed onsite, and you agree that you have declared the total number of persons coming onsite as part of your group, even if they are coming for just a "few hours" or "one day". In other words, there is NO DAY USE available at this facility, and your reservation assumes all persons coming onsite will be here for the full time per your reservation, and are part of your own household. You agree that you will not knowingly bring onsite anyone who is showing signs of having respiratory illness or fever. If you rented a Snuggle Inn cottage, you agree that everyone from your group will use only the bathroom facility in the cottage rented. If you rented an RV site, you confirm the RV coming onsite has its own functioning bathroom with shower, and everyone in your group will used only the RV in your site. The purpose of these 2020 use changes is to help limit potential virus exposure for anyone coming onsite, by limiting access to the park bathroom facilities that can not reasonably be cleaned after each use by various persons or families. No tents allowed in any RV site, or by any cottage due to state and county restrictions related to the virus situation. CHECK OUT BY NOON.  Half day fee shall apply for late check-outs if all personal equipment and persons are not off site by check-out time.

4.      If your plans change, you can let a family or friend use your reservation as long as you let us know in writing via email 4 days in advance, and as long as the person who takes over your reservation is authorized by you to sign paperwork, and will comply with the rules as posted in the park, especially the "social distancing" and other requirements of state and county directives. If bringing children with you, the responsible adult guardian or parent must agree to monitor the activities of the children at all times and not allow the children to ride bikes, skates or boards without head gear per state law.  Children may not use electric or motorized bikes, skates or boards that go faster than 1 mile per hour outside of the RV site or cottage site rented.

5.      If you or someone from your group is bringing a pet, you/he/she/they/thou agree to complete the Responsible Pet Owner agreement, verify that the pet is current on rabies shots, and you agree to not bring onsite any pitt bull or pitt bull mix breeds nor known aggressive dogs. You agree to keep the dog on a leash at all times and under control with your site or cottage, except when in your own unit, on your boat or swimming with you.  You agree dogs that repeatedly bark or harass other dogs or threaten persons will need to be removed from the park by its owner, and there will be no refund of the reservation.  If you are staying in a Snuggle Inn, your reservation must note if you are bringing a pet, and you agree you will not bring or allow any pets in a cottage that is not designated for pets.  You agree you will be charged for professional cleaning services if a pet is found to have been a cottage specified as "no pets". 

6.      If you need dock space and did not arrange for that in the original reservation, please call at least 4 days prior to arrival to reserve dock space. We can not guarantee the dock space will be infront of your site if you arrange for space last minute, or if you reserve a location that does not have dock space infront of the site.  You agree any child age 12 or under will wear a life jacket when on the docks or at the beach, per state law, and you or a designated responsible adult will make sure the children are supervised and follow state law at all times when onsite, especially near the water.

7.      If required by the state, you agree you and your guests will wear face masks onsite when not staying in the site or cottage you rented.  If you have children with you, you agree an adult will supervise the children at all times when the children are in the park, to assure they are not invading other customerís space and are wearing required face mask and/or life jacket. If the children will be riding bikes, skateboards, skates or any electronic equipment, they must follow state laws regarding wearing helmets, and must be under the constant close supervision of a designated responsible adult or caretaker.  Persons without valid drivers license may not ride fast gas or electric vehicles around the facility, without express written permission of management, and without proof of insurance.  Children driving electric or motorized bikes, skateboards or mini-vehicles may not drive faster than 2 miles per hour, with adult responsible suversion right next to the child at all times.

8.  You agree that neither you or your guests will make any claim against Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC, its owners or staff for any issue related to Covid-19 virus, and use of the public areas, like the beach, will be limited to the number of defined or marked areas, you acknowledge the playgym area has been closed per county directive, and the "dog park" area will be used only for dogs to be able to run off leash but with the pet owner present to control the dog and assure other persons or dogs in the area are safe.  You agree use of all park facilities such as the beach area, docks, dog park and boat launch are at your own risk, and you will inform your family/group of these terms of use.  No life guard on duty-responsible adults must supervise children at all times when at the beach, on the docks or when riding bikes, skate boards or scooters around the park.

9.   Check-in is after 3:00 pm unless you arranged in advance for early check-in and pay the half-day fee.  For cottages, you agree to remember to bring your own sheets, blankets, pillows and towels and paper goods for the kitchen. Loft cottages have a queen bed in the bedroom, queen size sleeper sofa in the living room and two twin size sleeping mats in the loft area. Larger Snuggle Inn cottages have at least 3 queen size beds, 1 or two queen size sleeper sofas, 3-4 twin size beds. See linens list for the specific cottages on our website at  RV sites have either 30 AMP or 50 AMP electric, so make sure to bring your own correct electrical hook-up cords.

Upon check in, you agree to provide your credit card which will be put on hold for security deposit of $150 for RV sites, and $500 for cottages.  Hold is released when you check out causing no damages and no violations of the above terms.  You agree to provide all the names and ages of the persons included in the reservation, and you agree staff can decline to allow onsite anyone coming in claiming to be part of your group, if not listed and paid for in advance by you.

-Snug Harbor staff

Why such a strict cancellation policy?  We are a small, private park in a unique waterfront setting, not a big mega-corporation that can absorb the loss from customers who cancell last minute. There is also ever-increasing cost involved related to staff time which increases when customers change dates or change what they want to reserve.   We prefer that our customers wait until they are SURE of the dates they want to come in, and not make reservations until they are ready to pay for the reservations. 
     Since 75% of the families who reserved RV sites in 2019 made changes, which cost extra staff time to process, we've come to the conclusion that we will not accept advance reservations for RV sites or cottages UNLESS we are paid in full and the person who made the reservation confirmed (via the online forms) that there will be zero changes or additional requests.  We are hoping to avioid the hassles and extra costs of past years where customers repeatedly made reservations and changed dates.  I
RV & tent site notesNO TENTS ALLOWED IN ANY SITE FOR 2021
Only the number of persons you listed in the reservation are included in the price quoted. No day use is available at this park.  RV Site basic rate includes 2 persons but you can add up to 4 more persons for additional charge.  Except RV 19 which is a group site, or double RV site basic rate includes 4 persons and 2 RVs, but the site can allow up to 10 persons if arranged in advance & paid for.
NO DAY USE.  Please do not invite additional persons onsite at the last minute.
We allow tents in our pull-through RV sites and the waterfront "dry" RV sites facing Snug Cove.