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The Snug Harbor Drive errosion problem:

In February 2011 there was extremely high and fast flow on Steamboat Slough, at times, and it seemed also very low tides, at times.  We noticed a portion of the bank along Snug Harbor Drive was erroding very fast.  This bank had been fine since put in by USACE in the 1930's.  The trees and bushes were falling and washing away, taking more small rocks and dirt with them.  By March we started having sink holes under the pavement.  Sink holes to the south end of road were filled with sandbags with road base inside them.  Sink hole to the north was filled with sandbags and dirt from the bank, as it was smaller.  In February, NSS contacted the state OES in Sacramento, the local Reclamation office too.  Reclamation said since its a privately-owned road, they can't help with it.  The state OES said to keep them updated and to contact county OES.  NSS sent emails to county OES, and was told to keep them informed.  By May 2011, the bank was still washing away up to the edge of the pavement and more sandbags were placed but on the advise of local experts some protective riprap has to be placed.  At low tides there is a sandbar or band where workers can walk to place riprap, so during low tide this will be done sometime during the week of May 15-20.  All Snug Harbor Drive neighbors and others trying to visit Snug Harbor need to know that access will be limited when the truck that hauls the riprap and the excavator are on the road as there is no way to pass on the road when they are working.  It may be a 15 minute wait or longer, so please be patient!
UPDATE MAY 19, 2011  Riprap was delivered and placed at low tides and using the existing big chunks of rock as the "toe" to hold the riprap.  Road is safe once again.  And since we had to bring in a big escavator to carefully place the riprap, we're going to try to float the junk in Snug Cove over to the bank and haul it up into a dumpster.  Several neighbors have said they will help to get the junk to where the escavator arm can reach it to put into dumpster...first time in years neighbors are working together to help clean up the cove!
Photos show the end result after riprap was placed to protect the bank from further errosion.  A big excavator had to carefully place the riprap after scraping back some of the still-existing roadway to create a slope.  We'll be adding road base on top and will most likely have to repave this section of the road. 

We still do not know why this year is different from other years, as the errosion was rather sudden and this road has withstood much stronger and wetter winters.  Lots of questions to ask of DWR and USBR, I guess.

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3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (& Port Lane, Starboard Lane and Marina View Circle are roads located within the resort grounds)
Ryer Island in Solano County.  near Rio Vista, CA
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