Snug Harbor

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   Here is a general video filmed in 2009 which you can view on Youtube by clicking on the arrow in the picture.  Or go to and put in the words "California Delta Snug Harbor" or "Sacramento Delta Snug Harbor".  Please note that some of the information about the government's plan for the Delta, which is mentioned towards the end of the video, was based on the plan facts as they were known in 2009.  The Delta is still being proposed as a "National Heritage Area" but the boating trails concept from the Delta Protection Commission has not been discussed lately.

New video of drone view and summers at Snug Harbor just uploated:
see video  summer 2018 drove views
see slideshow  of summer fun (with sound)

     We also have the other videos or slide shows showing many different Snuggle Inns, the RV sites and more.  Got to videos general page Please also see our About Snug Harbor pages!