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 NEWS!  Snug Harbor and general Delta Recreation News over the last 10+ years...the fun stuff and the required notices for leaseholders and the public!

The California Delta is a destination recreation area of California and has been since the 1850's.  However, news media since 2005 has focused on the "water issues", not the fact there are over 130 marinas and RV parks, at least 50 public boat launches, over 300 unique restaurants to boat to, not to mention over 700 miles of rivers or "sloughs" to wander and enjoy the peace found only in California's Delta region.  This page gives summaries and links to some of the past articles and latest happenings around us at Snug Harbor in the last year. 
For all the past articles of the last 15 years see "articles":
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Sept 3, 2021 We want our Snug Harbor family of friends to know that we are praying for all of you who are facing fires and adverse health this summer.  We are trying to help where we can.  Know that our thoughts, prayers and well-wishes are with you and family during these historically challending times.  
Sept 3, 2021 Notice from Waterboards that water can not be pumped out of the waterways in the Delta, due to low fresh water outflow.  Low freshwater outflow because the lakes in NorCal at historic lows...because the water from the NorCal lakes were diverted to SoCal lakes and underground water storage in Westlands Water district area.  Plus it is clearly another drought year.  NSS sent notices to applicable leaseholders to not use river pumps for landscape irrigation or washing of boats on the land.  Historic year for California water politics.  SHR pumps not currently listed as curtailed, as of 8/31/2021 but we have an alternate water source-the wells-so we will voluntarily curtail except if slough water is needed for health and human safety, such as emergency fire suppression.  In the meantime, MWD continues to push for three intakes and a single tunnel to divert Sacramento River water they already divert from the Delta...they say they just want to change the point of diversion. 

Waterboard issued "curtailment notice" even to USBR, which diverts water that goes to MWD and lower central valley area, like Westlands WD.  So if USBR can not divert from Georgiana right now, how is that diversion being curtailed?  Water is still leaving the Sacramento River watershed, still going to the export pumps at Clifton Court Forebay, and the various pumps seem to be going full blast dumping flows into the various transport channels.
Westlands and SoCal groundwater banking from NorCal water
July 15, 2021
July 31, 2021
Notice for leaseholders and all onsite customers.  Please see the notice on our notice board at office regarding excess disfectant levels in drinking water in May and some previous months.  CA Department of Water Resources requires posting, and the informatio will be emailed to leaseholders that we have emails for.  There is not a health risk, per notice information.  Just following state requirements on posting and informing.  See the notice and the June water tests indicating issue resolved.  Upload of documents having glitches today.    NSS  7:18 pm 7/15/21
As of July 31, 2021, after repeated tests of the water system, the issue of excess disinfectants appears to have resolved itself.  There is a new water testing company and a new water system operator managing the system, per notices to Waterboard.
2Q21 PN,PON-nss.pdf
July 10, 2021 Notice for leaseholders:  Please review the rates page for the cost to add guests, vehicles and boats when the guests arrive onsite.  Rates increased to pay for staff necessary to operate the office extra hours to process unscheduled extra guests of leaseholders and week end guests.  Scroll down on Leases page.  Please also note that we are not accepting any more annual leases for 2021.  
June 16, 2021 WhooHoo!  The new California guidelines allow everyone outdoors to choose to be mask-free, so that will be the policy here at the park.  However, since there appears to be a conflict with the federal and state laws versus the CA "directives", we will be limiting access to the store and office, so we don't have to deal with the issues the state appear to have created with the "directives".  We will still be carrying the store items like gas, bait, ice, sodas, sundries, ice creams, basic snack goods, water and of course, coffee!  Customer simply need to come to office door during open hours to fill out the form indicating what they want to buy, and it will be collected by staff to hand over at the door, with payment.  
June 16, 2021 The annual report to leaseholders and customers (CCR) regarding the drinking water system at SHR has been posted at the office as of today.  Notice to persons living onsite will be provided in writing, and those who want to see the documents can also click on the below pdf:  2020 CCR Snug Harbor.pdf
and another report that goes to waterboard:  2020 EAR.pdf
June 2021 We are looking forward to a busy summer as it is expected to be warm and dry, but here in the Delta there is always water!  Please remember to bring your life jackets for kids age 12 and under, and to follow all boating and swimming regulations per state laws.  
March 2021 Leaseholders will notice we have several new grounds staff working to clean up from that February wind storm, and do our usual spring pruning and trimming.  We had the tree guys out in February for several days, and many large branches and 6 trees had to be cut down or greatly trimmed back.  Leaseholders might want to take a look at their roofs if you have a park model, as there were roof shingles around the park after the wind storm.  Most came from the mid-park barn that was just getting new roof shingles.  We did have to replace some on Snuggle Inns though.

Both ferrys seem to be running, but on different schedules, so always check with Caltrans at and go to the "options" section to click on the little boxes to show what roads and bridges are opened or closed.  Steamboat Slough bridge and Paintersville Bridge are being worked on this spring.  Miner's Slough bridge continues to be the only route for persons traveling in large RVs, especially if pulling a vehicle or boat on trailer behind!
November 2020 All current leaseholders who have leases that expire on or around 12/31/2020 have been emailed or mailed the lease renewal form so that we can fill out the new lease form, update the addresses and contact information for each leaseholder, and mail out the new leases for signature.  We mail out the new lease offers by the end of November.   If we do NOT receive a lease renewal form back from existing leaseholders, we will assume he/she/they intend to now renew for 2021 and will pull their RV off site by lease termination date, or arrange for a short term monthly lease. 2020leaserenewQs.pdf
October 2020 Management has decided to stop accepting reservations through the online reservation system, since some of the persons coming here for the first time really caused alot of stress for staff due to the customers' failure to follow simple rules, like keeping dogs on leash, wearing masks when around others, getting their own kids to wear helmets when riding bikes, etc.  So we hope to have a more peaceful fall and winter, as only staff, leaseholders and their friends and family, and past customers who were compliant with rules will be able to make reservations by request via email.  It looks like salmon are starting to run as the colder water is released from the upstream dams.  Oddly, this time of year the Delta Cross Channel Gates are often closed, but we have seen them open which means migrating salmon will end up in the Central Delta and the export pumps most likely.  *** We plan to lease out more of the waterfront RV sites for next summer, which will leave just a few waterfront and all the pull through RV sites available for summer daily/weekly reservations.  We will not accept RV site advance reservations of less than 6 nights for next summer, until we get closer to the summer dates.  The cost to staff time created by the constant changes of dates, # of persons, etc is not something we can accept anymore.
June & July 2020 It seems almost daily there is another email from an agency or association giving different directions or recommendations or saying some businesses are now closed, some open, some with outdoor-only requirements, etc.  You will notice signs all over the park regarding use of face masks and social distancing.  In addition, we had to take down the play gym, section off the beach area, and limit use of the onsite bathrooms to comply with state and county directives.  We no longer offer the ability for our short term visitors (2 to 29 days) to add day use visitors to their reservations.  But leaseholders still have that right per their signed leases, so long as the leaseholder confirms they are complying with current state and county directives.  Please look at the updated pdfs or go to Solano County information page to get the latest update. June RV parks and camping: County update   6/18/20 state notice

Solano County information  Update July 13, 2020
**June 26, 2020** Per state requirement, here is our 2019 summary report on the public drinking water system here at Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC.  This report is also printed out and posted at the office permits board, at the north bathroom, both sides, and handed out to persons living onsite that do not have email.  The other leaseholders received notice of the report and it is posted here:   2019 CCR Snug Harbor.pdf
June 2020 The water war lords of California are at it again...we received notice that Ca Dept of Water Resources Delta Conveyance planners have applied for a permit from USACE to muck with California navigational waters.  In the meantime the historical revisionists of ESRI and Google already map a new route for the main Sacramento River.
I always get the USACE notices...have been on their notice email list for many years, and to date I have NOT gotten a notice from USACE regarding the DWR permit request.  So I went looking for it....found the 2015 permit application for "Waterfix" but no new application so did DWR just renew Waterfix plans or what? Is the person listed for questions for 2015
2015 DWR Waterfix USACE notice
 6/18/20 state notice  All persons coming onsite must have a face mask available when interacting with staff or others onsite.  Please remember to practice social distancing.  Due to concerns for spreading of the Covid-19 virus, we can no longer rent out tent sites or allow tents to be in RV sites.  The customers who requested use of tents in their reservations are being contacted to let them know of this change.  All families reserving RV sites must certify the RV has a fully functioning bathroom for use by everyone in their group.  Access to onsite bathrooms will be limited to berth leaseholders, those who need ADA facilities, and staff.  In addition all dock ramps now have "no tresspass" notices with chain barrier, to stop random persons from coming onsite without notice or reservations.  Play Gym has been removed from use. IMPORTANT CHANGES IN RESPONSE TO
Solano County now lists outdoor recreation as essential services, as long as people onsite practice social distancing and respect others by wearing masks when around non-family members, etc.    
 Solano County notice  

Updated:  May2020SHRprocedures.pdf

Please remember that anyone staying in the park must park within the gates area, at your leased site or lot, with the parking tag 2020 displayed.  New tags will be distributed early June.

See also CalTrans page for ferry updates 
Perhaps because we have not had many people onsite for early spring, the local critters are out in full force around the park.  Especially the beaver, muskrats, river otter and a strange-looking new critter!  Click on the small photos to see larger versions.  We also have several videos of the critters at sunrise down by the beach swimming nearby each other.  We'll have to post a compilation.

2019 go to Leaseholder news for updates on River Flows, summer staffing, spring projects in the park  2019 leaseholder news

The Delta was designated as California's first "National Heritage Area" which is different from a national park.  This designation may help to preserve the natural environments and prime farm lands of the Delta, but may also be used to hinder future development of new facilities.  Which means existing facilities should be the focus of upgrades over time and promote the use of the existing local towns & businesses, communities, hamlets, marinas, RV parks, rental cottages, etc.  I read where at the last minute a rider was inserted that prohibited the designation from blocking tunnels or other Delta conveyance....hmmm....  In any case, here are maps and info on the Delta National Heritage Area which includes a new boundary for the Delta.
2018 go to Leaseholder news for the updates on new water system filtration  
5-6-17 Leaseholders should go to the Leasesholder news for updates on the drinking water wells, the updated park emergency response plan, and more.  As always, any required notices, such as the annual water report, is also posted at the office.  
3-25-17 February was a very wet month, but March allowed us to dry out a bit and get repairs done to the sites.  Unfortunately many large trees that had falled or threatened to fall had to be cut down and removed.  We got alot of silt on the land, so we added more gravel to RV sites as needed, and are working on a new gate entry system and other projects.  
2-8-17 Leaseholders should go to the Leasesholder news for updates on high water flow around Snug Harbor and other areas of the Delta.  
1-10-17 Leaseholders should go to the Leasesholder news for updates on high water flow around Snug Harbor and other areas of the Delta.  
July 2016 BoatUS did a feature article on the Delta and covered many of the fun things to do in this area.

6/1/2016 We've switched to using a new online reservation system.  Reservations made through the old system were already added into the new system and we will be sending out email reminders to use the NEW reservation system in the future.  Please "refresh" the reservation page if you have saved the page for the old link.  Old reservation system is still active for reference only.  Do NOT use old reservation system. How to use new online reservation system

Go to new online reservation system
May events The 8-day Amgen bike race will be coming through the Delta again the week end before Memorial Day week end.  They will bike down from Sacramento, around Ryer Island and then back to Sacramento!

May 28 there will be a live band here, brought in by some regular customers to celebrate a 50th birthday party.  Anyone staying in the park is welcome to come listen to Country-Western and Oldies music and dance if you like!  Music go from 6 to 10 PM.

March 11 2016 There is lots of rain and waterflow this month!  We are canceling reservations through 3/18 due to concern for safety as people should not be on the docks when the river is running so fast, we believe. Note that the main bridge in Walnut Grove will be blocked for several days due to "emergency repairs" for a few days in March.  We've never seen this bridge be blocked.  It severely hinders traffic in the area.  There have also been reports of HUGE ships going up the Sacramento Ship channel at night with minimal lights so hopefully the anglers out there will stay clear of those ships!
Feb. 12, 2016 Even though we got lots of rain from November through January, February has been pretty mild.  Lots of activity in the Delta-fracking trucks off Hwy 12 and in the Egbert Tract area...unless those are construction guys putting in the crude oil line?  Lots of people from many states are planning to visit the Delta this summer, so you might want to plan ahead and reserve NOW if you are one of our regular customers who come each year.  We have several family reunions scheduled-people who were here as kids in the 1950's or 1960's will be here early fall, and we hope to post more fun photos from those days.  We also plan to schedule safe boating classes for one Saturday each month in May, June and July, as even experienced boaters could benefit from the US Coast Guard Auxialliary class!  We will post date here when confirmed. Starting March, 2016 the Store will be run by a company called Blue Canoe Management, so you might see more product, like cute gift items, shirts, local art, etc.  Normal bait, groceries, ice, sodas and RV supplies will also be available.  Boating supplies will include life jackets, tow rope, battery jupers, maps and more.
Sept 10, 2015 Once it cools down again, we plan to make some improvements to the security gate system, some dock repairs, some site improvements, etc.  We may be blocking off use of RV sites for a time, so do not be surprised if you can not reserve RV sites in some areas some weeks, weather dependent. Musical RV's has started.  Please go to Leaseholder page if you are interested in applying for a lease of one of our waterfront RV sites or if you want to bring a new park model RV onsite for next year.  email sunshine "at" for lease application
July 30 Media has been covering the big fire at Korth's over on Brannan/Andrus Island on the scenic Delta loop south of Hwy 12.  Please pray for the Korth family, and the people who lost their mobile homes in the fire.  For those of you who called us, not the fire was not located near us but we did see and smell the smoke for one night. KCRA, CH 10, SacBee, CC Times
July 22-30 Due to the drought, water wars and low water levels in some lakes, there is alot of media focus on the Delta.  Sometimes there are photographers or reporters onsite.  If you are staying at Snug Harbor and do NOT want to be in a photo or be interviewed, just say so.  Media in the area this week may be from: LA Times, CC Times, River News Herald, CBS, CV Business Times, radio show(s) and several other media outlets.
July 2015 For years we've rented out tent sites to families who did not have RV's.  However, due to repeated problems with just a few tent camping families, we no longer rent out the tent sites UNLESS it is an add-on to someone's RV site or Snuggle Inn reservation.  We will of course honor existing reservations through the 2015 summer months. We are sorry we had to make this decision, but it has just become to difficult and expensive to maintain a quiet and controlled park when there are tent camping families who don't believe laws or rules apply to them.  We may reinstate tent camping for next year under new strict guidelines, but for now you can not make a reservation for tent sites independent of other reservations.
May 2015 Lots of traffic in the Delta on Hwy 12.  Make sure to check the CalTrans website for planned road work in the area-it seems to change daily or nightly.  No barriers are being installed on Steamboat Slough according to DWR but due to the drought we might expect to see really low tides and the water will be even warmer than last summer!  See Water Wars for more details if interested.

We welcomed new staff who are in training now, and the store will be fully stocked again by Memorial Day Week End
Plan ahead if you want to rent a waterfront RV site or cottage.  Since so many of the lakes are rather low, boaters are heading to the Delta this summer for the good, fresh water and the different waterways or sloughs to explore, and the yummy unique restaurants.  Stop at the farmer's fruit stands along the way.  And plan to use the BRIDGE onto Ryer Island, especially if coming from the Sacramento or Elk Grove area.
April 2015 For several months many North Delta land and business owners have been asking DWR for a public meeting about the impacts of the proposed barriers.  There was a general information meeting last month in Clarksburg, but it was statedly NOT an official meeting per Mr. Paul Marshall of DWR-the invidted speaker.  On 4/1/2015  Governor Brown announced his drought response executive orders-still have not seen a signed copy of the executive order but lots of mainstream media are publishing articles about the proposed barriers for Steamboat and Sutter Sloughs and False River entrance into Franks Tract.
     DWR CEQA basically says that for places like Snug Harbor located downstream of the proposed barrier, our low tides will be up to 1 foot lower and our water may get salty but not so salty that it can't be used for irrigation, and otherwiase there will be "NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACTS".  Let's hope DWR is right.

Most Delta people, including myself, believe DWR used incorrect baseline data to do the computer modeling, DWR has not disclosed other available data regarding peak salinity estimates, and DWR has not considered the risks from flood water backwash nor long term impacts to the North Delta farmers and drinking water aquifer.

If/when barriers are installed, impacts will be posted here.  At this time, we hope that the barriers will not distrupt vacation use of Steamboat Slough.  But if you want to boat to Walnut Grove, we suggest you go around the longer way using lower Sacramento River.  If you want to fish at Franks Tract, you should plan for boating around past Bradford Island to get into the Franks Tract area.   For more on the really big "barriers issue, got to the Water Wars pages.
March 2015 discussion materials Fracking California & the Delta2.pdf
Feb 2015 It appears the state is facing another Drought year.  This means we will be very limited on irrigating our lawns, so please note the grass in the RV sites will not be as green as in past years.  Many of the sites have been upgraded to gravel pads and the sites facing Steamboat Slough that are available for daily/weekly rental will no longer have the grassy area along the water during drought time, most likely.   Please plan to use the BRIDGE ONTO RYER ISLAND to get to us as this spring there is lots of local construction plans than may make use of the J-Mac ferry not an option even for regular cars, as CalTrans is taking the ferry away for 2 months for "repairs" at the same time as the proposed barriers are going in. Spring discount is back!  For loft style Snuggle Inns and also the RV sites, pay for 2 nights, get the 3rd night free if you make the reservation using the online reservation system!  When using the online reservation system, enter ONLY 2 nights and the 3rd night will be added for free if you state in the comment box you want that 3rd night.  This discount expires April 30, 2015.
10/30/14 DWR did not install the proposed barriers, but HAS manipulated the waterways in some fashion with the result that there is much less freshwater flow on Steamboat Slough, Sutter Slough and the Sacramento River.  Even in drought times DWR, like this month, DWR had diverted more than 57% of the Sacramento River water through the Delta Cross Channel gates and Georgiana Slough, to send the water to the export pumps.  According to DWR and USGS waterflow data found online, there is zero freshwater outflow at the Rio Vista bridge gage, and some level of saltwater has begun to creep into the Delta by 3 Mile Slough.  NDWA had a meeting to report the water quality breach and to warn anyone that irrigates from the waterways down by 3 Mile Slough (i.e Brannen Island to Rio Vista) that they should only irrigate after testing the salinity content of the water. Poster developed to demonstrate how much or little freshwater flow there is in the North Delta in October 2014.   Graphic is from a presentation by DWR regarding the reason DWR was/still is considering putting in barriers across Steamboat and Sutter Sloughs-take the freshwater from the North Delta farmers to export it to other areas of the state by "freshening up" the central Delta...

Oct2014flows.pdf     2014barriersinfo.pdf
3/12/14 There is a proposal to place barriers across Steamboat Slough near the bridge and also across Sutter Slough.  For all of us boaters who like to go up to Sacramento or over to Walnut Grove by boat you will get a good laugh (or cry) from the proposal where your boat will be pulled out of the water on one side and placed back in the water on the other side .. on who's boat trailer and by whom is not specified.  There is also a concern for salinity impacts for the farmers and vegitation along Steamboat Slough over time.  MWD or Metropolitian Water District is the noted agency to fund the design of the barriers.  Meeting of the landowners along Steamboat Slough, Sutter Slough and Miner's Slough is on Tuesday in Walnut Grove at 9:00 am.  contact me if you have questions. See Delta Water Wars

2-16-2014 Rio Vista Ferry that crosses Cache Slough from Rio Vista's River Road over to Ryer Island is up and running again.  It has been down for several weeks but CalTrans never explained why or how it was broken. The final public meeting for the BDCP was held in Clarksburg; it was hard to get there from out of the Delta area because CalTrans had sent out notices that Highway 12 between Fairfield and Rio Vista would have road barrier work, Highway 160 from Antioch to Highway 12 intersection would be closed entirely at night, with slow one lane traffic during the days; Highway 12 in the Tower Park area had some construction notices.  This made access to Clarksburg BDCP meeting quite a long drive around to get to the meeting.  Still, lots of people showed up and there were actually some DWR, F&G, NOAA and USGS engineers or spokespersons who could answer some questions, which verified to me in some very important instances the engineers and planners were not given correct data for their baselines!  As Melinda Terry from NDWA says "garbage in, garbage out".
2-4-14 The BDCP news, plus the fact the lakes of Northern California have limited water, has people thinking ahead to summer vacations in the Delta.  Still, we pray for rain as it is much needed statewide!  In the meantime, since CalTrans keeps closing the ferry and other important roads in this area of the Delta, we've blocked off the reservation system until Valentines Day week end, but if you want to come by, give us a call first.  
1/12/14 Ryer Island is the focus site for a potential new mega solar farm off SR 84 and 220, which is towards the middle of the island.  Here's the link to the info.  We're asking more information, and already informed the developer that Ryer Island is not quite as remote as he thinks.  Ironically, his website also notes the two Ryer Island of Solano County!

1/11/2014 This story should serve as a reminder to EVERYONE that it is always saffer to wear a life jacket when fishing or on a boat.  Yesterday, while on the ferry, the deckhand got notice that a floating body was found in the water near Dutra's. People on the ferry assume the body is one of the two people who fell off their fishing boat on Thanksgiving.  Our condolences to the family who lost their loved ones.
Thanksgiving day, 2013 One of our leaseholders reported to the ferry deckhands that a couple in a small fishing boat may have fallen into the water just south of the Rio Vista ferry.  While waiting for the ferry, leaseholder noticed lots of floating debris in the water, and noticed the couple still in the boat, wearing large puffy jackets because it was pretty cold out.  There were large floating logs which had come down from the "restoration test sites" of Liberty Island and Prospect Island in the water in the area. When our leaseholder got on the ferry, he noticed that no one was on the small fishing boat, and the boat was circling in the water.  The couple must have fallen in within the last 10 minutes or so, he surmised.  He pointed this out to the ferry deckhand, who called the Coast Guard.  Coast Guard and sherrif boats located the circling fishing boat and stopped it, but could not find the couple in the boat.  It was later reported that a couple had launched at Hogback Island Park earlier that day and had not returned home that evening.
Fall 2013 This has been one of the best fishing seasons for salmon that we've seen in years.  Lots of very big salmon were caught, mostly at the confluence of Steamboat Slough, Cache Slough, and Sacramento River.  To see photos go to Fishing page New Fishing Slideshow   
June 2013 By now, if you live in California, you may have seen various newspaper or TV articles about a plan to "restore" the Delta and take more fresh water away as well.  But what those news folks forget to mention is that the Delta is still a great place for boating, fishing and family vacations closeby and affordable!  We decided to provide some of the articles of the last 10 years or so as a reminder ... Snug Harbor news over the years
For past news articles and magazine articles go to
the "Articles". pages

May 2013  There is a new brochure of Delta farm stands and wineries of the North Delta region where we are located.  We will keep a stack of the brochures so customers can easily find the local wineries for tasting, or the local fruit and vegitable stands for more yummy and fresh produce.

We are also updating our brochure to a larger and more detailed Delta map, but in the meantime, you can use SnugHarbor.pdf which gives basic informantion and a map and directions!
pdfs pending
April 2013 We are hosting a group of youthful photographers, teachers and pro's from National Geographic, who will all be provided with a good look at the Historic Delta region.  They will travel in the Delta for a few days by boat and by vehicle, with topics of local Delta interested presented by Restore the Delta, Delta EcoTours, and Snug Harbor's historian Nicky who will showcase some of the the onsite original maps and sketches.  Also on display will be some of the past PR articles
January 2013 We are happy to announce that we finally revised a road within the park, which increased the size of the sites facing Snug Cove so that what we used for tent sites are now larger waterfront RV sites facing Snug Cove.  We're still in the process of upgrades, but the new 2 engineered septic systems are completed and working just fine even with the high water tables this winter.

In addition, we reduced the number of "Snuggle Inns" or rental cottages, taking out most of the studio units as most of our customers prefer the larger loft style Snuggle Inns.  This freed up four more waterview RV sites for small RV's only, due to the limited size of the sites.
click to see new park layout
December 2012 First positive Delta article we've seen in a long time...focused on recreation.  We gave a boat ride and one of the Snug Harbor neighbors gave a plane ride so the photographer/writer could better understand the wonderful area the IS the Delta!
2012 BDCP effects article
October 2012 to Feb 2013 We had to start some unplanned improvements to our onsite septic systems this year, which means several areas of the park got ripped up a bit, expecially the lawn at the front gate area.  As of the end of November, the underground work was completed so now we're back to doing landscaping.  And we're taking this opportunity to insall two official size horse shoe pits and maybe even a bocce' ball pit that will be open for our guests to use.

The other fun news is that we will have a small "clubhouse" across from the office, in the modular unit.  It has a full kitchen area, and we will add a foosball table and maybe a pinball machine or two, if we can find one.  If nothing else, there will be a large screen TV and microphone setup for small meetings.  It will be ready for use by May 2013.
see New Park Map

July 2012 Once in a while you might see a bunch of junk floating down the Sacramento River, Steamboat Slough or Cache Slough even though there has been no rain for months.  The DWR or F&G or USBR has been conducting studies adjusting the Delta tides, and also have been doing the LWD studies.  "Large Woody Debris" are supposed to help salmonoids migrating through the Delta avoid the stripers.  Its a long story...but the fact the LWD can create hazzards to navigation does not seem to be an issue for the people planning and conducting the studies.  All this to say, drive your boat or PWC carefully and follow all safe boating rules!  If you have not taken a safe boating class, plan to join us for the ones that will be offered at Snug Harbor in summer 2013.
5-19-2012 The San Francisco Chronicle did a nice short article about all the fun things there are to do in Delta less than 90 minutes away from the center of SF (non-traffic time).  And the Delta area is being added to the Bay Trail with what is called the Great Delta Trail.  In the 1890's biking in the Delta was a special experience (yes, I do mean 1890's) and there were biking maps that included riding across the "Ashley" Ferry from Rio Vista over to Ryer Island.  The ferry names have changed but the ride around Ryer Island has not.  Ryer Island will be part of the Great Delta Trail, based on the draft documents!  Watch for the Great Delta Trail Map to be posted at our gate to help riders stopping by for a cold bottle of water or a snack as they expore the North Delta!  Click on the maps to the right for the details and links:  page 170 has the Solano County trails, including Ryer Island...or click on the maps to the right
  images2012/deltastuff/ccTimes_june08.pdf  Nice little article that was reprinted that is about Snug Harbor.   
5-19-2012 Congratulations to Kelly, who worked here several summers ago.  Kelly graduates this week end from Sac State with a BS in speech therapy and she hopes to work with special needs kids.  Kelly update!  Kelly was picked as one of only 2 Americans selected to teach the royal childred in Bangcoc Thialand starting June 2012 for a year!  What a great opportunity for Kelly and we're proud of her!  
5-16-2011 Advisory to our neighhors and anyone visiting Snug Harbor this week:  we're smoothing out the road bumps and fixing the edge of the road where the excess flow on Steamboat Slough washed away part of the bank.  So note there might be short delays while equipment is on the road doing the repairs.  DETAILS   
The guys did a great job!
5-5-2011 Per state codes for RV/mobilehome parks, we prepared an "Emergency Preparedness Plan" that covers possible emergencies that could happen in this area.  Copies are being mailed to all leaseholders and copies will also be available at the office notice board and at the north and south bathrooms.  You can also click on the link to the right and print out a copy. SHRemergencyplan2011-final.pdf


4/5/2011 So far, so good.  The gravel sandbags protecting the road are doing their job.  Sticks and shrubs that floated onsite in some of the lower-lieing RV sites have been cleared, leaving VERY green grass.  Very pretty out!
  3-28-2011  So far, so good.  The sun is shining with high puffy clouds this afternoon and the puddles are drying out.  Snug Harbor Drive is REALLY bumpy so we will be doing road upgrades as soon as we're sure the rains have stopped for the season, or close to it.  If coming out to Snug Harbor please drive very carefully along Snug Harbor Drive, especially at the "curve" at the north end of the road!

3-24-2011  So far the sandbagging of the road at the north end of Snug Harbor Drive seems to have worked OK for the time being.  Lots of water flowing and coming down!  Farmer's Almanac said we'd have a wet March and perhaps more rain early April.  Those guys/gals who write for Farmer's Almanac are gooooood!

3-20-2011  During the day the tides were lower but in the middle of the night water came onto the island from our neighbors' properties which are lower elevation than the resort property, except for the launch ramp and beach area.  Vicki says she expects to see more water onsite the 21st and 22nd at the night time high tide, given how many other places along the Sacramento River are at monitoring stage.  Road repair holding up well.

3-19-2011 Starting in January of this year, at times the waterflow on Steamboat Slough seemed pretty fast, and there has been an unfortunate effect on the north end of Snug Harbor Drive:  the road has washed away to the edge of the pavement along the "curve".  On 3-19-2011 a sink hole developed, which may have been caused by a beaver starting a den under the road.  Thanks to some great local construction/maintenance guys, the road was inspected and repaired by the end of the day.  Once the rainy season stops, we'll have to look for more long term solutions to protect the road.  Please do use caution when driving on the northern section of Snug Harbor Drive as its more narrow now!
1/5/2011 Article in the Sacramento Bee about the new ferry arriving in the Bay Area.
December 2010
We've received photos and the estimated time frame for the replacement of the original Real McCoy Ferry with a new, larger ferry dubbed the "Real McCoy II".  The photos to the right show the new ferry that was built in Washington and was loaded onto a barge for transport down to California (second photo).  The ferry captains and deck hands will all have to be trained on handling the new ferry once it clears the local Coast Guard inspections and testing.  This ferry is supposed to be designed to take "legal loads" meaning larger and heavier CalTrans trucks, RV's, buses will be able to come across the Cache Slough/Sacramento Ship Channel to Ryer Island, instead of driving around to the bridge at the north end of Ryer Island.

That should be good news to all the farmers of Ryer Island, and to the RV families who come to Snug Harbor from the North Bay area!

March 2010 Spring has sprung and the national media is out in full force.  Staff were told by visitors that Snug Harbor was in a recent Hue Hawser Delta focus, but we have not seen it yet. March 2010
National Weather Service 1-29-2010:  All is fine here.  The water is moving swiftly but is not to high so far.  The huge winds of last week did take out our large tent area canvas roof, which was probably due for replacement anyway!  With all this rain, all the SoCal reservoirs now full, NorCal reservoirs at 80% to 100% capacity, today the SacBee headlines are about the "continuing drought" in California.  Ironic, isn't it?

1-15-2010:  Snug Harbor office received a call from the US Coast Guard that it appears there could be substantial rain runoff flowing through the Delta in the next few weeks.  We also received notice that the Delta Cross Channel will be closed so that salmon and other fish traveling on the Sacramento River will not enter through the DCC to reach the Mokelumne River and central Delta area.  That way, the fish have a higher likelihood of survival if kept away from the suction pumps needed to send the water to Central Valley farmers on the West side, and to other areas of California's naturally arid lands.  When the DCC gates are closed there is higher water flow on the Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough.


view of the launch ramp showing high tide

Video online
Our own video objecting to the current plan to take more water out of the Delta, based on the current process and data available.  Just not enough FACTS are known and even more important, the Delta landowners and citizens have been excluded from having a say in the planning process.  Click to watch video...
(Lots of the video was done at Snug Harbor since we paid for the video)
Examiner Examiner writer talks about his favorite beaches to boat to in the Delta.  He mentions a favorite private park and beach...Snug Harbor!


May 2009
  FINALLY!!!  Last week we finally received our permit for the wheel chair access ramp for the new office & store building.  The construction work on the ramp started 2-28-09 and we hope to have it completed by the end of April 2009.  We are TENTATIVELY scheduling an open house for Snug Harbor leaseholders and neighbors for a week end in May. 5/1/09
CAL-AVRC The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (renamed CAL-AVRC) selected a photo of waterfront RV sites at Snug Harbor as their 2009 cover photo!  We submitted several photos and were excited to find out we made the cover!  Our leaseholders will recognize the regulars in the photo, enjoying a summer flotilla chat off RV sites 20 and 21. 


January 2009


Bay Area News Group Article about the Delta with a focus on the two ferries to Ryer Island.  Nice little sidebar on Snug Harbor and the community of Ryer Island 7/30/09
CalTrans &
misc commercial
UPdate:  Ferry due back in service by February 22, 2009 accourding to CalTrans! 

The Ryer Island ferry is undergoing a major upgrade...two engines, new paint job, reinforced hull, etc.  CalTrans sent out notices the ferry will be taken down for a month starting January 12, 2009 in the afternoon.  After the Ryer Island Ferry is back up and running, they plan to take down the J-Mac for reconstruction and repairs.  Then once both are back up, there are CalTrans plans to do some major repairs to a portion of Hwy. 84 on Ryer Island north of the ferry landing, south of the Miner's Slough bridge, west side of the island.  It should not affect traffic to/from Snug Harbor....Caltrans Updates 

2-21-09  Real McCoy scheduled to go back in operation 2-22-09 by late afternoon!

See CalTrans Updates page

Radio Internet
The Delta has been primary news fodder for the last few years as the various government agencies determine the best way to take more water out of the Delta without killing more fish or ruining more delta farmland.  At least that is what the documents say is the goal, in a nutshell.  Summary: The Peripheral Canal Plan that was voted down by the people of California many years ago has resurfaced with a new name: "Dual Conveyance Plan".  It is unclear how all of this will affect Delta boating, fishing and recreation but its time topay attention!  Below are just a few links to interesting documents.
2007 and 2008
August 2008 Congratulations to Brad Walker who broke the American Pole Vault Record while qualifying for the Summer Olympics!  Brad and Carly stayed with us here at the resort while training for the Olympics this past winter. August 2008
Contra Costa Times Great articles about the delta and one about staying at Snug Harbor's resort:

June 22, 2008
Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee had a nice article about the J-Mac Ferry and bird watching in this area.  Nice photos too!
May 21, 2008
The Oregonian Photographer/writer for the Oregonian stays at Snug Harbor to use as base station for an article on the California Delta's salmon and how it affects Oregon
April 2008
Sunset Magazine This article is about wine tasting in Clarksburg near Snug Harbor, in case we have some visitors who want to sample the delta wines...,20633,1181934,00.html


April 2008
Movie A movie crew use the resort grounds for the set of an independent movie called "Has Been".  They reconfigured an area by our point to look like an old Boy Scout camp in Wyoming, so they say.  It is a comedy that should come out this year.  Movie information online  Ask at the office if you want to borrow our DVD of the movie! April 2008
Snug Harbor's own newsletter Semi-annual newsletter updating interested folks on what is going on at the resort and around the delta region  Printed on legal size paper:
March 2008
River News Herald Article about movie "Has Been" filmed at Snug Harbor resort grounds, using part of our junk pile to portray an old Boy Scout camp in Montana.  PDF of article
Movie information online
March 19, 2008
  Did you know Olympic Athletes train in the Delta?  Several stayed at Snug Harbor in December while training at TigerBar Sports nearby.  Brad Walker is currently #1 for the US team and seems to be well on his way to an Olympic 2008 medal.  We're getting a big screen TV for the new office so we can all cheer him on! December 2007
Prosper Magazine

Prosper Magazine December 2007 article about the J-Mac and its now famous driver also had a quote from Vicki, resort manager.

Northern California Camping

Snug Harbor Resort was listed as  "Best for Fishing" and "Best for Waterskiing" in the just-published book Northern California Camping by Tom Stienstra!   Copy at the office for viewing.

Fall 2007
Sacramento Bee Front page article about the Real McCoy Ferry, due to be replaced in the next few years, with a bigger, longer version of the same.

all Most media sources in the US covered the whales visiting the Delta.  The mom and baby whale hung around for about 3 weeks, swimming between the Rio Vista Bridge and Sacramento, often causing long delays at the Rio Vista Ferry ramp.  There were hundreds of media types on Ryer Island daily for a while there!  The whales were dubbed "Delta and Dawn" Spring 2007
Outdoor Life Network RVToday TV Show hosted by Stew Olson focuses on travel in the Delta and features staying at Snug Harbor, using the ferrys to Ryer Island, and dinning suggestions for the Historic Delta Region Sept. 3, 2006.  For schedule:

Tom Stienstra article in San Francisco Chronicle


Article about recent changes in progress with DFG. Summary comments by Mr. Stienstra on other fishing or camping subjects includes a statement to the effect that Delta area parks "like Snug Harbor" should be listed as a "Top 10" in the US.  Thanks for the compliment Mr. Stienstra!


July 2, 2006


Allentown; Good Day Sacramento on UPN31

Mark S. Allen comes for a surprise visit to Snug Harbor on a Monday morning, using the J-Mac ferry to get here.  He seems to think we're a town...but we were happy to have him visit and hope he comes back to see what the RV lifestyle and Snug Harbor are really about.

June 5, 2006
Good Day Sacramento on UPN31 (CBS)

News feature about "Delta Seaplane Tours", a new service in the delta region for sight seeing from a birds' eye view.  Filmed from Snug Harbor docks.  

May 16, 2006
RV Today TV
Stew Olsen from RV Today of the Outdoor Network TV visited Snug Harbor and the California Delta region the end of April 2006.  *Show expected to air in June 2006
April 2006*
SacBee Go to article January 10, 2006
KVIE, PBS Channel 6 out of Sacramento

TV show about the Historic Region of the Delta, including Snug Harbor, and the cities of Isleton, Rio Vista, Walnut Grove and Locke.  Includes fishing tips from Snug Harbor patrons, info on the Snuggle Inns, etc.  Photos are of Nicky with the Producer and KVIE cameraman, and Gene as he's catching a fish while the camera was rolling!!

Rerun of show July 2005!

Feb, April and June 2002 and Oct. 27 &29, 2001

*"How to Fish" segment filmed at Snug Harbor featuring show Host and Snug Harbor patrons continues to rerun due to popular demand

Sunset Magazine Great articles about riding the ferries of the West.  "Shortest Ride" is the Real McCoy, also called the Rio Vista Ferry.  Snug Harbor referenced,20633,1078479,00.html
August 2005
TV/News Fox News piece on Water Safety, filmed along Snug Harbor, with Vicki Vann, manager included! July 4, 2005
Online RV Park Review website Snug Harbor got a nice review and a "thumbs up" from an anonymous visitor.  Go to  and Snug Harbor is listed under the "Rio Vista" park reviews March 2005
Book "California Campgrounds" was republished by Tom Stieinstra and gives a great review of Snug Harbor! 2004
Book "Delta Delectables and Delights"  has been published by Vicki Vann, manager of Snug Harbor.  Recipe book features creative cooking methods of fish commonly caught in the California Delta region.  Book signed by author available at the Snug Harbor store, and other delta locations, and online.  Contact for more info. July, 2004
SF Chronicle "King of Swings" is a great article about the bridges of the delta.  Really fun to read and gives the history of the place from a bridge view July 4, 2004
SF Chronicle, SacBee, Valley Times, etc

June 2004:  There are ongoing news articles about a fire at Bethel Island and a levee break in the south part of the delta region, near Stockton.  We've received many calls from concerned customers.  Snug Harbor is located in the historic region of the delta, near Rio Vista and Walnut Grove and Isleton.  The events noted in the news do not have any effect on our area of the delta, rest assured!  June 3 is the "published" date of the Jones Tract date.  However, USBR documents show a June 1 date. dcc-jt-6-1-2004.pdf

June, 2004
Valley Times (Contra Costa area) The Valley Times created a totally awesome pull-out section covering the whole delta region from Antioch to Stockton up to Sacramento.  Snug Harbor was featured with a photo of Snuggle Inns and nice little write-up.  The two ferrys to Ryer Island were also suggested as a fun day trim for Bay Area locals.  Take a look at our copy in the office! August 3, 2003
River News Herald The River News Herald, a small local paper, did a front page article about Tim Allen visiting the delta and Snug Harbor. July15, 2003
Nice Guy

Tim Allen, his friend Bret Gregory and their friends joined us for a peaceful delta summer week end.  Mr. Allen was very gracious about all the requests for signatures and photos from staff and campers.  One camper was very creative, getting Mr. Allen to sign his RV with a permanent marker!  The group visited many places in the delta, joined in the Poker Run out of Tower Park, had Sunday Brunch at the Ryde Hotel...  peace, beauty and fun.  Isn't that what the delta's all about?  Pictured are Snug Harbor staff with Mr. Allen and Mr. Gregory

July 11-13, 2003

LA Times "No one's singing the blues in this laid-back delta" by Beverly Beyette, Times Staff Writer Sunday, June 29, 2003
Modesto Bee Another article by Janet Fullwood, shorter version of the SacBee article June 2003
Sacramento Bee Articles by Janet Fullwood about things to do and places to stay in the Delta...Snug Harbor included! June 8, 2003
Sunset Magazine Great little article about driving around the historic region of the delta March 2003
San Francisco Chronicle Article by Tom Steinstra in his outdoors section about the 10 best Northern California parks.  Snug Harbor is the "best run private park by far" and features waterfront RV sites and cabins with docks April 2003
Waterski Magazine "West Coast's Epic Waterski"...article about boarding and waterski on the delta January 2003
San Francisco Chronicle Article by Tom Stienstra, his "Outdoors" section about the Delta in general, and the joys of houseboating.  In "places to stay" section of article, Snug Harbor gets a direct web site link and newspaper coverage!! 

SF Chronicle Delta Article

*Oct.24, 2002*
California Tour & Travel Magazine Cover feature article and photos on the delta, covering the Historic Region of the Delta, Bethel Island, and the "Scenic Loop" group.  Awesome paintings by Delta Artist Mary Stanley showcased! Summer 2002 Issue
Sacramento Bee Newspaper Front Page article & follow-up article about Antique Airstream convention and open house held at Snug Harbor in April.  Really fun photos of these reconditioned beauties!  Antique cars, especially classic T-Birds on show Saturday afternoon April 22-24, 2002
Sunset Magazine Just a few pages about visiting the towns in the historic region of the delta...Walnut Grove, Rio Vista, Ryde, Locke and Isleton...all close to Snug Harbor! Feb 2002 issue
KVIE, PBS Channel 6 out of Sacramento

TV show about the Historic Region of the Delta, including Snug Harbor, and the cities of Isleton, Rio Vista, Walnut Grove and Locke.  Includes fishing tips from Snug Harbor patrons, info on the Snuggle Inns, etc.  Photos are of Nicky with the Producer and KVIE cameraman, and Gene as he's catching a fish while the camera was rolling!!

Feb, April and June 2002 and Oct. 27 &29, 2001

*"How to Fish" segment filmed at Snug Harbor featuring show Host and Snug Harbor patrons continues to rerun due to popular demand

PassageMaker Magazine Great 20-page feature article about the Historic Region of the Delta, including a large aerial Snug Harbor photo, and information about Rio Vista, Isleton, Ryde, Walnut Grove and Locke  (no link available)  Copy of article in Snug Harbor office, or buy the magazine at the office! Nov/Dec 2001 issue
San Francisco Chronicle Still our favorite one....Article by Tom Stienstra, his "Outdoors" section.  "Delta island delivers the goods" is the title.  Click on the link button to see scanned version of article or use link below to go to the Chronicle Online version: *Oct. 4, 2001*
San Jose Mercury Article about the Delta, including photo of Snug Harbor as a great place to stay June 24, 2001
Sorry, no free links available, as the SJ Mercury and CCTimes charges for viewing archived articles
Contra Costa Times Same article about the Delta, including Snug Harbor info and photo June 24, 2001
River News Herald Article about Snug Harbor's award for "2001 Best Small Park" as awarded by the Calif. Travel Park Assoc.  (no link available) May, 2001
Bay Area Backroads TV show about the Delta, including Snug Harbor and places to eat, things to do in the Delta First shown Nov 18, 2000, many reruns since then! June 2002
RV Journal Article on the Delta Article about the Historic Region of the Delta and use of RVs in the Delta June, 2000
Sac Bee Two-part feature series about the California Delta and houseboating, including Snug Harbor photos, places to go and things to see and eat in the area Travel Section Feature June 11, 2000 June 18, 2000
  Yachtsman Magazine article "Snug on Steamboat Slough" by Hal Schell Winter, 1999