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Below are photos taken of some beautiful paintings on glass found at the upstairs "captains quarters" bar of the Delta King.  The artist lives in Locke.  The paintings give an example of travel on the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers back in the Steamboat days.  Since graphics take so long to upload, we put some more steamboat picture here.

The artist lives in Locke and has an art studio there

The paddle wheel or steamships usually left San Francisco around 4:00 PM to travel up to Sacramento.  Moon rises on the Delta are shimmery silver and so amazing, as this painting perfectly depicts the moonrise, probably in the Cartinez Straits area or else "New York of the Pacific" in the background.

Sailing in the western Delta region, it appears:  San Joaquin or lower Sacramento River

It looks like one of the many little waterfront villages that cropped up.  The hills in the background make it look a bit like Antioch area

That looks like Mount Diablo in the background, so this may be the San Joanquin river with some indians fishing among the tules.

Here we see Chinese laborers building up a natural levee, such as Sherman Island, along the lower Sacramento River.

View of a levee that appears to have been built up.  A few of the white herons are landing amoge the tules.  The width of the waterway makes it appear this would be at the confluence of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers.

Above shows a small ferry crossing between islands.  This could be at the confluence of Cache Slough, "Old River" Sacramento and Steamboat Slough, or it might be a crossing between Rio Vista and Brannan Island, before there was a bridge.

Above is an example of the risk of steamboat racing.  The west was truly wild and travel was pretty dangerous for a time! 

This may be the sceene Mr. Hutchings saw as he boated up Steamboat Slough and wrote about the "snug little cabins on Steamboat Slough".  More on Steamboat Slough  But it could also be any of the river towns along the "Old River" Sacramento, like Isleton or Walnut Grove.

This looks like the home now called Grand Island Mansion where there have been many beautiful weddings over the years!

A view of nightime travel with a bit of tule fog, it appears!  Might be Steamboat Slough or the Sacramento River.


Most likely the bridge between Sacramento and West Sacramento (Then called Washington City)...the same bridge still in use today!  Otherwise, this could be the first Rio Vista bridge.

This painting looks to be above the city of Sacramento, going towards the foothills.

This looks to be a sawmill in the foothills, perhaps up towards the north of Sacramento?
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