Snug Harbor
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Where is Snug Harbor Drive?

Snug Harbor Drive
  is the legal name for the road some GPS or mapping services call "Port Lane" since about 2007, but now some GPS does recognize "Snug Harbor Drive", the official road name since 1985
 The private road that goes along the center of the peninsula known as Snug Harbor attached to
Ryer Island in the northern area of California's Delta was officially named "Snug Harbor Drive" in
1985 during a public hearing with the Solano County Public Works dept.  Closest cross street is
East Ryer Road, and on Ryer Island you also fine State Route 84 including the Rio Vista Ferry<
and State Route 220, which includes the J-Mac ferry and landing.

     We have repeatedly contacted Google, TeleAtlas, IPhone, and lately TOMTOM to get them
to correct their maps, since we have some very frustrated customers who use those mapping
products and waste alot of gas because those vendors can't seem to get the Delta roads and
island names right!  (  seems to provide correct maps so far).  Google, as
of August 2012, seems to more consistently label Snug Harbor Drive, but still sends travelers
way out of the way.  One couple who stopped at Hwy 12 and 5 to set their TomTom gis
map in their new RV drove for 2 hours up into the foothills by Jackson and Lake Comanche
and ended up full circle back at Hwy 12 & 5...when they could have been at Snug Harbor in
20 minutes if they followed our map!

     After the 1985 official naming of Snug Harbor Drive, the US Postal service assigned new
addresses  for the residential home parcels along the road, and also for the marina/rv park/mobile
home park roads and addresses within the resort grounds.  (For some reason, instead of using a
Rio Vista address since the peninsula is part of Ryer Island in Solano County, the US Postal
Service assigned postal addresses from Walnut Grove, which is in Sacramento County.)
Proof of the correct road name per 1985 documents are available at 1985_SHD.pdf

Here's a timeline through 2009 of the problem of the road name: Snug_Harbor_Drive_timeline.pdf
    Anyway, the road has been known as "Snug Harbor Drive" since 1985.  Then for some unknown reason, Google and other online mapping services started referring to the road as "Port Lane" which has made it very difficult for people to find us if they use our legal and correct address of Snug Harbor Drive.  North Delta Map to Snug Harbor

     In 2012, we are still dealing with the problems with different mapping services using wrong data for Snug Harbor.  For example, here's a photo of the Iphone of the resort owner in March 2012...Iphone has corrected the problem
at least as of 6/20/2012:  One has to wonder why so many different mapping agencies keep using the wrong road name even after repeated notices to the mapping companies?

      When did this road name problem start?  Starting in 2005, Google started renaming some of the Delta Islands, and dropped the names of other Delta islands on their online mapping systems.  Since 2005 Google has received repeated requests from us or our customers to correct the road name, and eventually did correct the name on most online mapping services by sometime 2011.  It took a letter from Solano County staff and emails from Solano County staff to verify to Google the correct road name.  Google said that "TeleAtlas" was the company that provided the labeling of the roads and places, so TeleAtlas was notified in 2008...
as of March 2012 TeleAtlas STILL has not corrected its online map.  We found out TeleAtlas was bought by TomTom, so now we'll have to ask TomTom to make
corrections.  Incidentally, when ATT was called about the Iphone map problem, ATT said the app was an Apple product, and to contact Apple.  Apple said the app used a Google map product, so we had to contact Google.  Google said that the map labeling was a TeleAtlas we go again!  None of the businesses associated with the Iphone map would tell us who reported the resort road as "permanently closed" but in fact we ARE still here!!!

Photo above shows the incorrect map from Iphone claiming the road is closed.

TomTom notified on 6/20/2012 of map corrections



    click on the thumbnails to see full size maps
of the resident lots leading up to the resort gates

Google doesn't just get the road names's an older mistake of Google which
they have corrected last time I checked...but it shows the great confusion of Google labeling of maps in the
Delta area just when all sorts of agencies were doing their planning on how to revise the Delta!